Wedding Disaster Or Photo Trick?

wedding disaster photo trick

Nov 28, 2013 – Wedding Disaster Or Photo Trick?

Can this happen in real life or is it a trick to make the picture captivating?

9 thoughts on “Wedding Disaster Or Photo Trick?

  1. Hahahaha dis is quite 4ny. It cld b photo trick or wateva bt i‘m sure d bride groom must hv 4gttn 2 send d Elephant a special IV 4 d wedding since d scene looks grassy sujesting its domain. Hahahaha chei…no b small tin ooooo.

  2. Light is falling on the right side of the elepahant and on the left of the people with little or no shodow. And why the cresent (bow) shape of the positioning. Does it mean that the bride was faster than the rest of them? Good attempt, but certainly unconvincing to me!

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