Video: South African Pastor Gives Church Members Petrol To Drink, Calls It Juice


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Sept 25, 2014 – Video: South African Pastor Lesego Daniel Gives Church Members Petrol To Drink, Says Prayer Has Turned It To Juice

Controversial Pastor Lesego Daniel a South African Church founder who ordered his church members to eat grass like animals last year is in the news again.

During a church service on Sunday, August 31st, 2014, Lesego Daniel gave his church members petrol to drink.

He prayed on a bottle of petrol to be turned to pineapple juice and afterwards offered it to his church members to drink.

The eager church members who tasted the petrol claimed it’s sweet and nice.

Watch the video below

(Fast forward to 4:50 for the petrol drinking part)

Lord have mercy which kind confusion is this, are the church members under a spell or something…Beware of end time Pastors.