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President Jonathan 2015 Ambition: The Selfish Desire Of Man Or The Making Of God


President Jonathan 2015 Ambition: The Selfish Desire Of Man Or The Making Of God

president jonathan 2015 election

Nov 10, 2014 – President Jonathan 2015 Ambition: The Selfish Desire Of Man Or The Making Of God

President Goodluck Jonathan is set to declare his ambition to contest for the 2015 presidential election next year. According to INEC’s plan, the Presidential election is going to come first then later to be followed by governorship election.

President Goodluck Jonathan is and has been a very lucky man. According to his history, in all the positions he held in his life – virtually 16 years, the president has never contested an election by himself except ones in 2011.

From a deputy governor to a governor, from a vice President to acting and substantive President on may 5 2010. Now that President is controversially standing in 2015, will that be God’s will or man’s aspirations?

Already there are constitutional loop holes in his standing. Some argue that section 137 has stated categorically that the maximum of 8 years has been explicitly stated as the maximum years anybody can serve as the President of Nigeria.

If President Jonathan is to return as the President to Nigeria in 2015, by 2019 when his tenure ends, he will end up having 9 years as the President of Nigeria. If one argue that he can stand in 2015, then, is he telling us that the President will agree to relinquish power in may 2018 when he complete 8 years?

Certainly that will be a day dream. If one also argue that he shouldn’t then, his right to complete 8 years has been shortened by 3 years. Only the court will determine his fate.

In some serious and determine countries, when a leader messes up or a disaster occurred during his tenure, he will resign. If he did not resign, then he will not seek re election. If he seeks any re election, then he will not be elected.

In Nigeria, is not like that, once you have a lot of money for election campaign, then victory is guaranteed

Nigerians are blindfolded by tribalism and regionalism. Tribalism is more important to them than nationalism, Why? Why did we decide to fold their arms while some section of the country is ransacked? “Once beating twice shy”

Nigerians must learn to be their brothers keepers. “What is good for the goose is good for the gander” if Nigerians decided to fold their arms and allow the Northeast to be ransacked, they when it comes to another region no body will bother to assist.

A prosperous North is a prosperous Nigeria. Likewise the Southern Nigeria. Our resolution and political determination will determine who our next leader will be come 2015.

[About the author: Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari,Usmanu Danfodiyo University,]



  1. Rudolf

    November 10, 2014 at 2:26 AM

    Am not a Ngerian but am married to one, from what she has been telling me, the man became your president by luck

  2. OLA

    November 10, 2014 at 12:19 PM


  3. OmoKehinde

    November 10, 2014 at 1:10 PM

    This is a nice piece by comrade Abudraqi Aliyu. President Jonathan reelection bid is nothing but a self desire of an heartless, corrupt and unpatriotic man in the highest position. And this type of madness can only take place in a lawless and corrupt nation like Nigeria where people’s votes matter not to our criminal politicians.

    The manner and way our people equates human errors, imcompentence, selfishness and failures to God’s will is alarming and uncalled for. Nigerian politicians are the most corrupt in the world, but they use God’s name in vain whenever they set to inject religious intolerance, bribery, and tribalism as part of their political manipulations. Religious is a spiritual aspect of a man’s life, and only God Almighty knows those that are truly worshiping Him in truth and in spirit. There is a verse I like so much in the Bible, Jesus Christ the good Shepard says, ” I know my sheeps and my sheeps know me.” It means that only God knows those that are truly serving Him. But the Bible gives us tips about the characters of a godly person or leaders, its says” By their fruits, we shall know them. ” The fruits here means human characters, utterances, action,behavior, and their words. A liar that cannot keep or fuillful his many promises to millions of suffering Nigerian people does not deserve third term in office come 2015. Why? President Jonathan promised all Nigerian citizens that he will not seek for reelection come next year just before the 2011 general election. He also promised to serve the interests of the masses, but just weeks after he was reelected, he jacked up the prices of kerosene and petrol by 75 % just in one day. This is the peak of wickedness from an heartless president who care less about people’s welfare. $25 billions dollars vanished from the NNPC account without any trace, more than 150,000 innocent Nigerian citizens have been murdered by Boko Haram, millions of Nigerians have been displaced because of insecurity pose by criminal Boko Haram, prices of food products have sky rocketed in our various markets, security of lives and properties can longer be guarantee, money laundering operations like never before seen in Nigeria, corruption is the order of the day, Nigerian economy in shambles, and 201 young school girls kidnapped for almost a year without been rescued by this failed president. Only in Nigeria where people’s votes matter not to our criminal politicians can a failure like president Badluck Jonathan will seek for reelection. No common sense Christian or Muslims Nigerian citizens will vote to reelect a failure. We can not do the same things over and over again, and expect a different results. We must shun religious intolerance and tribalism in the 2015 election, and vote for a competent president with great characters. This is why I will vote for General Mohammad Buari in the upcoming election next year.

  4. Jilo

    November 10, 2014 at 3:28 PM

    To be honest, Jonathan can only preside in a less aggressive society not in a more intense or a society marked by driving energy like Nigeria. He is not just ready for combative situation we have in Nigeria right now. Although we human being are are different in taking approach in handling situation of things but right now we don’t need a President who will be applying soft punch on a sect like Boko haram. We need a proactive president who can stand for his people and proffer timely solution during the distress time like this. Folks, sentiment and tribalism aside, do we think keeping this man for another 4 good years will not bring calamity to our great nation? let’s think about this, the Country is facing the toughest hardship in its history and on the brink of collapsing and some people are saying that is the right thing and Jonathan is doing his best in addressing the situation. My question to pro Jonathan is, are you out of your mind? If this guy can not bring Nigeria together, then that means he has failed in his civil responsibility and he has to go.

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