Video: APC Party Members Fighting During Abuja Convention

Oct 30, 2014 – Video: APC Party Members Fighting During Abuja Convention

A big fight broke out yesterday during the non-elective convention of all APC party members in Abuja resulting in 3 injuries.

During the chaos captured by FG-owned Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, chairs, bottles and other items were used by the warring factions of the party to attack each other.

2 convention attendees and a responding police officer got injured.

Watch the short video clip below:

6 thoughts on “Video: APC Party Members Fighting During Abuja Convention

  1. Is this How they are going to make Nigeria a better place? Well….. I don’t blame them. They the Book Haram group

  2. What more can be said nw?? Well, thats politics for u(dirty game indeed). Somehow still prefer APC to PDP anytime/anyday

  3. Agbero people that want to do politics,what example are they giving us ,what they want to eat that what’s they’re all looking for.

  4. Dey nava see anytim, dem say dey want rule nigeria this wnat just the starting for them,dey just dey excesses there self,na when my oga GEJ.don win 2015 na them go take start there fight and my oga joanthan dey laugh,na rotimi amechi I dey sorry for pass because him go come cry late who know am na make him go advise!

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