Toyin Lawani’s Boyfriend Blasts Nigerian Bloggers Over Baby Story

toyin lawani boyfriend

Oct 13, 2013 – Toyin Lawani’s Boyfriend Blasts Nigerian Bloggers Over Baby Story “She Is My Wife & Means The World To Me”

Yesterday, the CEO Tiannah’s Place, celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani shared some photos of herself and her younger lover parading the streets of Dubai.

The story went viral on Nigerian blogs with some claiming she went there to shop for her unborn baby and so on and so forth.

To cut the long story short, the young man in the center of Toyin Lawani‘s heart has spoken up over the controversy surrounding their age difference.

As we are all aware that Toyin Lawani is over five years older than her boyfriend.

Hear what the lover man said to defend his Sugar mummy;

“To y’all moaf**king bloggers n dumb f**k writing shits on blogs, am in a relationship with who I love nd am expecting a gorgeous baby too… I got my own chedas coming from my lane u better believe that or go j**k off!! cheers

“She’s ma girl, wifey, niggress etc she mans the world to me”

Hmmmm this young man is madly in love.

Well as the saying goes.. age is just a number.

I think the man doesn’t appreciate the publicist their love story is generating.

Naija bloggers make una leave Toyin alone oooo.

11 thoughts on “Toyin Lawani’s Boyfriend Blasts Nigerian Bloggers Over Baby Story

  1. @chindinma or what do you call yourself please watch your mouth
    who told u toyin used juju for him
    u brainless fool

  2. Į̸̸̨τ̲̅’s ok let dem enjoy deir lives u pple can also hear it by urself dat age is just a numba** Į̸̸̨τ̲̅’s gud to b in love Å̶̷̩̥͡•̸Ϟ happy for dem sha…

  3. Whether juju or not time will tell. i am well aware that Toyin is not in the right frame of mind, i mean she need to see a psychiatrist , cos there is evidence of bipolar disorder in her behaviour . To the small boy , you are sleeping with ur mama and you feel happy about it . NA the womb wey you come out from i pity. At least , u are all copying American celeb and you know what normally end it. Cos toyin is buying you designer , na hin dey make you run mouth, give it 2yrs.
    Toyin seek help . see a psychiatric in time.

  4. Ok,if u dnt wan2 c dem alife hhm go n hug trans4ma,young boy no pu**y is useless o,cary on!,4uk ha d way of kamatarin(d way it sopos 2 b) na hausa slarms,age is jst a number,2ru luv is hard 2 find!

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