Tuface Idibia Gives Heartwarming Advice

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August 28, 2012 – Tuface Idibia Gives Heartwarming Advice

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Naija pop singer, Tuface Idibia who claims to have passed through a lot in life in bad and good occurrences ranging from several attempts on his life to armed robbery attacks and still standing strong has come open to share few heartwarming advice with us in this latest interview.

The multi-award winning music star spoke on how he has passed through hell in his lifetime.

In his own words below:

“I have been through a lot and I have learnt my lessons. Now, I am wiser than some old men. Honestly, at the peak of my trials, life almost ceased to mean anything to me.

The negative publicity would have killed me and my music career. But it made me stronger, wiser, and a better person,”

“I want to encourage other Nigerians through my songs to learn from me. I am not a saint and I am not the devil either. Whatever experience I had was meant to prepare me for greatness in life,”

Tuface Idibia On His Children

“My children are the greatest things that happened to me in this life and I appreciate their mothers.”

34 thoughts on “Tuface Idibia Gives Heartwarming Advice

  1. I hala my broda 2baba u 2 much I neva nw your dis gbesky 2baba walk & neva 2 jam katakilysm may your dayz b long dan metusela did I hear u say mayan I dob my karability 4 your korofery.

  2. understanding the essence of life wil make one not to give up on himself; but having children from different mother is not really wise.though no one can turn the hands of time, we have to learn our lesson.

  3. 2baba you are an reserviour of wisdom, like a shining star into this world. Any lyric that comes out of your mouth always pleases my ear & is never a waste keep it up brother.

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