Why Yoruba People Will Suffer Under Buhari, Niran Adedokun Tells Leaders To Stop Flexing Muscles

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May 14, 2015 – Why Yoruba People Will Suffer Under Buhari’s Administration, Niran Adedokun Urges Politicians To Stop Flexing Muscles

I should make two quick points before I proceed with this. One, I absolutely do not like the ethnic coloration that we give to politics in Nigeria. I think that as a country, the best way to attain the height of our potential is to move together as one, not allowing those things which divide us hold us back.

The second thing, which is a corollary to the foregoing is that I am not in support of zoning. In truth, I think any government that wants to do Nigeria good should instantly kill the idea of zoning, start to see that every part of the country is fairly treated, gets its due and that people get appointed into offices not because of where they come from but on the strength of their abilities. Just give merit the lead and let’s see if the sky can hold Nigeria back.

Having said that, it would be playing to the ostrich to pretend that I do not understand that the situation with tribe, religion and ethnicity will not change in Nigeria overnight. It would not because whipping those sentiments is currently the most potent weapon in the hands of our political elite and a lot of Nigerians get carried away and follow the tide of politicians without question. This is why there have been a lot of permutations about what ethnic group will be influential and which will be redundant in the incoming administration.

One of the often repeated arguments is that the South-South and the South-East have done themselves in by not voting for the All Progressives Congress and jeopardising the opportunity to get any of the juicy political offices under the Buhari administration.

Most of those who champion this position are people of Yoruba extraction of the South-West and the arguments are usually based on the superior sense of political alertness that the sponsors feel.

A lot of people in the South-West are so proud of their political leaders and the role they played in the formation of the APC that they write off those who did not join the train as political nonstarters with little or no understanding of the times. Depending on who is pushing these arguments and the depth with which they push it, I go away with one or two or all of the following impressions about them. I think that they are either naïve or arrogant or are affected by a combination of both.

Of these tendencies, the one I find most unacceptable is arrogance. Unfortunately, it is the most likely in the circumstance even though it is also the most untraditional of the Yoruba. Even if the Yoruba political elite are smart as to be able to read the political barometer and align with the right people at the right time, the traditional Yoruba person does, ordinarily, not gloat over his achievements. After all, are they not the people who suggest cautious humility when they counsel that if your yam sprouts, you should not brag about it? So, why beat your own drums so loud especially in the spite of other ethnic groups?

In this loud vainglory, I think the Yoruba risk two things. One is that it may dig a deeper gulf between them and the two other zones in the South and two, it may get the North suspicious of the ambition of Yoruba politicians.

Now, we should get this clear, the major, in fact most prominent, factor that ensured a Buhari win in the March election is the long held determination of the northern part of the country that “power” must return to them in 2015. With due respect to the fact that the South-West delivered votes and more importantly, made it easy for the APC candidate to obtain the required percentage of votes in 25 states, Northern Nigeria spoke with eloquent unity with their votes during these last elections. The South-West cannot say the same. The zone failed to pull its weight in the measure that bookmakers predicted as total number of votes cast in the zone and those delivered to the APC candidate were incredibly unimpressive.

In a zone where over nine million people were said to have collected their Permanent Voter Cards before the elections, less than 50 per cent of that number came out to vote. And then out of this number, Buhari got a paltry 2.4 million votes, about 600, 000 votes more than that of President Goodluck Jonathan. Compare this to the North-West zone where votes from two states, Kano and Jigawa, were close to 2.9 million, almost half a million over the total that the South-West offered.

So, how does the South-West hope to be equal partners with the North to the extent that its people will disparage other groups in this game? In addition to the side comments that I referred to earlier, there are reports of the alleged entitled disposition of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in the distribution of offices as the party gets closer to forming a government.

Which is where the South-West might soon find itself fishing in troubled waters. Yoruba politicians may be smart and strategic but power is an industry for the North. This is why it sought after the Presidency with passionate doggedness for years and now that it is in the kitty, they will come against anyone who denies them the opportunity to totally own the President and his administration.

With my understanding of Nigerian politics, politicians from the North are most adept at the deployment of power when one of their own gets into office. I do not see how things would be different when Buhari becomes President especially because of the quantum of support that he got from them. Anyone in doubt of this should check the political history of Nigeria and see the deal that the late eminent Kwara politician, Dr Abubakar Olusola Saraki, and the late business mogul and politician, M.K.O. Abiola got from the North in the Second Republic.

What northern leaders, including the political, traditional and religious ones, are likely to do is to move in on Buhari and shield him from any overbearing influence from any other part of the country.

A signal of the political savviness of the North is the success that it allowed the APC to make in the North-West in particular and all the three northern zones in general. The result gives credence to the position taken by Prof. Ango Abdullahi on behalf of the Northern Elders’ Forum that the North was going to support any party that fielded a northern candidate.

With a total of 162 House of Representatives members and 46 senators from the three zones in the North, it would be easy for the government to get anything done without the help of members from the South-West especially if efforts are made to reach out to lawmakers from the South-East and South-South, most of who belong to the Peoples Democratic Party and already think that the South-West is against their interest. The Yoruba might then just find itself in the cold.

Of course, some would say there is enough consolation in having the vice-presidency but Alhaji Atiku Abubakar had that office without occupying it between 2003 and 2007. Who says that cannot happen again?

This is why Yoruba leaders need to stop flexing muscles now and not overreach themselves. This is why political leaders from the South-West zone must put national interest above personal, and even regional interests. This is why the Yoruba must not present themselves as too ambitious in this dispensation. This is why the Yoruba, in spite of whatever advantage, should toe that popular line of seeking equity, justice and the fair treatment of every part of the country. The Yoruba are very well known for that and championing these virtues at the national level is a good way to actualise the promise of change that they made to the people.

Unless this happens, we may soon have to contend with a formidable force, which does not just have the capacity for overrun but is prepared to deploy its arsenal to the eternal regret of the group which was the beautiful bride just one day before.

nikan adedokun

[By Nigerian journalist, lawyer, Niran Adedokun Twitter: @niranadedokun]

7 thoughts on “Why Yoruba People Will Suffer Under Buhari, Niran Adedokun Tells Leaders To Stop Flexing Muscles

  1. In as much as I dislike responding to foolishness, I believe that it is crucial for me to response to this piece written by by fellow Yoruba man. Mr. Nira Adedokun article is short of facts, baseless, and very unreasonable. Why? I want to believe that this gentleman is not a student of Nigerian history or a very bad one. He claimed that Yoruba people will suffer under Buhari without backing such arrogant claim with facts. Let me remind the writer in case he has forgotten that the same Yoruba people voted overwhelmingly for President Jonathan in 2011 by over 68% of our total votes, what did Yorubas get in return? Nothing. For a tribe of over 40 millions people to be faced out of any crucial national appointments under Jonathan is more than arrogant but total humiliation. Yorubas and millions of other patriotic Nigerian people voted for General Buhari this time around because Jonathan presidency is a total failure and a great disappointment to millions of suffering Nigerian people who voted for him from all geopolitical regions of the country 4 years ago. You also claimed without any reasonable facts that power is an industry for the north. Sir, as a lawyer and a self proclaimed journalist, you obligated to support your claims with facts. It is also important to know that fact is not the same as opinion. Why? In case you were not in Nigeria in 1998, the same northerners whom you falsely accused of been a power drunk voted overwhelming for President Olusegun Obansanjo to become Nigerian president for good 8 years. In case you have short memory, President Jonathan won five northern state in 2011 presidential election. These include Taraba, Kogi,Kwara, Niger,and plateun states plus all the SW, SE,and SS states. In case you have forgotten, president Jonathan also won in 2015 three northern states in 2015 election. They are Taraba, Nasarawa,and Jigawa. You also claimed that the Yorubas in the SW should put the national interest above personal and even regional interests. What a dumb claim! So when we voted for president Jonathan in 2011, we were putting our personal interest ahead of the nation’s interests? In case you pretend not to remember, president Obansanjo-a Yoruba man was the force behind Jonathan sudden rise to power in Nigerian politics. He imposed then deputy governor of Balyesa on then presidential candidate Yaradua. If I may ask you this question sir, Is Jonathan more qualified than all Yoruba politicians in the SW then? President Jonathan lost the election because his administration care not about the interests of millions of suffering Nigerians who voted for him 4 years ago. Sir,kindly list president Jonathan achievements as Nigerian president in almost 6 years that warrant him to win reelection in 2015. General Buhari administration will benefit all Nigerian people regardless of their voting pattern or history, tribe and religious. Honestly, I wish that I have all the time to rebuff your baseless and arrogant claims. Have a nice day sir.

  2. @ the last comment, jonathan did nt win all d soutwestern state in 2011 election, cos ribadu won osun, jonathan did nt win jigawa bt he won the FCT. pls always get ur facts right bfor coming public nt to misinform the younger ones.

  3. Nonsense! ****** people always look for a thorough national leader not somebody who plays ethnicity. Even if Buhari fails to give us good appointments, all we want is good governance, ; unity among all tribes, good economy, security and lastly respect for law and order. I prefer a competent mind from any tribe to handle the affairs of the country not a Buffon that would complicate issues.

  4. it is only d fool and blind that say dr. goodluck jonathan did nothing for the 5 years he was acting and substantial president of Nigeria. may that the friend of that fool, tell him that he has not achieve anything for the previous six years of his life. I hope d 120 almajiri school, 12 new federal university, 20 polytechnic and mono-technic, 10 brand new airport and rebranding of abt 20 existing ones, agricultural boosting, removal of bottleneck in fertilizer distribution, sure-p, youwin, coming back of train, building of trauma center, abj-lokoja road, benin-ore road, lagos-ibadan road and other roads, construction of 4 dams for irrigation and power, privatization of power without corruption and bottlenecks, debasing of our economy, eradicating of ebola, Nigeria becoming the biggest economy, eradication of polio, construction of about 6 power stations, reequipping the military for future challenges, yearly scholarship to 250 first class Nigerians to study abroad etc. just to mention a few. u can also tell us what ANIMAL IN HUMAN SKIN, evil-buhari achieved when he was head of state. buhari is cursed and by extension, those supporting him are cursed. the blood of those he killed when he was head of state and in 2011 post election violence, will halt him till his grave. for d cowards in d south-west who supported him, una go hear am.

    • Hello Mr. Monday, first, I commented on an article written by my fellow Yoruba man by name Niyi Adedokun. He claimed that Yorubas will suffer under General Buhari administration which I believe was a misleading article. But a low mentality person like you with a racist mind turned the argument to name callings, but I will never go that route of immaturity with people like you. Take it or leave it, president Jonathan remain the worst, most incompetent, low IQ,and most corrupt president in Nigeria history. You listed some bogus and non existing achievements of corrupt Jonathan in your comments. I guess those achievements can only be seen or found in Etueke, Balyesa state. These are negative impacts of President Badluck Jonathan within the past six years of his failed presidency. On his watch as most incompetent president, over 150,000 of innocent children, mothers and fathers have been killed by Boko Haram while millions of our fellow Nigerians citizens have been displaced to Niger Republic, Chad, and Cameron. He has failed totally in his number one responsibility as Commander in Chef, which is to protect lives and properties of all Nigerians. Secondly, this criminal president inherited over 45 billions dollars surplus from OBJ-Yaradua administration, today, we are indebted to the turned of billions due to corruption, looting, and mismanagement of the highest order. He is worse alternative to even Sanni Abacha which was a brutal military dictator. What about the stolen 20 billions dollars from the NNPC account that dumb president Jonathan used to bribe rich and influential people for his failed reelection campaign? Every soon foul yash will be exposed as soon the destroyer of Nigerian destiny vacate Aso Rock Villa. Every soon, Afefe ma fe, a o si ri furo adie. Have forgotten about the fuel subsidy scam of 2012 just few months that this criminal president was reelected into 2011? This heartless president wickedly jacked up the prices of Kerosene and petrol by 75% as a way to pay millions of voters that voted him to power in 2011. What about his money laundering operations in Dubai, South Africa and many parts of the world with their various private jets while the masses have driven back to poverty? In case you don’t know or pretend not to remember, over 200 young school girls were kidnapped daylight in Chibok for over a year, till date, they are still yet to be rescued. If they are your children or sisters, are you going to claim that Jonathan is competent? Millions of our youth are unemployed yet this president was spending billions of naira to bribe his way back to power. Over 56 young graduates were murdered in a job scam in a stadium,to date, no one has been held accountable. What about inflation ordinary people experience in the prices of food products, transportation costs, and rents? I can write a book on president gross failure as the worse political mistake in Nigerian history. He was voted out of Aso Rock by majority of Nigerians people who believed by experience that his policies have caused them great suffering, setbacks, and poverty. The last election is a rejection of president Jonathan failure, bad policies and be governance of his terrible and bloody reign. You should thank God that Nigeria is about to be rescue from the brink of Jonathan’n destruction. These are some of the reasons that paved way to the victory of a very competent, discipline, highly qualified, and very experienced Nigerian hero. President Buhari administration will be government by the people that will serve the interests of all Nigerians regardless of their tribes, language, culture and religious. Sai Nigeria, sai Buhari, and sai APC. Thanks.

  5. Friends,

    Until our Politics move from Ethnic-Based to “Our Nation” oriented politics, we will not make much progress. Lagos State is not developing based on Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo faction. The development is seen across the State. Our National progress so far, is that of a crab. A crab makes 4 steps forward, 6 steps backward. A crab is always in a state of motion but never advancement. Enough of Ethnic-Based Nation development! I am just sick and tired of this orientation. Things are changing around the globe. We need to wake up!

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