University Of Nairobi Student, Kenyan Girl Turns Into Snake After Sex Rump With Sugar Daddy

nairobi university student snake

September 21, 2016 – University Of Nairobi Student, Kenyan Girl Turns Into Python Snake After Sex Rump With Sugar Daddy In Her Hostel Room

Police have launched a manhunt for an unidentified man who allegedly turned a campus “Run Babe” into snake after sex rump in her hostel room in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

According to friends, the lady reportedly came into her room with a wealthy-looking man and about two hours after the man left, they heard her screaming.

When they forced the door open, they saw her turning into a huge python.

The case was reported to University of Nairobi school authorities.

Kenyan girl snake nairobi university

The school management immediately issued a memo to all students warning them to avoid strangers.

13 thoughts on “University Of Nairobi Student, Kenyan Girl Turns Into Snake After Sex Rump With Sugar Daddy

  1. She get what she deserve, I don’t know what is wrong with the girls of now a days running after sugar daddy,the man that old enough to be their father all because of money,am very sure that wherever she maybe now she had learned her lesson in a very hard way and also this will serve as a lesson to other useless ladies out there running after sugar daddy that not everything that gilter is gold.And as for u wicked man u will not no peace again for the rest of ur life.

  2. Ehyaa, am sure this was because her friend was doing it so she joined. Just cos ur friend/s does it, doesn’t mean u can too. Sometimes u could loose ur life in this so_called runs of a thing. God help us

  3. Pictures please.
    I wanna see her transforming into whatever they said.
    I mean,this days some people capture everything and post it online ,even the dirty things. Let them post her pic.

    Sorry guys . I don’t wanna believe it. Is too much for me to digest.

  4. Some girls can do anything for money. Heard about a lady who slept with a certain alhaji and his monkey like that and what happened next will shock you.

    Some girls, instead of taking their studies serious they will be busy running after pennis and sometimes, the outcome is very very unpalatable.

    But the story here remain incomplete so long as they did not tell us what happened after that transformation.
    God please come for our rescue.

    D Hunter.

  5. Following sugar daddy is not new. In the Holy Bible we learn that when King David was old they got a young maiden for him. Thus it is what the Papa promised the girl that makes her a runs girl as opposed to dating partner of the man.
    Whatever the case, whether the man is a ghost or a Papy_water, I hope he is found and that there are people with the knowledge of how to revert the curse and bring back the girl to her normal human form. It is not right that she die from the situation for as the Psalmist says. If thou O Lord should mark our iniquities, who will survive, or is it suffice ?

    Please God na beg we de beg o!!!

  6. The time has come to worship God in truth and spirit to avoid the Devil to contnue devouring God’s pipo.It’s sad to die in sin ltes repent before Docsology

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