Video: South African Pastor Gives Church Members Petrol To Drink, Calls It Juice

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Sept 25, 2014 – Video: South African Pastor Lesego Daniel Gives Church Members Petrol To Drink, Says Prayer Has Turned It To Juice

Controversial Pastor Lesego Daniel a South African Church founder who ordered his church members to eat grass like animals last year is in the news again.

During a church service on Sunday, August 31st, 2014, Lesego Daniel gave his church members petrol to drink.

He prayed on a bottle of petrol to be turned to pineapple juice and afterwards offered it to his church members to drink.

The eager church members who tasted the petrol claimed it’s sweet and nice.

Watch the video below

(Fast forward to 4:50 for the petrol drinking part)

Lord have mercy which kind confusion is this, are the church members under a spell or something…Beware of end time Pastors.

19 thoughts on “Video: South African Pastor Gives Church Members Petrol To Drink, Calls It Juice

  1. it was grass at first and now petrol may be the next one wil be the turning of acid to bobo. who i’m i to judge anyways jus payin by

  2. Can we say african people are plain stupid or are we just straight out dumb. African Christian worship their pastor more than God. Everybody is looking for a miracle instead of getting out and making a living for yourself. God won’t just drop a bag of money from the sky. All these poor people going to church and spending all their money while pastors are busy living the luxurious life. You have being going to church for your entire life and you still not rich yet. Isn’t it time to start translating things. Smh, some people will never learn

  3. Can we say these people are plain stupid or straight up dumb or just ignorant. African christains worship their pastors more than God. Can somebody explain to me why any sane human being would eat grass or drink pertol just because your pastor ordered you to. Everyone is looking for a miracle instead of getting out there and finding a way to make a living for your self. Poor people are busy going to church and donating the only money they have while pastors are living a lavish life. God will only help those who help themselves. God wont just drop a bag of money from the sky. You have being going to church all your life, spending every little money you have and you are not rich yet. Isnt it time to start reanalysing you life. Smh, some people will never learn

  4. Dis is 4ny but also annoying. Engage diz petrol guzzlers in a debate & they’d b d 1st 2 ask u, “Dnt u hav common sense?” Nw look@where they are!

    There’s a height dat a Christian would reach & he wdnt need anybdy 2 teach him again; not dat he has knwn all things, bt dat d litl knwledge he has acquired would let him discern wen a glib-tongued sanctimonous deciever is speakn or wen a collar-neckd magician is manipulating him. Jst imagin dis depth of gullibility!

    And as4dis skewd mind pastor, I wonda wat fun he derives in all of dis. I feel dat afta his idiots had drunk d petrol, he jst lockd himself in his closet & lafd dem2scorn. D nxt thing we may now hear is dat he jst crapped in2a plate & gav 2 his sheepish loonies 2 eat. Nonsense!

  5. All dis fake pastors self!! I no no wetin dey give them moral ooo!. Members, na them fuck up pass!! Every office na 4 dia head!! Well shaa! Office must dey! But me don enta missedcall 4 anybodi wey wan use me do office!!

  6. U peple are jus memoring,did de pastor force any body 2 drink? We de poor masses are fooling oursevs,we worship a man who has de same Anus like us as if is God. Dos pastors are makin dere money gingering us dat we shud be generous wit wht we offer in de church our reward is in heaven. Are we nt fools?

  7. Here is another way of deceiving by cunning or artifice. This guy was trying to emulate Jesus for turning Water to Wine. Here we have another fake Bar Jesus after 2000 years trying to do the same thing this time around converting Petrol to Pineapple juice. The followers were nothing but dumb and dunce. Must you look for a miracle in order to believe in wonderful work of God? I believe God performs wonder in every individual life but sometime we human being do not see it. If you want to see a magic for fun, let professor Pella perform one for you.

  8. They all look abnormal to me especially the first girl who drank the so called ”petrol turned pineapple juice”

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