Unizik Student Ties Wrapper To School To Win N20,000 BET (Photos)

unizik student ties wrapperunizik student wears wrapper

March 06, 2013 – Unizik Student Ties Wrapper To School To Win N20,000 BET (Photos)

A pre-science student of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, UNIZIK recently caused commotion at Mbaukwu campus after he walked into the popular higher institution wrapped in a wrapper.

The unidentified student had earlier placed a 20 thousand Naira bet with his classmates promising to tie wrapper to school and to their surprise, he was spotted walking down the lecture hall in a wrapper.

The dude actually took that risk as he walked majestically into his lecture hall and gals who could not hide their amusement started shouting, yelling and chanting.

The noise eventually attracted the security officers to the Hall and the boy was fished out & planked with heavy logs of wood.

These action nearly stirred a riot in the school, as students detested the brutality saying the guy had the right to wear anything he chooses.

With the help of some students, the 20-year-old eventually managed to escape from the security guards who arrested him for wearing a wrapper to school.

The guy not only won the bet, he became popular in his school.

What a funny risk!

24 thoughts on “Unizik Student Ties Wrapper To School To Win N20,000 BET (Photos)

  1. Though all is abomination,just to teach females who wear trousers,is not men wear,but Bible call them abormination Deut, ch 22 vs 5

    • if women wearing trouser is an abomination, what did Moses and his like wear during that own time? was it not gown?

  2. What is the big deal if he tied wrapper to, perhaps the guy might really need the money, he did It for the money.

  3. Hw many time has Naija security has arestd dos politicians wh dre lik lyk fmale 2 lup wt our mney 4rm ds country, jst a skul boy wh wnt 2 shw swag dy tink dy caught an arm rober, guy i luv ur swag menn

  4. Dos security should b arrestd n get d boy treatd in d hospital n dy shud pay him sm money 4 beaten him up,handsomely

  5. “Use wat u av 2 get wat u want”. D guy actually used his swag 2 get his money. Sori 4 d beating shaa……..

  6. Na wa oooo those sercurity men need to be sanction what an insolences do student not have their right to wear whatever they choose the school authority need to act very fast to put such act to an end even if it cost them loseing their jobs

  7. my guy i feel u jare,no mind dem,dey just dey envy ur courage ni.atleast u got ursef 20k n popularity just lyke dat

  8. Guy na you be the man joooor no mind those fools wey say dem be security. i believe you die guy

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