World Cup: Nigeria Qualifies For Group F, Argentina Won Over Referee Partiality


nigeria qualifies for group f

June 25, 2014 – World Cup: Nigeria Qualifies For Group F, Argentina Won Due To Italian Referee, Nicola Rizzoli’s Negligence & Partiality

When Nicola Rizzoli was announced as the referee for the recently concluded Nigeria vs Argentina World cup match, many Nigerians were not pleased with it.

We watched the match from beginning to end… Did you guys noticed that the referee missed two free kicks on Nigeria side…. It seems the guy overlooked it.

It is obvious the Italian coach is on Argentina’s side. FIFA needs to setup a regulatory body that monitors referee.

Our boys played really well today with the exception of the guy with dreadlocks, Uchebo Michael who messed up. The guys was just running around the field… Isn’t he supposed to be a striker and how did he qualify for world cup… Keshi has a lot of questions to answer

But thank God we qualified for Group F.

Super Eagles has advanced to the 2014 World Cup knockout phase.

Did you watch the match? what do you think?