Wasiu Ayinde Kwam1 Boards First Class, Narrates How UK Immigration Harassed Him In London

wasiu ayinde boards first class new york

July 9, 2016 – Wasiu Ayinde Kwam1 Boards First Class From New York To Nigeria, Narrates How UK Immigration Harassed Him In London

Popular Fuji  King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal aka Kwam 1, has urged fellow rich Nigerians to enjoy life, while it lasts. The talented and melodious singer shared the piece when he posted a photo of himself on Instagram in an aircraft’s first class. “Honestly we need to discuss this, why people use the word “OLOWO LOMA KUUREE”.

When I was a young man in my 20s, many things people just seeing me do today I have been doing.. like travelling abroad on FIRST CLASS or PRIORITY CLASS.. One thing I never liked in my life is, why I should have to wait until some class of people get out of an aircraft that took all of us to the same destinations…

They would say “OLOWO LOMA KUUREE. When we used to travel those days in the past to places like London, Rome, Italy, France & Madrid in Spain… Very serious people studying HARD go to Germany or USSR Soviet Union then but now Russia… Hmmmmm Oju tin laasiii. AMERICA is ORUN Kalo -Kabo.. Gone were the days my people…

I remember vividly one of my Holiday Trip to london, England, I was to stay in my friends house then on Queensbridge Road London S.E …Late Gabisiyu Alani Aderemi, may God forgive his soul, UK Immigration followed me to his house that evening to know whose Address I was trying to describe to them…

That evening I felt proud when Alani came out with his wife then, my darling sister Hadja Basirat Abimbola Dada to say they were my host on that trip.. Why because, how come a man flying on First Class could not properly describe where he was going..

Honestly “OLOWO LOMA KUUREE” But the truth of it is that, many have that money but either refused to spend it for a best reasons known to them or just out of “STINGYNESS” King of World Beat ( King Sunny Ade ) has said it in one of his beautiful songs & it goes thus “OLOWO AA JOGUN OWO, AA JOGUN IYI, ATUN DII GBAJUMO LODE, ASIRI WON ONI TUU” conclusion my people, please spend your money well and remember you will not go to heaven with a kobo out of it….

Have a good evening aboard Lufthansa Airlines flight from Newyork via Frankfurt to Lagos Nigeria.. AIYE SHI NLO Noni…”

20 thoughts on “Wasiu Ayinde Kwam1 Boards First Class, Narrates How UK Immigration Harassed Him In London

  1. Stupid man,old fool.how much do u spend for charity,how rich are u sef,very arrongant.pple around u dont benefit frm ur riches even in ijebu ode

  2. So because your flying first class now, One will not breath? If you like fly KLM royal dutch, equipment is equipment you will all touch ground at the same airport.

  3. Boarding a first class, one would expect you to stay and enjoy yourself in a nice hotel, hence the immigration harassing you.

  4. Yeye guy, I was in gatwick airport in 1984, where Wasiu was begging BA staff to allow him extra baggage without paying!

  5. This idiotic arrogant area boy turned FujI musician is full of himself all the times. There is no lesson or common sense that any reasonable, decent, and humble individuals can learn from is pride, arrogance, and total lies. Little did he know that I knew him very well after the release of his hit track called “Talazo Fuji” in 1984. Then Wasiu Ayinde walks all around Lagos Island on his foot, the proud man was far above twenty years of age. I used to live in Isale Agbede street in Lagos Island not too far away from his dirty base called Isale Igangan. He now has the audacity to lie to Nigerians that he was flying First class before his twenty birthday. Before the Talazo, there were only two popular and well established Fuji Musicians known to every household in the nation, they are Late Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister and General Kollington Ayinla alias “Kebe N’kwara” Then, I was a little boy in primary school but the memory is well alive in my obliganta medulla. Shame on the arrogant and lies like Wasiu Ayinde Barrister now Ayinde Marshall.

    • Omokehinde, you are absolutely right. Wasiu is full of lies and arrogant, i dislike him for his attitude and flirtatious, thought i like his music, other than that, he is a bad role model to emulate.

  6. Flying 1/2 class, first class or last class, no one gets to the destination before any one. Wasiu is just full of crap. No reasonable point in his statement.

  7. Sorry i think the importance you shud really face is to let the fuji music move on in high legacy than how you have raised it.especially by helping those young artist,2 by helping those that you know that you have being coming together buth they couldn’t make it up,this is where the happiness of God is.richness is a test weapon from God,try an pass it.

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