Wizkid Expelled From Secondary School For Stealing School Property – Former School Mates Exposed His Ugly Past

wizkid expelled from high school

July 17, 2013 – Wizkid Was Expelled From Secondary School For Stealing School Property – Ex-School Mates Exposed His Ugly Past

In an interview last year, Wizkid revealed his plans to go back to school for the completion of his education.

In another development, Wizkid’s ‘very ugly’ past has been exposed by his former secondary school class mates who claim the star singer was expelled from Ijebu Ode Grammar school in Ogun State for allegedly stealing the school property.

This is coming after a breach of contract scandal by the popular singer.

His ex-schoolmates claim they paid him to perform at a concert but he refused to show up.

Olumide Adewale and Adetunji Adekokun have both launched a serious war against Wizzy.

The angry men said this is not the first time Wizkid will be involved in a scam of this nature.

Both Wizkid and his manager are yet to officially respond to these allegations.

Last month, University of Lagos student forced police to arrest Wizkid after an impersonator allegedly took 500 thousands naira from them for a concert.

This story is just developing.

We await Wizkid’s side of the story before any further comment.

35 thoughts on “Wizkid Expelled From Secondary School For Stealing School Property – Former School Mates Exposed His Ugly Past

  1. am nad suprised….tho am nad judqinq him wiv awt seeinq his own part of story to tell…who z wiz-idiot anyway….unfortunate thousanaire…ahbeq drop news of berra ppl jawe..wiz-fool mah arse

  2. Haters gon hate,nah now una dey talk abi,f**k all ya’ll haters,oluwa wizzy is d hottest shit ryt now,n if u dnt like it,eat a d**k…

  3. Take it or leave it….the guy pass through ijebu ode grammar school. He shouldn’t have lied, then we called him “too short”. Am not beefing him but he should have find a way to apologise when we invited him for a paid show at club karma, V.I” where he saw his school mate and ignored them…BULL SHIT!!!

  4. Abeg bad bele ppl, make una free dguy naun haba, na noun wey e don hammer na him una won take dat 1 damage am ba, if u dont wish yo felow broda well, den u shouldn’t expect yourself dtypes of blessings he posses.

  5. its in the past.he shld acknowledge it if it all happened .afterall jona has no shoes during his time ..

  6. Nigerians na wa 4 u pple o,dis guy dey der dey make money u pple dey hate nd cari rumors,it wil b gud 4 u pple 2 try nd go nd get sometin 2 do.mtchew bad bele

  7. Ever body have a past, so the so called ex-school mate can go 2 hell.
    Bad belle man, enemy of progress, pls mind Ur business be4 God expose U.

  8. its nt as if som 1 is beefing dis guy but he shldn’t underate any of his fans no matter d conditon, y must he collect money 4 show n refuse 2 turn up? he s only interesting on intrnationl concert dt will earn him dollers den y did he collect d little 500k frm these guyz. i’m nt interested on his education but he shldn’t b feeling 2 big b4 his 9ja fans cos we make him fame b4 americans n othr country even know an artist call wizkid. dts ma word 4 u starBOY.

  9. Everyone has got an ugly past, dts his past and its gone. Besides, T̅ђє̲̣̥ guys he ignored at d concert might be his haters wen he was in skul, we shouldn’t blame him without hearing his own side of d story joor.

  10. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Former school mate you a big fool. If i may ask what are you doing now?. Wizkid is very far from what you are trying to do. Bad belle.

  11. Ibraheem ayo balogun, a.k.a wizkid, starboy, mr thank God, uncu pakurumo, dnt mind dose hater, wu God has upliftd no boy, guy or man, kan dflit hm, i luv u guy, nd i cngratula8 u abt ur 24 betdy, llnp, stay bles my dr brda.

  12. weda ex-pelled or nt d tin is God don bless u my guy no mind any booshit ok.9ija una go de, de spole person name abi bt make una knw say dat guy inqustion is nw a star and notin will change it ok so make una 5nd sometin 2 do ok.

  13. Mumu ex-skul mate dis 1 na jealosy abi na wetin make una sware say una neva tif meat frm una moda pot be4 stupid guys i lyk am as d guy take bounce una fo dat show cum imagine starboy d play for stage jst 4 500k dat 1 no be madnes? D guy play matured game there i sware if e d pain una make una go lick duck soap

  14. Ok, he stole school propertY, SO FREAKIN WHAT???? THAT WAS THEN AND HE IS NOT STEALING ANYMORE. CANT YOU BE JUST HAPPY FOR THE GUY FOR HE HAS MADE IT THROUGH TOUGH TIMES. You are just jealous of his accomplishments thats all. Look at yourself and look at him, and you call yourself former school mates..huhhhhhhhh big gap. WHY ARE YOU BRINGING THIS UP NOW? YOU SHOULD HAVE REPORTED IT TO THE PRINCIPAL THEN. SHUT UPPPPPPPPPP

  15. Guy who be that monkey we say that stagger word if he tink say na tru make him tellam wizzy my man face to face god purnish am idiot, make him no go fine better job we go help am (stupid ass)were wizy don reach the guy nogo fit reach am half.

  16. Wizzy u shouldn’t have ignored Ur classmates it’s not fair,just forget de past and carry on u b my guy but go apologize to them

  17. Oboi who nor theif for secondary school wizkid is not a theif dats why he was caught dere dey catch thief wizy flex ur millions abeg =no 1fan Benedict

  18. u knw wat guys …. I tink wizkid is d best of all … every body has his/her ugly past …so make we luck up na swag….

    • Lol to haters although I don’t like wizzy that much
      does not mean I should say something bad….. Is gud on wat he does. even if he had steal then data his passed life matter guy @oluma wise up his bigger than dat now God has bless him big time now………. Carry on wizzy on the best

  19. This guy is made for goodness sake! Who’s bad mouthing him? O boy book no be criteria to enter paradise o. How many of his ad belle done arrive? Mchew, leave him, let him chop d head of his life.

  20. This guy is made for goodness sake! Who’s bad mouthing him? O boy book no be criteria to enter paradise o. How many of his ad belle done arrive? Mchew, leave him, let him chop d head of his life.

  21. hmm how sure are we the stupid ex classmate is telling the truth?? i don’t and will never believe it wizzy i love you

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