Why ASUU Still On Strike: Shameful Photos Of Federal & State Universities In Nigeria

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Oct 4, 2013 – Why ASUU Still On Strike: Shameful Photos Of Federal & State Universities In Nigeria

Mr Kayode Ogundamisi, a famous commentator on int’l affairs has shared some shocking photos of the bad conditions of State and Federal Universities in Nigeria.

According to sources, these and other issues are major reasons behind the longevity of the ongoing ASUU strike.

This is what students at public universities go through in this country plagued by corruption and bad leadership.

Check out more photos shared by Mr Kayode below;

Medical Centre, Imo State University In Owerri

Imo State University Toilet

Imo State University Medical centre

University of Jos Students’ Toilet

How Some Lecturers Attend To Students At University Of Maiduguri

Campus Road At University Of Nigeria Nsukka

300 Level Biology & Biotech Class At The University Of Benin – Where Are The Lab Equipments?

University Of Calabar Male Hostel

Chemical Engineering Workshop At The Federal University Of Technology Owerri

Ladies Queuing To Fetch Water At FUTO Hostel

Chemical Laboratory At The University Of Maiduguri

Female Hostel’ Toilet At The University Of Calabar

University Of Benin: Cooking In Congested Bedroom

Medical Centre, University Of Jos

Architecture Studio At Ahmadu Bello University In Zaria

See what public education has turned into in this country.

Lord have mercy!

23 thoughts on “Why ASUU Still On Strike: Shameful Photos Of Federal & State Universities In Nigeria

  1. Just mere looking at the pictures, I feel like vomiting
    So all past and present president succeeded in doing was to embezzle the funds needed to repair and upgrade these universities.
    It’s not a curse, Nigeria can never change

  2. Che! che!, today is d worst day of my life.this is what student that lives in d hostel go through for years and still don’t have hope of any work?their living condition is almost like that it a homeless dogs.if this pics are real and not of a block that is about to be put down,I place a curse on whoever that is responsible for putting this together,u will never know peace,ur. life and that of those that supports u will be hunted,how can this students expect to concentrate and perfect in their studies? I don’t want to believe this,this is a living hell,is inhumanne,che!,I refuse to cry for this students living condition.I went to UNCE and lived off camp,so this is what some of my course went through and still no job?police college seem to be d worst yet we celebrate nigeria’s bithday.our so called leaders are so heartless that God can’t find d perfect name for them and not only that they prolong this students stay in that shit hole with this strike.to all my honourable student fighting to make it in life,on this day d 4th of October 2013,God have seen ur effort and tears,is well,is only for a limited time and I know and pray that you will all sit with ur kids and tell me what u went through to make,u will tell ur kids d story without tears or anger,u will remember this pics and say I can’t believe i once lived there,u will all be a example and testimony before d whole world.it is well.

  3. God will have mercy on us one day. It’s not that we do don’t have the money but all our leaders are so selfish .
    All they do is grab what you can grab now, they build mansion for then self, buy luxury cars, they don’t have the fear of God in them,they forgot that they will not be buried with all this things.ti o ba le baje ko ba je, bamu bamu ni mo yo, awa o mo bi ebi npa Omo eni kan kan, bamu bamu ni mo yo, this is their song, many will receive their judgment in this world before they left.
    They know the schools been repair, but because their don’t have anything to do in Nigeria school so they don’t care. They sent their child to school in abroad. If every leaders stole money inAmerica their schools will not be for them to put their kids.

  4. Give money to the vc u ll still meet d situation like that next yr e.g abu, unn, unimaid, uniport etc got 3bil not quite long let them show what they did with the money. Vc finish their tenures as billionaire and check all the bursars of univ they are all billionaire after 4yrs in that office. But u still ve some good vc certainly not bursars. So the whole thing bouyed down to corruption within the univ. Just imagine student hostel maintenance, the igr from hostel are 2much for upgrade and provision of other basic infrastructures. Let the nig students put the univ under pressure to privatise the hostels and they ll c changes. Our univ admin want to b as rich as politician thats the main prob of our univ today. where are d jd amin, jubril aminu, ma’adi, nebo, ibidapo obe etc this were adm who gave everything and ppl lk them are still there but i know d opositn jd amin n jubril amin facd in unimaid.

  5. So, whbn wil dis same femi post d good picture of our high institution? What bias report! Y there is no report of igbeneidion university and many more? How much were pay 2 do dis? Yes, our high institution ar sufering bt must u post ur pic 4 da whole world 2 c in d name of supporting ASUU? 2bad dude.

  6. Hmmmmmmmm……………it realy nt encouraging,d fed.government just need to give a listening ears to ASUU…………even GHANA universities are beta than dat of nija……….yestady’s ghana must go…………

  7. God have mercy our Leaders are all packing our father land money on to them and their family along,God will surely send all of u with bloood money to hellfire with all ur family memmbers.what we need is kind of Arab ways of Revelution,where all of us ,in all part of this so call Nigeria place where nothing work normal,students workers,jobless all poor nigeria,we dont see where our cake of this country go to,only to few Oga on Top hand,and pooor man they die ,with our mouth and eyes close.let us tell them no more mumu,just sitdown ,they kill us small by small,no wunders they send their children to oversea to school,not in this kind of university,what can u learn than come out be Robbers,Kidnappers and prosittus.so Kidnapper kindly go after those Oga on Top ,in Govt and their family, live the normal Nigeria that work hard with thier clen hands to get money pls, go after those Govt Oga on Top, with their family that rob us in day light with pen, and work away free with bill of only 750,000 naira.we need movement now to stand up for our right in this country we can sit down, waiting for God Almight to do it for us, we need to come out in millions to fight this useles Govt,they all step down, all politial partys, PDP;ANP CPC what ever they call their name, all step down, we need to rewrite this country consitusion,where we know where all our money go,who steal this and when e.t.c jail times ,for this Ogas not bill of 750,000 naira when the take pension money of the poor,of 23 billion naira.
    few just enter office take any amount of money they want for their self and all their genration to come in 500yrs to come and we our genration die off all in 50yrs.

  8. Kindly go after Oga on Top with their family,that walk away with bill of 750,000 naira ,when theife 23 billion naira plus the Law that stand for them to get them bill out and the Jurage who give them bill also,so Kidnappers u have a job to do.kindly live normal nigeria that work hard with their clean hands along, go after theife with pen ,in Govt Office pls,those people that use pen to take our billions that belongs to poor nigeria,my father work 42rys in police no pension, he only what they want for 2 yrs,b4 my poor man sick no money and die,and that useles John and that ugly woman,i dont remmebber her name theife 23 billions police pension money and get only 750,000 naira bills out,no things can be like that for ever.Boko Harm stop that fools killing of innocents nigeria in that part of nigeria,let first join hand together peacefully to ask for chanage and good things for all nigeria, school,road,work,light ,education and health,not by killing other nigeria cos they are christian,no not ur kind of muslim,western education is sin. we come out in miilons to bring a positive change in this nigeria ,we need good life for all nigeria,they send their children to oversea to school,they go to oversea for hospital when they are sick .we die in nigeria hospital where no tablets, doctor have no salary since 3 to 4 months,school our children sit on the ground ,no window,teacher no salary for over 4 months God have mercy,and Boko u are killing innocent nigeria for what.let stand up for our right,the Arab north africa do that, they is change their now, if nothing comes out then we take to fight with all we have,then we need ur men to come and help to kill all this Oga on Top and their family,not innocent Nigeria and not sharia country, we are secular country.

  9. Fg is very trying, we the student are very rough, look at the toilet damaged as if there are children in the university,can’t the VC of the skul repair it, or are they not paying skul fees in the skul, what are they using the money for, everyone want’s to blame the FG for everything that’s total nonsense, is only poor men children that go to hostel, is there toilet at home beta than the one in skul, how can naijagists even upload this on net for the world to see, if u have money u rent off campus then if u don’t have u go and squat in skul hostel, why will asuu be accusing the FG for not taking proper of students when the asuu is not even taking proper of them.

  10. This environment is not like a place of learning, it looks like a prison yard please intervention is needed so that graduates will not mentally be inprisoned in market place

  11. Oh pls sum1 should spare me dat crap, wat hapns 2 university’s internally generated revenue????? As if they’ll use d money 4 wat its meant 4. FG is corrupt n so is ASUU, they should call off d strike n continue their negotiation wit FG.

  12. I affirm wat u see abt FUTO. But dats nt to say VCs n dia co-excos @ our Universities have no share of the blame. If anything, dey shud bear d bulk of d blame. Diz Universities r under dia jurisdiction. But wat hapns wen little comes into dia coffer? Dey ‘chuap’ it. God is watching

  13. Sometimes I wonder if things would have been better if Nigeria had remained dependent on the British.Its not only government own learning institutions that are like this.What about our local government offices,immigration offices,police stations,federal hospitals etc.this decay is not unique to universities alone so the person that took these photo did not do a proper job beleiv me many of this infracstructures hav been comissioned in the past for rehabilitation our vcs ate the money.its always easier to blame someone for your failure our lectures have never taking the development of education as their priority.lectures go on collecting bribes and ecouraging corruption.Nigerians as a people should change their evil ways.Everything in nigeria to day boils down to corruption.From good people comes good government,from bad people comes bad government.

  14. The problem facing us in Nigeria is corruption. The money needed to put things in order in our universities is there just that they will not bring it out. The condition of naija universities is nothing to write home about. It is neglected because most of them hv there kids schooling outside Nigeria others in private universities and for that they don’t care how many time ASUU & ASUP go on strike. We need prayer and Gods intervention in NIGERIA.

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