Video, Audio Tape Of PDP Secret Meeting With INEC, How Ekiti State Election Was Rigged


audio tape pdp secret meeting

Feb 6, 2015 – Video, Audio Tape Of PDP Secret Meeting, How Ekiti State Election Was Rigged & APC Members Arrested

Audio Tape Of Conversation Between Obanikoro, Omisore, Fayose During Meeting To Rig Ekiti State Election Leaks

When Fayose won Ekiti state election last year, it was alleged that the election was rigged with the help of President Goodluck Jonathan who sent Obanikoro and some special forces there to intimidate members of the opposition party (APC) and bribe INEC officials.

The audio tape of a secret meeting certain officials of INEC had with Obanikoro (sent by Jonathan to ensure Fayose win the election), Iyiola Omisore and governor Fayose has been leaked to the media.

In the video Obanikoro was heard saying he’s on a special assignment by Jonathan to ensure the election favour PDP. He and other politicians warned the security expert at the meeting to make sure APC members are disarmed and harassed so as to favour their candidate…. the plan was carried out perfectly and Fayose was declared the winner of the election.

The crooks were exposed by Sagir Koli, a Captain in the 32nd Artillery who accompanied his Commanding officer, General Aliyu Momoh to the meeting that held at Spotless Hotel in Ado Ekiti on the 20th of June 2014.

Sagir Koli who fled Nigeria last year provided the affidavit and recordings to Sahara Reporter.

Listen to the audio tapes below

Is this democracy??? PDP and President Jonathan have a lot to answer Nigerians.

If they can do this on a state level, no doubt they will be planning big time for the upcoming February 14 Presidential election.

This explains why the country in under turmoil. Nigeria’s present leaders are a bunch of corrupt evil minded and selfish individuals. No justice, no law, no jobs for the youths… All we have is empty promises from an incompetent man who got to power by mere luck. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. ENOUGH OF LIES.

N:B: To all the bloggers out there receiving bribe from politicians, watch it and to all the paid commentators speaking to favour them, check your conscience.

Just lost a loved one to this Boko Haram nonsense…A very dear uncle. He was relocating his family to Anambra from Kano when the Boko pigs shot him.