Woman Finds Live Python Snake In Her Toilet Bowl

live python snake in toilet germany

July 29, 2012 – Woman Finds Live Python Snake In Her Toilet Bowl

A 74 years old woman recently got the shock of her life when she discovered a big live Python Snake taking a nice rest in her toilet bowl in Germany. naijagists.com

The woman found the live python as she lifted up her toilet cover to sit.

She immediately alerted Police authority who after an unsuccessful attempt to flush the snake from the toilet call the fire brigade.

A manhole was opened from the garden and the snake was removed from the plumbing system.

snake in toilet bowl

According to a snake expert on the scene, the 2-year old snake was identified as a royal python which is often not dangerous to humans.

What would have happened if this woman were to have sat without noticing.

Thank God for her life.

As from this moment, let’s all watch out before we sit on toilet bowls.

You never know what you’ll find.

What To Do If You Find Snakes In Your Toilet / Bathroom

According to research, Since the toilet in use is sealed with little water between the inside and the outlet, water reptiles like Python Snakes, frogs, rats or worms can swim and make their way through it into bathrooms, it’s essential to know what to do in such emergency situation.

  1. Close your washroom door and get out immediately to avoid the snake entering the house which might pose danger.
  2. Call the police or your nearest emergency authority
  3. Ensure your soak way pits and septic tanks are properly closed
  4. Ensure you use snake repellants around your home

Stay safe!

17 thoughts on “Woman Finds Live Python Snake In Her Toilet Bowl

  1. Quite an impressive response from the German police. If it were to be in this part of the world, we would have labelled it witchcraft… Though days are evil oh…

  2. This is serious,does it mean things like this happens? Anyway ,i thank God for her life.she is lucky to find out there is such in the the toilet bowl. We should be more careful, MayGod almigthy protect us all.

  3. Dis is unbelievable, God serve us oh.
    Anyway, I thank God 4 ur life, God has done it 4 u.
    Pls go to d church and testify d goodness of God in ur life bcos God loves u

  4. This is strange. Hw cn a snake be found in the toilet. If it’s down here they il say it waz sent 2 cum nd harm them……. Thank God that the woman looked b4 sitting, had it been she did nt check the toilet nd sat on it. What would av happened?. We ought 2 b carefull…..

  5. ThankGOD …D Woman say d woman say d snake &alerted d police imediately…….God protect Us

  6. It’s amazing and funny, to cal police to come and fight python, police was mean’t 4 pythön or for crime? Police don suffer, i trust our police.

  7. Neither of the snakes in the pictures are royal pythons, they are far too big!

    The one on the left isn’t even a python, it’s a boa constrictor, the one on the right and the one being held by the man is a carpet python

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