What History Did President Jonathan Make In Nigeria??

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Nov 11, 2014 – What History Did President Jonathan Make In Nigeria Apart From Boko Haram??

One of the dumbest headlines in media history in Nigeria has been uncovered.

Check out the paid headline story of Daily Trust Newspaper above (Yes it was sponsored by Transformation Ambassadors Of Nigeria, an organization sponsored by Jonathan to aid his reelection)

After promising Nigerians he’ll not run for reelection back in 2011, Jonathan today declared his intention to run for 2nd term at the Eagle Square in Abuja. Is that the quality of  a true leader?Of course not.

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Is it that many Nigerians preferred to be told lies… Please we need an answer, what history has Goodluck Jonathan made apart from the incessant attacks by Boko Haram terrorists that has dominated his tenure.

Truth be told, Jonathan administration has made no positive history in Nigeria.

Boko Haram is taking over the entire North and we are calling it history.

During his tenure, Boko Haram has gained ground and has established an Islamic caliphate.

They have captured several towns in Adamawa and Borno State and they are still advancing.

They have seized several weapons from the military, over one million innocent Nigerians have died.

Common now friends, let truth be told, this country needs God and not incompetent politicians.

Enough of lies, enough of cover ups, enough of politics, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

10 thoughts on “What History Did President Jonathan Make In Nigeria??

  1. Please do not blame this man, whoever allowed him to assume power in the first place should be blamed.
    The man Obasanjo is the cause of the whole trouble. He aided his election.
    Nigeria will be like hell fire next year mark my words

  2. I’m a naturalized Nigerian citizen originally from Kenya
    My husband has not been able to see his mother in Nigeria since 2012 and he is so afraid. All the beleivers in your country need sto pray for God intervention

  3. I have come to realise that our people hate the truth.
    This is the man that spent over 1 billion on Boko Haram
    Druing his time, we have borrowed another $1 billion dollar to fight terrorism yet they are still winning. I don’t think he is someone to write home about. Jonathan should just go into exile and never return
    He has brought badluck to us and our future children.

  4. I agree he is not capable but his goodluck has brought him this far
    If luck permits, he will be reelected next year until there is no more Nigeria. It is not over until it is over, let him make the history.
    By the time history concludes, Nigeria will be no more and his supporters will go into extinction like him.

  5. If u all will remember all the people above him in offices or positions were either removed or dead.primary he was assistant head boy later on head boy, next was deputy governor later governor, vice president later president next wil maybe there use to a country called Nigeria then no more.

  6. De history of Badluck Jonathan is nt far fetch. He shade uncountable innocent blood in Nigeria as a history,yet some morrons still ve de gods 2 support his second tenure. But believe me if dis man wins second term im sorry 4 nigeria bcos dat we be de end of our country,mark my words. If nt,dis man is a total fairlure.

  7. Ohhhh Pls save me those Crap, Jonathan Neva Shade any Blood, Ur so Called Buhar, OBJ,El’rufai,IBB, lets tell ourselves d truth,****s are the pple Destroyin dis Country Bcus they wanna Win ‘Power’ they always like 2 be Ontop, they neva want 2 be under anybody dat is nt **** Or ***, as 4 **** hahahaha am laughin Bcus all there Life there main Character is ‘Hypocrist’ both in religious asspect, they ar Neighther Real Christain or Real Muslim in ****, ****them with Passion bcus they are nt Trust worthy, They wolfs in sheep Clothing, all this APC act can only Decieve some pple bt nt Evrybody. Long Live Nigeria!!!

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