Wizkid Sick!! Singer Cancels Shows As He Talks About Death On Twitter

wizkid sick

September 4, 2017 – Wizkid Sick: Singer Cancels Shows As He Talks About Ill Health & Death

Star singer Ayo Balogun is not in the right state of health as we speak.

The Naija super star took to Twitter this afternoon to tell his fans that he has cancelled his shows to cater to his health.

He told fans he will be spending more time with his kids as he recovers.

Many were however worried when he talked about dying as a legend.

38 thoughts on “Wizkid Sick!! Singer Cancels Shows As He Talks About Death On Twitter

  1. Get well soon and take it easy wizkid if u are a chain smoker,it causes cancer and smokes are liable of dying young.

  2. Better put your ways right with God now before it’s too late. Solomon, after tasting all that life can offer turned and said “Vanity upon Vanity, all is vanity.

  3. Wizkid, hope you get well soonest. I also hope your illness is natural cause not the other way round. If your fame is divine one, no problem my brother, that illness will go ASAP but if you’ve promised the agents of devil on other side of Aisle your soul in exchange for fame and wealth which you have already gotten, may be it is a pay back time. You young folks of nowadays are very desperate to reach the top ladder. I knew this because most of you have treaded the same footpath of other famous celebrities who got their fame from devil. Dagrin memory has not faded away. What shall it profit a man having all good things in this world and lost his soul to the devil? Having said this, I’m not personally accusing you of wrong doing but your conscience will attestify to what you have done in secret.

  4. This school dropout referring to himself as a legend, without even knowing the dictionary meaning of the word. What made you a legend? Tell me. Anyway, I pray you leave to know the meaning of legend.

    • Your comment baffles me… He is a legend in his career and what does that have to do with dropping out or not.. Reason like a matured human and don’t come here to disgrace yourself

    • Weather he’s a school drop out or not I’m very sure he’s far more better than you, because someone who isn’t a school drop out and understands dictionary very well should be able to know how to speak to people instead of behaving like a senseless illiterate…. He’s a legend, take it or leave it Mr first class English holder

    • your response is like that of a school drop out…You illiterate calling someone who’s fine so far in his business and life sch stop out..instead of praying for him..akuya! wizkid with today’s breath that we all breath I pray God grants you good health and gives you a breath of relief…getwell soon lover

  5. I leather you recover soon, if you are told to join any group like the illuminaty Please it not by force singing with Drake Chris brown We all know What they are into,since y pi Have been singing with those people you don’t video them , pls and pls Get close to GOD because Christ is coming soon. What profit a man to gain the world and losses heaven, if you don’t repent I always know What come around goes around, repentance is for you accept Jesus as your lord as saviour, he is coming soon any time from now, if you don’t die now always know you will someday all of us #babanla long live boss

  6. Baba wizy, no time! I cant afford to lose u! Ur music drives my entire family crazy! Dnt die yet! Starboy! In the name of jesus! Get up and do more jamx! Amen.

  7. Even though he never gave His life to Jesus!. He’ll still never dies… He will lives longer than any African artist…… His my favorite…. Those who want him die ..i pray God change your mind bcos you’re wanting a good man die….he can’t die…. I bet my whole life….. Maybe I’ll go to ilorin tomorow to tell my grand father who is Alfa about this….perhaps he would help him spiritually and he’ll be strong and healthy as soon as possible!!

  8. i knw dat wizkid is only testing is fans n he is lying about his health no need for dat.and anyone who keep talking about wizkid dropout must b a fool if himseft.If i may ask? is dropout a furture,he made it an he is a king n a legend n he is popular,for u who knws u broke ass nigga

  9. Wizkid wizkid wizkid your sure a legend, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and i am praying for you, you’ll recover really quick….your fans love you kkk

  10. I really love you much wizkid from all my heart,, right from the days of holla at your Boy… fuck all hater you don’t like you my boss,, bcoz we pray for you always,,pls get well boss… #Team #????STARBOY..

  11. For God so loved d world nd he gave us is only begotten son nd who so ever believe in him shall nt perish bt hv eternal life. Well if u accept Jesus Christ as savior nd reject all ur sins maybe d divine mercy cn still work 4 u just 4 once.

  12. King , my legend, star boy, i know u will live longer , i love u like my dad n mum, please stay strong for Africa we love u pal, soco, holla at ur boy, daddy yo, please realse more jamx.. Am ur favorite fan Emmyklean.. And take it easy on drugs and smokes it kills bro… I know it aint easy out there but stay cool.. One love star boy.

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