World War 3, WW111 Will Start On May 13 & End October 13, 2017 – Popular Mystic Releases Prediction

world war 3 start date

April 21, 2017 – World War , WW3 Will Start On May 13 & End October 13, 2017 – Says Horacio Villegas, Mystic Who Predicted Trump’s Victory Releases Prediction

Horacio Villegas Predicts World War 3 Start & End Date…..

A self proclaimed messenger of God who predicted Donald J Trump victory in the last US Presidential election has released a much more intense prediction.

Horacio Villegas said a nuclear war which will involve China, Russia and North Korea will bring so much shock,death and devastation.

when will ww111 start

According to him, the dreaded war will start on Saturday the 13th of May and end on Friday the 13th of October 2017.

He urged people to be prepared for it in order to prevent the unforeseen.

This is what Villegas told Daily Star

11 thoughts on “World War 3, WW111 Will Start On May 13 & End October 13, 2017 – Popular Mystic Releases Prediction

  1. Villegas or Villager or wetin am I said na your name, why was you dey hungry and you was carry empty belle to be smoking Igbo? It bad. Bifor you smoke Igbo, make sure say you have eat food bicos if you are not eat food and hungry is hold you for belle and you go on top to be smoking Igbo, na only spirit and ghost and nonsens you go see.

  2. World War 3 is imminent and the Russia is ready to play a lead role due to what United States did in Syria for attacking its Military Base. Russia really questioned United States for refusing to carry her along before launching attack on Syria. As you all know, Russia is the back bone of Syria and also in support of North Korea. She is the reason why Bashar Al-Assad stilll remain in power till today and Russia is ready to shield Syria from any military attack by the United States.

    Recently, Russia has been building up its Military at North Korea border. I think Russia is trying to defend North Korea against United State if there is any attack by South Korea and United States. In my own opinion this is going to be war between Russia and United States. US is currently World Super power but Russia still wants to be relevant and play a vital role in United Nation Security Council. We should pray these two mighty nation do not engage in serious war because each of them has weapon that can reduce the world population to 1/3 of its original size.

    • @Jilo, Russia is not the back bone of North Korea but China. On his recent visit to the United States, the Chinese president warned Trump to be ware of US provocative actions in the South China sea and the Korean peninsular. It is not everything that was said will be made known. As for U.S. bombing of Syrian airfield, that was done by Trump to divert attention from the investigation relating to his dealings with Russia during this past election. As you may have heard, Russia helped Trump win the election. U S bombed an empty airfield and the following day, the Syrians started using same airfield again. Do you think Russia was not in the know before the bombing and removed some planes? This prophet is what people nowadays refer to as fake. There will be no world war and U S will not attack Syria. They may attack North Korea and that will bring them at loggerhead with China and that is where Russia might decide to come in, but the war will not happen. Have in mind that these are all nuclear powers and none of them will like to be subdued instead the world will be obliterated.

  3. So even with all the terrible neuclea weapons expected to be used for WW III everybody would not die immediately it starts ? Then there is hope if it drags for five months and end with soldier going home alive?
    God dey!

  4. The f**king internet is full is of some **** up lies my guess is it going to happen in 2023

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