11 Boko Haram Members Arrested In Biu, Borno State

boko haram militants arrestedBoko Haram Militants

Sept 13, 2012 – 11 Boko Haram Members Arrested In Biu, Borno State

Boko Haram militants inflicting terror on innocent Nigerians have gotten more than what they bargained for after the arrest of 11 members of the cult in a raid on their hideout in Biu, a town in Borno State Nigeria on Tuesday. naijagists.com

During the raid, 19 IEDs, Seven AK-47 riffles and 1578 rounds of ammunitions were recovered.

Here is a confirmation from Lt Colonel Saqir Musa:

“We carried out a raid on a suspected hideout of Boko Haram terrorists in the town of Biu late Tuesday… where we arrested eleven suspected members of the terrorist group,” 

22 thoughts on “11 Boko Haram Members Arrested In Biu, Borno State

  1. They hv order president JONATHAN to print #5000.00 notes and changing#5, #10 and #20 to coin. And the first ever confused president in Nigeria is preparing to do so to avoid more bombing.

  2. tnx b 2 God almighty 4 d arrest of these idiot, hw i wish d so confuse president JUNATHAN wil do my mind, dat is 2 kil any1 of arrestd in dis group kald bkh. Wel tnk baba God dia arrest, let d confuse presido use his confuse hand treat dem confusely too

  3. We are not the same. Let Nigeria go Paliamentry and regional. After one hundred years of the almagamation of 1914 , we can part ways. The Ibos and yorubas are conforming with this idea. How can a tribe start killing other tribes in a country where we say we are one. Nobody can control them because people that matters in the place are encouraging these idiots.

  4. i dnt understand y GTF should be keeping tinz called human being alive up till now. i dnt deserve any pity. useless tinz

  5. Wow! I though they’re up to something, just look at their legs n faces typical of demons. Pls northern youth don’t be use by religious n political leader,JESUS loves u all.

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