Why Is US Embassy Blocking Nigerians From Booking Visa Appointment?


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Oct 4, 2013 – Why Is American Embassy Blocking Nigerians From Booking Visa Appointment?

Questions the US Embassy refused to answer.
1. I am a Nigerian born American citizen. I will like to know why the availability of Visa appointments dates at your website is totally blocked from Nigerians except if they first of make a payment?
2. Visa fees are valid for 12 months only so why are you still collecting visa fees when there are no available appointments dates for visa interview till the year 2021?
3. Can you explain why Nigerians has to pay additional fees to your corrupt embassy staff just to setup visa interview date?
4. Looking at your Embassy website there are no available dates starting from today till the next 8 years so explain how Nigerians who are able to pay bribe to your staff gets to setup appointments within hours of their money changing hands with your corrupt staff?
5. Why did you block the available dates of appointment from the Nigerian public except if they made a payment?
6. Why do you do things you cannot even dream of doing here in the States?

I am asking you Sir, can you ask Americans to pay visa fees when you have blocked all available dates of interview for the next 8 years?

Here in the US the first thing one does when he or she wants to travel, rent a car, hotel or movies is to find out if the service he or she is seeking is available before making a payment. So why should Nigerians make payment first and then only to find out there are no available dates for the service they paid for till the next 8 years while the payment is only good for 12 months? You are the worst amongst the most corrupt official in US history.
7. SHAME, SHAME AND SHAME on you Sir, for they level of corruption you have introduced to US Embassy in Nigeria. It is now a place for everyone to hang out and do business as usual, from your security men to they gate men, everyone is looking for someone seeking to get appointment date.
Every Nigerian should join hands to ask these questions till we get an answer from the US government.

It is a SHAME that things are done completely different overseas than they are done here in THE US.

[Article by Justin I]