Video: Jonathan’s Aide Okupe Says Nigeria Can’t Buy New Trains Bcos We’re Not America


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March 9, 2015 – Video: President Jonathan’s Aide Okupe Says Nigeria Can’t Buy New Trains Bcos Economy Is Bad “We Are Not America”

In a recent chat with Adeola Fayehun of Sahara TV, Presidential media aide, Doyin Okupe was asked why the trains in Nigeria are not new.

Okupe simply said Nigeria’s economy can’t support new trains because of weak economy.

In his words:

“Forget it. We are not America. You cannot have brand new trains because the economy cannot support that.” “We are the largest market. We are the not largest economy. Thank you God bless you”.

Watch the video below:

Watch the video here

This Doyin Okupe doesn’t know how to lie. He just confirmed to Nigerians that the economy of Nigeria is bad under his master.

The politicians than can spend N21 Billion on reelection campaign are now the one saying Africa’s wealthiest country can’t support new trains.

Wonder if they will carry the loots to heaven.