Video: Ghanaian Herbalist Nana Kwaku Bonsam Blasts Fake Pastors Over False Prophesies

Nana Kwaku Bonsam

August 10, 2013 – Ghanaian Native Doctor Nana Kwaku Bonsam Blasts Fake Pastors Over False Prophesies

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Popular Ghanaian medicine man, Nana Kwaku Bonsam blasted African Pentecostal pastors on SaharaTV for disingenuous prophesies. He claimed that several pastors whom he knows personally are only greedy and are not the men of God they say they are.

Speaking with SaharaTV’s Tracy Thompson, an animated Bonsam, which translates to devil in the Twi language, explained how several Ghanaian pastors consult him for his spiritual powers, which according to Bonsam is a typical act amongst many leaders in Ghana.

“Some pastors come to me to collect powers. I wouldn’t lie to you,” said Bonsam.

According to Bonsam, formerly known as Stephen Osi Mensah, he received the gift of African traditional priesthood from an ill man whom he nursed to health one night after the man was seen vomiting. After a spirit leaped from the man into Bonsam, he was instantly gifted with powers to heal sicknesses and foresee the future. Since then he has been sought after globally in order to offer guidance in ones life. In Ghana he is seen as a celebrity and clashes often with religious leaders.

“You go to youtube you see the video there where I go to claim my god from the pastor’s church. I’m the one who do that,” said an excited Bonsam.

The video shows a thinner and bald Bonsam, walking angrily into a building with several men following. Bonsam finally reaches the pastor who had the gods and a verbal altercation ensues.

“The Gods told me I will die at 6 pm unless I recover the powers,” Bonsam said.

African pastors seeking juju is nothing new with some reports calling it a phenomenon. In February of 2012, a similar episode took place at Jesus Miracle Church International in Koforidua, South Ghana, according to the Ghanaian Chronicle, A juju man known as Sumsum Police provided Pentecostal Prophet, Kwaku Mensah with a concoction that would aid in the churches growth. However, the total fee was not received from the Pastor and the juju man stormed the church and demanded his juju back. The juju man also noted, in the report, that several pastors, politicians and businessmen owe him huge sums after providing them spiritual support.

Nigerian, self claimed “Perfect Living Master”, Guru Maharaj Ji confessed to the “Sun News Online” that juju use by pastors is common.

“All of them use juju. How can a pastor touch somebody and he falls down? That one is juju at work,” said Guru Maharaj Ji.

Along with Juju, Bonsam criticizes the thievery of some pastors who steal from the churches tithes and offerings and buy lavish cars and accessories instead of giving back to the needy in their communities

“They collect the tithes and offerings and they go and buy a big car. Why didn’t they use that money they are getting to help street children,” Bonsam questioned.

Bonsam, reiterates how much he is disliked by several Ghanaian pastors because of his truthful opinions. And he stresses how he is not bothered by insults, noting that his role as a traditional priest will always be relevant and sought after.

“When I pass through my ancestors I know I’m going through God.

When Christianity pass through Jesus Christ its going through God When a Muslim passes through Muhammad he’s going through God. It has so many ways,” said Bonsam.

[Culled from Sahara Reporter]

12 thoughts on “Video: Ghanaian Herbalist Nana Kwaku Bonsam Blasts Fake Pastors Over False Prophesies

  1. You are a liar nana or kwekkwu whatever? If you have the that you said they consulted you for, you will use it to get crowd.
    Even satan your father is powerless, JESUS is Lord so therefore shut your mouth and stop advertising your demonic rubbish.
    The word of God Says permit no sorcerer to live, so I command the fire of God to consume you and your demonised followers in the mighty name of Jesus.

  2. some people because the believe in foreign religion which they lack history they talk rubbish ,the man his talking about his personal believe and som hypocrite were trying to lobby him into the own believe ,
    if you people are mumu he said he his not you better listen to his interview again if he is not saying the truth about all this so call 419 pastor calling themself man of god ,using the name of jesus christ so steal and rape woman around ,if you are fools the man is not ,

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