Wole Soyinka Threatens To Leave Nigeria, Calls His People Morons & Imbeciles

wole soyinka threatens to leave nigeria

December 5, 2016 – Wole Soyinka Vex, Threatens To Leave Nigeria “Those Challenging My Freedom Of Speech Are Morons & Imbeciles”

Part Two Of Professor Wole Soyinka’s Speech at the Freedom Park in Lagos today

Read part 1 of the speech HERE.

18 thoughts on “Wole Soyinka Threatens To Leave Nigeria, Calls His People Morons & Imbeciles

  1. He’s a bigger Marron, who thinks because of his age or status in the society shouldn’t be corrected when wrong. We’re all using our freedom of expression

    • @ Commentin, Bok. You are one of the morons the Prof is referring to. He said, He Soyinka would tear his USA Green Card if Trump wins, and He didn’t say he would tear other people Green Card. it’s private life and personal perspective issues, Look, If i have an office in Akure, and i don’t want Jimoh Ibrahim to be the Governor, because i know he is not competent, i can easily say that i would relocate my office from Ondo State to another State if He Jimoh wins. it’s a simple statement.

    • You ******* seem to be of the opinion that Mr Soyinka must be a fool for having left America and, as such, do not see anything wrong with the alleged criticisms against him. More of us to realized that, regardless of how America is perceived, that nation is not the world or paradise. Yes, people are legally free to criticize, but why would anyone heap scorn on him for threatening to leave Nigeria should the disrespect leveled at him not take a dignified turn?

      ***** are of the opinion that criticisms are justified on individual’s, based on the right to utter their thoughts, whether they convey ignorance, arrogance, idiocy or insanity.

  2. He left US and threatening to leave Nigeria???? This time to University of Gold Coast or University of Madagascar. With due respect, i say goodluck

  3. old age is really worrying him. he can go to the moon if he like, after all his present does not contribute any good thing to Nigeria rather it brought evil to Nigerians especially Nigerian youths.

  4. I really don’t understands the controversy over other people’s private lives. If Wole Soyinka says he’s tearing up his AMERICAN green card and moving away from US should Donald Trump becomes US president,how is that anybody’s business? Why can’t people mind their business and leave this highly placed and well respected man alone? This man is still much more sound in mind than many of our nigerian youths today. Many cannot even achieve quarter of what he has achieved in life. Sometimes some Nigerians talk like illiterates. Everyone in the world is free to relocate to wherever he or she wishes, then how is that a problem for some?

  5. The same respect should be accorded American citizens, who exercised their freedom to vote for a Presidential candidate of their choice, for which they neither asked for nor validate outsiders’ opinion. Dear Professor Sir, you should have kept your action private and not publicly express it, which then gave people like us the right to express our opinions, without being insulting or disrespectful to you. We demand the same respect from you, Sir.

    • Thank you Ms. Lola O for your wise comment. Old age don dey worry our noble professor who stupidly mingled in American democracy because Donald John Trump was elected American 45th president. Shame on frustrated professor Wole Soyinka for calling us Morons and imbeciles. Sir, you are the biggest moron for protesting against the finest democracy in the world and the will of American people. You are kicking against the will of God Almighty for America, Donald Trump won 31 states in the last presidential election. I will never respect anyone who called us morons because of his own misteps, stupidity and unnecessary showoff. Oja Oyingbo ni Amerika, ko mo pe enikan o wa!

  6. Actor IkeGod, I second to your remarks about the prof and I think it is high time he went to check if he is still ok to address people in public.

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