Video & Photos: Pete Edochie’s Son Yul Edochie Denies Car Accident, Blames Nigerian Bloggers

yul edochie car accident enugu

April 26, 2016  – Video & Pictures: Pete Edochie’s Son Yul Edochie Denies Car Accident In Enugu “I’m Alive & Not Dead, It’s The Work Of Fraudsters

Nollywood actor Pete Edochie’s son is not a happy man at the moment.

Yul Edochie took to his official YouTube today to debunk his viral car accident rumour.

The story which started from an engineer on Instagram soon landed in the hands of ‘copy copy’ Naija bloggers who added salt and pepper to it.

To cut the long story short, Yul Edochie has denied the accident rumour.

In his words:

This is me, Yul Edochie, I’m currently filming in the east, I was never involved in any accident.
This is the handiwork of Facebook scammers trying to dupe people using celebrity accident scheme.
I’m not really happy about some bloggers posting my accident story without verifying from my manager.
This has caused trauma to my family members. I missed over 100 calls last night.
My father and mother almost ran mad, they kept on calling me to find out if am ok.
I was filming in the night.
They just put everybody under so much pressure because of the push from these bloggers.
Common guys it is not nice.
These bloggers should try and verify stories before posting them on the net.
I have a verified Twitter account and I was never contacted.

Watch the short video below:

10 thoughts on “Video & Photos: Pete Edochie’s Son Yul Edochie Denies Car Accident, Blames Nigerian Bloggers

  1. Nice to know because we don’t want hear any death from nolywoood again May God protect all of you in nolywoood

  2. ok Yul Edochie you try …and thanks for showing off your car …but plz don’t complain when robbers or kidnappers hold you to ransom o!

  3. Dat’s naija blogger’s for u.
    Such kind of critical situation should be clearly verify well b4 posting such news on net.
    Sorri 4 d trauma dey hv caused in ur family yul.

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