In Pictures: Why They Say Natural Look Is The Best

natural beauty vs makeup

March 26, 2016 –Photos: Why They Say Natural Beauty Is The Best 

Check out these stunning before an after makeup photos of 6 beautiful Nigerian women.

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22 thoughts on “In Pictures: Why They Say Natural Look Is The Best

  1. Mehn they looked more beautiful without their makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why make up? Why paint and crayon on your face because you want to copy women whose inferiority complex is way over the scale? Your natural skin is beautiful regardless of the colour! All you need is fresh power to suck up the moisture created by the heat of the day. If only you know how lovely and fresh you all look without your makeup! You just don’t let any hustler mess up your physiological foundation. Let that real man love you the way you beautifully made. He doesn’t need makeup, neither do you. God bless all women proud of their natural beauty. Maked up women all look like the same marines who endorse such products in the sea. There is so much secrets you don’t know about the underwater world. Their product will tear your spirit part from the inside so much you can’t step out of your home with a touch of their curses on your face. Oh how I wish all women knew this secret and not just the initiated ones who encourage the innocent ones from the USa to the edges if Africa.

  2. Natural look makes one simple, humble and decent. Though make-ups brings out the beauty in many but at the same time makes one look too fake and indecent.

  3. I don’t blame them lots of these ugly naija girls need the make up cos without them they’re unpresentable

  4. They all look better with makeup. What is not good is too much makeup. jlo, your observation is correct. The third look like a teenager without makeup and looks like an adult with makeup. Nice observation.

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