Wedding Photo Of Tanzanian Couple Goes Viral…Meet Mr & Mrs Jonathan

tanzanian couple wedding

July 20, 2016 – Wedding Picture Of Tanzanian Couple Goes Viral…Meet Mr & Mrs Jonathan

Meet Mr & Mrs Jonathan, a Tanzanian couple who recently tied the knot after 5 children.

This photo has left tongues wagging left right and center on the social media with many claiming they are not compatible.

mr and mrs jonathan tanzanian couple

What do you think about this cute couple?

18 thoughts on “Wedding Photo Of Tanzanian Couple Goes Viral…Meet Mr & Mrs Jonathan

    • The problem here is that people should learn to accept other people’s choice. The man is not complaining about her size. You don’t even know if the size is what attracts him.

  1. since non of the couple is complaining there is no problem… wishing you happy home in advance

  2. Not compatible after five. Children n together? Hmmmmmm, pikin dey play with him papa you say him dey drunk, just who is the drunk between you critic and them?
    These people only opt to make it official now they know they are compatible and bystanders say they are not compatible? They are compatible or he would have continued to have more kids without making it official.
    For me o, I only say Happy Married Life to them!

  3. Similar to the Ghana couple. Interesting. Hope they have great marriage life. I think the world is going back to our parents generation where men are starting not choose beauty but true love to a woman who can cook good African food.

    In my generation men only go for beauty.

  4. They are not compatible after 5 children??? Come on… People, give me a break!

    Whether the woman is fatter or not since the man is not complaining, who are you to put asunder what God has already joined together since 19Abraham?

    I take a stroll…

  5. Huh naija, what is you business with the couples wedding?? Amibo no good jare ..
    Luvly wedding. may God bless your marriage. Amen.

  6. @funsho odumakin
    After five children what do u
    Expect from d woman
    I beg liv part of motherhood
    Her husband love her that way fat or no fat
    Hav nothing to do with love❤️. One man’s food
    Is another man poinson
    Happy married life.????

  7. What I am wondering is why are the groom’s hands in his pockets, perhaps he’s just not emotional, or the woman is the one holding all the aces.
    Happy married life.

  8. Ow can someone say dey re not compatible after 5kids. Dey have been togeda for a long time and re certainly still in love for dem to tie d knot after 5 kids. Kudos to dem.

  9. I like this. I have not seen why their coupling would cause ripples. take a look around you and see such couples around you. nothing uncommon. at least the guy is very proud of the biggie. what I think that matter in relationship is the way the two relate in the home.

  10. Since the couple are not complaining let no one complain. Must you use pandaol for someone’s headache.

  11. Dat is tanzanian mr and mrs jonathan, we also have our own mr and mrs jonathan(goodluck) in dis form, so wats d big deal?

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