World War 3, WW111 Will Start On May 13 & End October 13, 2017 – Popular Mystic Releases Prediction


world war 3 start date

April 21, 2017 – World War , WW3 Will Start On May 13 & End October 13, 2017 – Says Horacio Villegas, Mystic Who Predicted Trump’s Victory Releases Prediction

Horacio Villegas Predicts World War 3 Start & End Date…..

A self proclaimed messenger of God who predicted Donald J Trump victory in the last US Presidential election has released a much more intense prediction.

Horacio Villegas said a nuclear war which will involve China, Russia and North Korea will bring so much shock,death and devastation.

when will ww111 start

According to him, the dreaded war will start on Saturday the 13th of May and end on Friday the 13th of October 2017.

He urged people to be prepared for it in order to prevent the unforeseen.

This is what Villegas told Daily Star