Video & Photos: Jesus Actor Falls Off The Cross In Santa Barbara Guatemala

jesus actor falls off the cross

March 30, 2016 – Pictures: Drama As Man Reenacting Jesus’s Crucifixion Falls Off A 13ft Cross In Santa Barbara Guatemala

A man trying to be like Jesus ended up acting like Tarzan when tragedy befell him on a man-made cross in Mexico on Friday.

During the Easter celebration in the beautiful town of Santa Barbara, the unidentified actor was reenacting Jesus’s crucifixion on the cross when he suddenly flew from the cross.

The man with curly hair and white loincloth was seen falling off the 13 ft high cross with his arms flailing helplessly.

The terrified Jesus actor tries to grab onto the robes supporting the cross but tumbles down into the crowd amidst shouts of horror.

He ended up looking more like Tarzan.

Luckily for him, he left the scene with minor injuries.

Watch the video below

That awkward moment when you are trying to be like Jesus Christ.

18 thoughts on “Video & Photos: Jesus Actor Falls Off The Cross In Santa Barbara Guatemala

  1. Mr copycat, God don save you, next time you might not be this lucky. If no be panadol, e nor go fit be like panadol.

  2. Hahahahahahahaha e no dey esy 2 b lk Jesus o. Why wont u fall? Jesus wasnt tied 2 d cross, he was nailed 2 it.
    May God cont. 2 bless Mel Gibson, d best Jesus actor d World has eva produced. It was nt a child‘s play 2 endure all d concomitants of d crucifixtion of Jesus Christ.
    n you wll undstnd wat am talking abt.

    let me just…


  3. i can’t stop laughing it is highly laughable, some demons must have kick him down from the pole. still laughing my belly hurts

  4. Dont get him wrong he is just demonstrating what God went through on the cross,and also preaching the Gospel of our lord Jesus Christ, he can never be like Jesus

  5. it was just an accident, He was just an actor tring 2 pass a biblical message 2 d world…thank God 4 his life

  6. I can’t stop laughing either. This is very funny. It is not easy to be like Jesus Christ at all. So please next time, Mr. 2nd Jesus, tell them to nail you to the cross so that you won’t fall.

  7. In as much as this actor was trying to demonstrate the passion of Christ i can’t help laughing my lungs out because when we watch movies we try to visualize the situation as real in order to appreciate the reality. Thank God he was that much hurt

  8. You are just lucky. Many people have been doing this for over 30years now, thinking that it is Christianity. This is just a useless show of religious devotion that does nothing tona man’s closeness to God.

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