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8 Reasons He Left: Common Reasons Men End Relationships Abruptly

why men leaves their wives

8 Reasons He Left: Common Reasons Men Leave Relationships Abruptly

It was so sweet, you thought it would never end; you were drowned in it and now, you just don’t know what really went wrong. You are confused and you are thinking ‘was it me or was it just him?’ Now, put yourself together. It’s true that not all couples who were really in love ended up together. It’s also true that there are couples who didn’t love themselves that much from the beginning but now, they are almost inseparable. These things still happen.

If the former is your story, then it may have been because of one of these reasons:

You choked him with your love

People need some breathing space, always being available and constantly calling to check on him and tell him all the unnecessary things can choke out his love for you. If you find yourself doing this, it may be that you are loving him too much or that you are really bored and the only person available to relieve your boredom is the object of your affection.

In keeping a healthy relationship, it is important for us to give our partners some space, let him breath, let him make friends and have a life. You are not all he needs to have a great life. You too, it is important for you to get a life. Having a life of your own with dreams and passions to pursue will keep him interested. When you do this, you give him the opportunity to miss you and call you when he wants to.

You complained a lot

When you complain about every little thing, you make his dreams of making you happy unachievable. There’s nothing as frustrating to a man as the thought that he can never please his woman no matter how he tries. When you make a man feel that way, he will start thinking he is inadequate and his love cannot bloom in that kind of atmosphere. A man needs to see your appreciation (yes, see, it should not be sweet words coming from a disfigured face) even when he knows he has not done enough.

You did not let him lead

Men love to lead; they love to be the head. When you deprive them of that opportunity, their love for you automatically diminishes because they don’t feel manly and this is not healthy for their ego. Below are ways you can deprive a man of the leadership role:

  • You always want your decision to be the final one
  • You take the responsibility of every decision taken
  • You do things without seeking his opinion before doing them
  • You get too critical when his decision about a thing fails
  • You ensure that the relationship proceeds only on your own terms.

You lost your femininity

When a woman tries to be a complete miss independent, harsh, vulgar, and without child-like charm, it is said that she has become more masculine than feminine. According to the law of magnetism, like poles repel while unlike poles attract. Men are naturally masculine in everything they do hence, they get delighted in femininity.

You lacked serenity

Every man wants peace hence they deeply admire serenity in their women. No man wants a woman who is always angry and yelling at every little thing. Serenity can only develop in a woman when she is free of pride, self-righteousness, always does and says the right thing and is free from guilt and has a forgiving heart.

You didn’t have any impact in his life

Before you rant him off for abusing your love, think. What have you ever done for or said to him that has impacted his life it is a man’s desire to have a woman that can help him grow but when that woman has very little or nothing to contribute, it becomes a problem. If you can’t add or subtract reasonably to/from a man’s thought, then you can’t impact his life and if you can’t impact his life, you can’t be rooted in his life.

You didn’t have a say of your own

Most men hate women they can easily push around. You must learn to say no sometimes. This doesn’t mean you have to make the relationship run only on your own terms but you should be able to let him know that you are an active partner and so you also have a say. If you do not have your own say, you’ll end up being a doormat and guess what, doormats are best trampled upon.

There are some women who still lost their love even when they didn’t have any major character flaw. If you are one of these women, the next reason may be it.

He didn’t just want to stay

A man will only stay with you if he really wants to. You may have possessed all the qualities of a good woman and impacted his life in the most amazing ways but if you are not the one he truly wants, he will confidently walk into the arms of another woman who may not even be half as good as you are. Despite all the reasons and justifications that may be given for his leaving, I want you to know that he left because he wanted to. If he wanted to stay, he would have fought to, men fight for what they want. Men will always be men.

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  1. iron bar

    June 3, 2019 at 7:58 AM

    A diary of current trend in todays gets worse day after day..people indulging in serial suicides at any slightest chance..

  2. Stella

    June 3, 2019 at 9:57 AM

    All the reasons you pointed are correct, especially the second one ýou complain a lot’, which most women are guilty of without knowing.

  3. Jilo

    June 3, 2019 at 4:44 PM

    I’ll implore some women to take a critical note of the above reasons why some men walk out of the relationship. The writer has analyzed it all, I don’t have to add or remove from this piece.

    My wife does half of the above. At times she prefers me to be homey if not because of my job just for me to continually to show her affection. As the writer have said, there is time for everything but that is not in her dictionary. I thought she should have gotten over it after having few children but she wants me to keep the level of romance just as when we first started our relationship . If I’m late 20 minutes to get home, she’ll start showing attitude notwithstanding she is a good wife especially to her children but her problem is as if someone wants to steal me away.

    To be honest with you folks, things are different especially when your kids are grown and some are in the process of getting admission into University. There are lot of things that will automatically change your relationship due to parenting duties. You may try to take extra job to fulfill these not because you don’t love your wife but because of some circumstances that I pointed out above. I’m not trying to vilifying her but to learn from one another because I know that everybody is going through different problems in his/her relationship. If anybody proclaims a perfect relationship, that person is just lying.

    Barac Obama was not that grey when he assumed Presidential position. He was overwhelmed with a lot of problems let alone the marital one. That busyness alone can end up a relationship if a woman has a little understanding of relationship.

  4. DB

    June 4, 2019 at 9:57 AM

    So what about 8 REASONS SHE LEFT: REASONS WHY WOMEN END RELATIONSHIPS ABRUPTLY? Both should go hand in hand. The society is fond of making the success of relationships the woman’s job alone forgetting it takes two to make it work

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