Virginia TV Shooting Video &Gunman Pictures: Ex-WDBJ7 TV Journalist Kills Reporter On Live TV


virginia tv shooting video

August 26, 2015 – Alison Parker & Adam Ward Dead: Former WDBJ7 TV Employee Shoots Reporter & Cameraman During Live Report

Virginia TV Shooting Video, Gunman Photos: Former TV Station Employee, Bryce Williams Fired After Cameraman Reported Him To HR Kills Reporter & Cameraman During Live Broadcast

A former reporter with Virginia-based WDBJ7 TV station murdered his colleagues in revenge during a live broadcast today.

The suspect identified as Bryce Williams, a black American worked for the TV station for over 12 months before he was fired for after a cameraman reported him to the Human Resources.

During a live broadcast today, Bryce Williams shot a female reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman, Adam Ward.

The shooting happened at Bridgewater Plaza in Bedford county in Virginia around 6:40 am while covering a report.

Adam and Alison at Bridgewater Plaza earlier today

The horrifying moment the gunman opened fire on them

Alison Park’s close encounter to the gunman.

The gunman before he was fired by the same station that hired Allison Parker

The gunman before he embarked on the revenge mission today

virginia tv shooting suspect picture

The TV station’s GM, Jeff Marks says the company doesn’t know the motive behind the murder however, online sources claimed Bryce Williams was fired because of his race.

The suspect later went on Facebook to post the reason behind the murder:

“I filmed the shooting, see Facebook,” “Adam  went to hr [human resources] on me after working with me one time!!!,”“They hired her (Allison Parker) after that???”

The Virginia TV shooting is currently being treated as a revenge case for racial profiling.

From his Facebook posts, the gunman Bryce Williams accused the cameraman, Adam Ward of filing a false report against him at the Human Resources of TV station. Alison Parker was hired to replace Bryce Williams after that.

The gunman, Bryce Williams posted the shooting video on Facebook before killing himself.

Watch a clip from Virginia TV shooting below… [ VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED]

May their soul rest in peace.