Why Jonathan Should Never Be Elected As Next President Of Nigeria By Iyiola Olubode


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June 22, 2014 – Why Jonathan Should Never Be Elected As Next President Of Nigeria By Iyiola Olubode

I’m a Nigerian living outside the country but am seriously worried about the worsening political and the security state of my dear country.

Every reasonable Nigerian knows that Jonathan is an incapable hand that has brought badluck to Nigeria throughout his 4 years in office. He is also a silent dictator that has carried out constant abuse of power in the last one year.

Here are my reasons why Jonathan should never be voted in as the next President of this great nation

  1. His administration has the highest bloodshed in history: Talk of mass death, it happened and still happening during Jonathan’s regime. There is a deep occultic secret about Boko Haram that Nigerians are yet to realise…but He Goodluck Jonathan knows about it.
  2. Jonathan is a tribalist: Do your research and figure out how many time he has removed people from other tribes from his administration.
  3. Jonathan is a coward: He is the most timid man in Nigeria. This is why he surrounded himself with men of like passion. Blind leading the blind can go no where.
  4. He is clueless when it comes to National security. Nigerinas, this is what you get when you vote a common zoologist as your president
  5. His wife, Dame Patience is the one ruling this country… I read somewhere that his wife was behind his success and that she used her fertility to help him become the President. She is the 1st uneducated First Lady of Nigeria and it is obvious in everything she is doing. This woman is our President behind the corner.
  6. PDP is a party of criminals. Just check Ayo Fayose’s history, you will see crime embedded in every section of his life.. Do you know Ekiti state election was rigged????

Nigerians if you want this country to progress, it is time to send this PDP party into extinction, let’s give another party a chance and see where Nigeria will go.

If you want the change that this country urgently deserves, do not vote Jonathan or PDP as the Nigeria President… Change is good.

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