Why Many Nigerians Living Abroad Never Want To Return Home


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August 13, 2013 – Why Many Nigerians Living Oversea Never Want To Return Home

This article is in response to a Nigerian-American lady, Kola Olaosebikan’s vow never to return to Nigeria again after the controversial child marriage bill that rocked the senate few weeks ago.

If you missed the report, read it here. or watch the video below


There are many Nigerians living overseas who feel the same as that young lady…there is crime everywhere in the world, i agree with that, but if you are honest with yourself (and if you look on naijagists search) you will find that Nigeria ranks as one of the top countries where it is unsafe to live.

I agree with the lady on many points actually…in what other country is ritual killings high as part of the crime rate? huh? whilst living in Nigeria for 17 yrs i personally witnessed corpses on the street that were a result of ritual killing…it isn’t safe to take public transport in nigeria due to fears of this, and neither is it safe to drive your own car due to fear of ritual killings, attacks by armed robbers, or attacks by policemen themselves due to ones refusal to give them money…whilst in Nigeria my family were stalked by hired assassins (hey, it is a crime to get involved in politics in Nigeria init?) what one should blame, imo, is the state of mind of the country and those living within it

Desperation and hardship can and will lead many to commit crime…how does one address this? the change needs to come from the top (but as usual many if not all of the leaders are corrupt and look out for themselves and their own…something that appears to filter down and is evident in many of the citizens living in Nigeria

Look after yourself and your own and leave the rest to worry about themselves init?)…AND the change needs to also come from the citizens living within the country…but correct me if am wrong, with the Arab Spring we saw sweeping across the middle east since last year didn’t a few Nigerians try to start such a change in Nigeria?? and correct me if am wrong but these forward thinking individuals were shot at and killed due to this?

I actually have a video about this on my YouTube playlist. Okay, then you might say that what are us Nigerians living overseas trying to do about it? well, to my recollection and according to much of the news we get over here from people who know people who travel to visit their loving, safe homeland of Nigeria, they either are robbed whilst there, killed during the attacks, or simply develop mental illness whilst there or on their return from Nigeria.

Tell me now, how comes there are MANY businesses overseas that will never do business with anyone located in nigeria? I have come across many website of businesses that refuse to ship goods to nigeria…

I for one have many skills and qualifications/knowledge that would come in handy for nigeria, BUT i know for a fact that if i dare to step foot in nigeria i would either be targeted in one way or another because of either how i look, how i dress etc…things that are so insignificant become a HUGE deal in nigeria.

Many Nigerians in the UK will not even date their fellow Nigerians because of their mentality and attitudes. I have lived abroad for over 15 years and am very aware of this…America has problems for sure with their bombings, and random drive by gang related shootings, but in Nigeria you could be killed just for what you wear…I walk my dog anytime i want here…i walk the streets with 90% confidence that chances of me being used for ritual killing due to being out late at night or early in the morning doesn’t hang over my head…

I would be petrified to even walk my dog in the day time in Nigeria…sad, but true.

SO, people should please stop and wonder why a citizen of Nigeria feels so strongly about her country in that way before calling her all sorts of names… because at the end of the day there are MANY whom hold the same opinions as she does. That is my 2 pence.

[Article by Patra]