Update On Bukky Wright’ Car Accident In Epe


bukky wright accident epe

July 16, 2012 – Update On Bukky Wright’ Car Accident In Epe

According to an eye witness of Bukky Wright‘s car crash today in Epe, here is what happened

Eye Witness Account Of Bukky Wright’ Car Accident

While waiting at Abidjan bus stop in Epe, I saw Bukky Wright’s Grey jeep and all of a sudden her Tyre bursted while she was driving. While struggling to control the car and avoid running into anybody, she hit a Nepa Pole and her Jeep entered into a ditch.

People quickly rushed to the ditch and they eventually got her out.

Her body was stained with blood and she had bruises all over her body.

Bukky Wright’s Message To Fans

Yes I had an Accident but i will be fine,i Thank God and right now i am home and my Doctor is on the way to see me,my phones has not stop ringing please tell my fans i am fine.