True Confession By Emeka Ike: Ibinabo Went To Jail Because She’s Surrounded By Sycophants

emeka ike on ibinabo fiberesima

March 26, 2016 – True Confession By Emeka Ike: Ibinabo Fiberesima Went To Jail Because She’s Surrounded By Sycophants Using Her

Emeka Ike’s candid confession on Ibinabo’s travail....

I’m not happy that Ibinabo has been sentenced to jail.  I feel very bad. The people saying that I am happy about the sentence are actually Ibinabo’s enemies.

This is a lady that was used because of the powers she could garner and control. Some people were using her and now that they have messed her up, they are still using her in prison.

Ibinabo would never say that Emeka Ike sent her to jail, it is impossible because she knows why she is there. What I was only telling Nigerians is that people of Ibinabo’s status do not contest for any public office.

Should we stop telling the truth? She had a criminal issue in court. Let’s leave sentiments, we have to be realistic. I cannot be happy about her predicament because it is rather unfortunate that she is surrounded by the wrong people and advisers; she was surrounded by sycophants. Instead of them to tell her how to solve her problem, they were pushing her to jail and now that she is in jail, they will not leave her alone.

Why did they not advise her to form a team and go to Giwa’s family house and roll on the floor for forgiveness? They could have sent her away for days but they would not send her away forever. We are a cultural people, I am sure that after going repeatedly, an elder in the family would plead on her behalf and say something like, ‘our son is dead and nothing can bring him back, let us just forgive her.’ She should have been very remorseful but she wasn’t.

We told Nigerians that some of us would not agree but they began to call us names because we took the matter to court,”.

23 thoughts on “True Confession By Emeka Ike: Ibinabo Went To Jail Because She’s Surrounded By Sycophants

  1. That’s why I have chosen not to have friends around me. Friends kills joy. You may think they’re helping you, but clear your eyes and look closely, you will see that they are not happy that you are happy. Its difficult to find a true friend that cry’s when you cry and laughs when you laugh.

  2. Emeka Ike , you have said enough about this issue, abeg leave this matter alone before it consumes you.

  3. ibinabo is one of the fewest natural beauties i’ve ever seen in Nigeria the rest are just apes in makeup and they jealous her beauty and success so they conspired against her but GOD will help her out

    • You are a ***** and a joker. Who conspired against her. Did anyone drive her car into the so called Dr Giwa? She is simply facing the brute of the law as a result of her action.

  4. Whether Ibinabo‘s advisers led her astray or not “To err is human but to forgive is divine“
    So the saying goes, BUT you cannot recieve that forgiveness with your head high up in the skies with pride.

    Therefore, to recieve forgiveness either from God or man, you must be humble enough to ask for it with a contrite spirit.
    You ought to be remorseful especially if you commit this kind of degree of offence involving killing a person because of your recklessness.

    I wanna ….


  5. There are sycophants everywhere, but Ibinabo fucked up she would have begged Dr Giwa’s family then instead all she was interested in is her stupid career

  6. Mistake is to be made, and lesson to be learnt. Once you made a mistake and learnt your lesson, the end result is success.

  7. Emeka wife beater, u are wicked man, close ur mouth,u are happy Ibi going to jail,she is mother of 5 kids,i feel sorry Dr,Giwa death, but is mistake, and God desitny it will happen,she dont kill him with her hand, is car accident, which,happen everyday. u cant be happy, when other downfall, u will cry last and she will laugh last.i just pray the familie forgive her, is since long time, Dr, is not comeing back.

  8. Emeka ike so u know hw her problem could be solved hw come u didn’t take any step 2 help d issue? so u re indirectly telling us dat u re enemies

  9. Emeka, you have driven home the truth. I feel exactly the same way. Now try an rest, and focus on the task ahead. It is not going to be easy, I hope your must have told yourself that.

  10. bitch do your time,keep your ugly ass mouth shut and lets breathe,you killed someone else’s hero,no sympathy,all you got was to keep sending us edited pics of you and your family overseas,having great time.
    so long bitch,days of pdp rule is over
    apc has come,and has come to change out so many shits.
    do your time,bitch

    let that pussy get stinked,ass wipes,no more make-up or shits anylonger ..
    remain in your jail hole,bitch

    you got 5years ahead convict.

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