Wole Soyinka Dead Or Alive? Find Out At ‘Road To Sambisa’ Conference

wole soyinka dead

Feb 2nd, 2015 – Wole Soyinka Not Dead: Nobel Laureate Alive, Preparing For ‘Road To Sambisa’ Conference

On Saturday, rumour mills took to the web to spread the unconfirmed death story of Professor Wole Soyinka with many on the social media saying RIP to the Nobel Laureate who is currently at an undisclosed location in Ogun State.

Early this morning, he came out to debunk the rumour with his usually witty remark.

wole soyinka dead alive

The professor simply told reporters “Dead Men Don’t Talk!”.

road to sambisa conference lagos

He told reporters to come for an upcoming conference, themed “Road To Sambisa” where he’s scheduled to speak in Lagos later this week.

The Festival Conference on the Vision Of The Child will hold at the Freedom Park on Thursday.

10 thoughts on “Wole Soyinka Dead Or Alive? Find Out At ‘Road To Sambisa’ Conference

  1. I wonda wat is wrong with diz rumour brewers. I trust dat naijagist wil neva sell dat kind of falsehood 2 her fans.

    • @Okoro JC,If U think he is too old then why not go and “yamutu” the man.
      Bad belle …Please STOP hating cuz he who God has blessed no man can curse…..EWU!

      For ur information Wole Soyinka, is NOT competing with any generation. He is just a brilliant writer and a blessing to Nigeria.

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