Wizkid Wears Skirt Over Pants; Trails Kanye West (Photo)

wizkid skirts over pants

Feb 5, 2013 – Wizkid Wears Skirt Over Pants; Trails Kanye West

Wizkid was recently spotted on the street of London in a one-of-a-kind outfit. naijagists.com

wizkid skirts over pants

Could you believe the bobo was spotted wearing a skirt over pants.

This brings to memory how Kanye West performed in New York in skirt over pants late last year.

For Naija, they go say he dey craze. In London, nobody cares.

Is Wizkid wearing the latest fashion trend or is he just celebrating his freedom from his former boss?

19 thoughts on “Wizkid Wears Skirt Over Pants; Trails Kanye West (Photo)

  1. What a shame, money does make you loose your senses. Its NOT swagger, somethings are just wrong. Skirts are for Girls & Gay guyz.

  2. stupid guys, nigerian boys will COPY ANYTTTHING on earth as long as it says it’s “YANKEE/ABROAD” they don’t even think for themselves, to them as long as it’s from “overseas” they must be right. Why is he wearing skirts? Is that his culture? Is that what he learned? These wanna be americans

  3. Most times when these artists are passing coded messages a lot of people dont understand. In one of his videos he was showing illuminati sign of the eye; now he’s wearing skirt like illuminati member, Kanye. I pray for him not to perish. I hope he hasnt joined.

  4. Whao! That is bad. The first thing i can say is that:
    1. Wizkid is illuminati, that is why he resign from banky. He has been offered another contract by the illuminati somewhere in the world.
    2. Wizkid is gay for one reason or another. I pity his parent. The word in the bible must alway come to past. The illuminatis are taken all over the world. And which wizkid is one of them this is begining of armageddon. Beware!

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