Accidental Discharge: Police Orderly Shoots Self At MMIA Airport Ikeja Lagos

Police Orderly Shoots

July 9, 2016 – Accidental Discharge: Chaos As Police Officer Shoots Himself At MMIA Airport Ikeja Lagos

2 people were injured yesterday at the General Aviation Terminal of MMIA in Ikeja Lagos when a police orderly trying to remove the magazine of his gun accidental shoots himself and a woman.

The police orderly attached to a Senator who was to travel on Arik Air wanted to lodge his gun, which is a standard practice on air travel, but the gun released a bullet that splinted and hit both the man and the woman on the leg as he bent down to pull the magazine out of the gun.

The two were taken to the hospital within the airport. They both walked into the hospital unaided, which indicated that their injury was not severe.

10 thoughts on “Accidental Discharge: Police Orderly Shoots Self At MMIA Airport Ikeja Lagos

  1. Now this is indeed an accidental discharge not the one they will aim at a driver who refused to compromise to their bribe request and then come up to say, it was accidental.
    Lucky them that it was not their heads, chest or stomach that the bullet hit.
    Thank God for this.

    Goodmrning everyone, I missed you guys. So super-busy these days.

    @ Metu, prepare to list out at least 20 things that a guy expects from a lady. Have a swell day.

    I take a stroll…

  2. Thank God there’s no fatality. This is why I dread sitting near policemen with guns, especially when they start fingering the weopon for one or two reasons. I just vamoose. Safety, they say, first!

    Lolz@Hunter. Did you discover a new hunt zone? Or did some girl that you are toasting tell you not to return until you have caught 99 rabbits?

  3. Thank God there is no loss of life. I feel nervous around armed people because there are many known but unreported instances of similar occurrences. I even heard of accidental discharge from guns of armed escorts accompanying bullion vans and the like when vehicles enter portholes. Human error is rife under normal temperature and pressure so nervousness around armed people is normal.
    I hope there is continued training and retraining of persons charged with the duty of protecting or keeping us safe.

  4. Foolish police officer, don’t they av proper training for dis kind of things not to happen.

  5. for that ojare!,dat thing wey happen there no be accidental discharge,he intentionaly release the bullet bcus he dont knw how to handle the gun, all this police men carring guns around r not trained,where they r trained is in collecting bribe and lying against innocent civilians.

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