Woman Who Delivers Horse Baby Was Barren For 11 Years

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Sept 13, 2012 – Woman Who Delivers Horse Baby Was Barren For 11 Years

New details have surfaced regarding the mysterious birth of a horse-like baby during a prayer program at World Liberation Ministry in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria on Tuesday the 11th of Sept 2012. naijagists.com

According a source from the church, the married woman was childless for 11 years.

Mrs Veronica Egiebor who witnessed the strange birth said the woman was a vegetable seller who sent her boyfriend to school with proceeds from her business.

After they announced their marriage, her boyfriend’s mother turned against it causing the relationship to break apart.

The man got married to another lady while the woman in question also got married few years later.

Veronica Egiebor said the GO of the ministry, one Evangelist Silva Iyamu asked the woman during the prayer session if she’s pregnant and she responded affirmatively.

The woman confessed she often feel she’s not carrying any pregnancy.

The evangelist told her she was not carrying an ordinary baby. He said: ‘Do you want to go to a doctor to flush out what you are carrying because what you are carrying is not a baby?’ The pastor paused and asked her again: “Or do you want it to happen here?’ Everybody shouted ‘yes.’”

The GO later asked the woman if she wanted to visit the hospital for evacuation and she said no.

Her reply is what made the evangelist to begin the spiritual exercise.

She added: “Then, the evangelist asked four women to donate their wrappers to form a fence around her. He asked the men to move to the back of the auditorium. He told the congregation that the matter was a women’s affair.”

Egiebor stated that Iyamu poured anointing oil on the woman, sprinkled her with sachet water and directed the congregation to pray fervently.

Before long, she said, the woman felt uncomfortable and went into labour.

Egiebor said: “She held somebody’s leg with the clothes as she pushed harder for the baby to come out. Then, something dropped and she fell. The thing fell, some people called it a goat but it looked like a horse. It has a long neck and the ears were long. It was exactly like a horse, although it was in a baby form.”

After the strange birth, Iyama warned the congregation to take their eyes off the bizarre creature a warning which made several church members took to their heels.

We learnt the woman in question has left the church because of shame.

 “I am sure the woman is ashamed. God has done a good job in her life and she is ashamed. But I am sure she will come back. The dead creature was left for a while for people to see.

“This morning (Wednesday), the people ordered that they should throw the creature away because it was becoming an embarrassment. Evangelist Iyamu has launched a manhunt for the woman.” said Prince John Ogbovoh, PA to the General Overseer

A consultant Gynaecologist, Dr Jerry Uwaifo who is the Medical Director of Central Hospital in Benin City said:

“A woman can give birth to a deformed child but not animal.

“How come they didn’t bring her to a reputable hospital so that it can be verified? God does not perform a miracle in that way. He will not allow a woman to deliver a horse.”

28 thoughts on “Woman Who Delivers Horse Baby Was Barren For 11 Years

  1. men of God are using spiritual evil to capture people minds so that you can follow when you have a problem.. shine your eyesss

  2. stories like this are an embarrasment to our collective intelligence and disgrace to the intergrity of the Church involved. I agree completely with the Gynecologist from UNIBEN. This is a joke taken too far

  3. Only God is going 2 help us in dis wicked ar dis signs of end time pls good people of God repent 4rm ur bad ways nd turn 2 God.

  4. scientist don’t believe in such. it is strange but there is nothing too big 4 God 2 do. She has a reason 4 not going 2 d hospital maybe something would have happened 2 her. The strange thing should hv been taking 2 d lab 4 scientific record and also remember that wonders will never end.

  5. have no id why they would do this
    its a con job:
    1.) lets say it did happen, were is the mother of the baby horse?
    she be bleeding to death from it
    2.) the church member and the leader of the church didn’t call the hospital or the police to call for help? who wouldn’t

    i think the women pull a prank on the church, she found a unborn dead horse and put it under her dress walk in and acted like she was pregnate and then gave birth to it! right after she walkout? blood yea tomato past look like blood. totally fake

  6. Its not the womens fault now is it people. Everything is in gods hands and it is him that will do what he wishes to. Yes it is strange but alot of strange things happen and there is a god who controls and chooses what happens. In this case it was for this to happen. We shouldnt question everything as there is no answers till the day of judgement. Alot of people will not like this comment but I am free to say how I think believe this or not.

  7. it is well.but seriously this is really really interesting, a woman give birth to a baby horse. i would say that the gynaecologist should not judge saying its a lie because of the absence of medical personnels bcos this is not the first time we see miracles happening in Nigeria neither iis it that women don’t put to bed at home or even sometimes in MISSION HOUSES THAT BELONG TO THE CHURCH. therefore i can saay that accusation is baseless. but one thing i have to say is that this is just the beginning. surprised abi =/ but its the truth. the bible comfirms it. i think a woman has given birth to a stone before and other animals. i just pray that God will keep all pregnant women save. can u imagine carrying something in a womb for nine months only to discover that nature just used you has experiment. this things are bound to happen but it must not be by you. offences are bound to come but woe to he through whom it comes. please take charge of your life. don’t leave your life to chances. you are a destiny changer. take charge not care

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