Unemployed First Class Graduate Advertises CV On Billboard

unemployed graduate billboard

Jan 3, 2013 –  Unemployed Graduate Spends His Last £500 On CV’s Billboard Advert

Adam Pacitti, a 24-yr-old 1st class graduate who has been unemployed for a while has placed his CV on a Billboard advertisement in a bid to attract potential employers. www.naijagists.com

The first class graduate claims he has applied to over 250 job positions with no success. He decided to use his last £500 to place an advert in order to attract potential employers.

And to his amazement, he has over 7,000 re-tweets of his CV adverts with thousands of phone calls from employers and unwanted people.

See faith in action.

9 thoughts on “Unemployed First Class Graduate Advertises CV On Billboard

  1. The power of imagination and unflinching desire can be such powerful lightening penetrating the aura of nothingness. If you have faith( with works) as a grain of mustard seed that mountain will move.

    • Thanks Festus for having read ‘Think and Grow Rich’.
      Imagination coupled with good idea brings positive outcome.
      Graduands really need to establish great idea for their success.

  2. Let him go and sow a seed of reasonable job in his church. Let him see whether God,who needs chalenges will disappointe him. Because l’ve never seen anybody whom God has disppointed of no reason.

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