World’s Most Expensive Champagne Bottle By Alexander Amosu Costs N290 Million “May This Never Chop My Money IJN” – Peter Okoye

world's most expensive champagne by alexander amosu

June 5th, 2013 – Peter Okoye Responds To World’s Most Expensive Wine Bottle By Alexander Amosu Costs N290 Million”May This Never Chop My Money IJN”

For those who are not aware, the current most expensive Champagne bottle in the world was designed by controversial Nigerian designer Alexander Amosu.

As we speak, this champagne costs £1,200,000, an equivalent of 290 million naira.

According to him, the bottle already has a distinctive look with its natural design, all I had to do is bring it to the next level  of ultimate luxury.”
Shammi Shinh, the brand’s rep said “All our  bottles come as standard with an exquisite diamond-themed bottle design encrusted with a diamond cut Swarovski crystal. We wanted to take it one  step further and create a one off masterpiece for one of our private wealthy clients and we are very please with the results.”

This controversial champagne has sparked some serious controversies around the world and in Nigeria. The Champagne is originally owned by luxury brand, Gout De Diamiantes

A top celebrity, Peter Okoye of Psquare took to his twitter page to react to the news.

See his tweets below;

so dats like N50million per glass…. Ladies are u with me
The most expensive champagne . 1.2million. May dis champagne never chop my money IJN.

This is an indication of the flamboyant lifestyle of some wealthy folks in Nigeria & worldwide today.

Instead of helping the poor in the society, they would rather lavish their money on unnecessary things.

See Alexander Amosu’s picture below

alexander amosu photo

41 thoughts on “World’s Most Expensive Champagne Bottle By Alexander Amosu Costs N290 Million “May This Never Chop My Money IJN” – Peter Okoye

  1. I bliv u Peter, may it nt chop my own money 2, let it chop dos who hav goten d whol world. Only a drink 2 caus N290 million.

  2. Ogogoro na ogogoro. Chanpagne is jst 2 fine tune. Buy ogogoro 4 million of naira nawa .after drinking hw much I go sell d bottle

  3. Men excess of everytin na mumu e beta make i buy zobo mix an wit kunu add alomo nd tramadol check am out e no go high? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. Not only 290m,why not 1billion. I want to ask Alex Amosu that can he boldly tell nigerians that there is nobody in his generation that is poor, even his fore father has never use that kind of money to bought a bottle of wine. Nonsense

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  6. If you drink this you will never die again , vanity upon vanity after drinking it it will all come out as urine

  7. Vanity,upon,vanity,wat will a man gain after drinking such,will he not thirst again..wat will a man gain after drinking such and loose his soul

  8. To be frank wit u all,what the surprise about? Dont u all know that the cost of the wine is not the drink itself,but the silver plated label which signifies the symbol of the illuminaties. U tend to see it as just a label,but if you’ve got insight,u wont be surprised it cost dis dont go gaga about ur thought of buying it or not,cos the souls who dines with the devil will be able to afford it.

  9. Kip increasing d rate of crime n poverty in d country wit dis ur stupid advancement… God go judge u oo n una go day shouting GOVERNMENT !!!

  10. What are they selling. The bottle or the drink, please some one should make me understand because if what am hearing or seeing is true then some one should tell the producer to take back where ever he or she brought that bottle or drink from because even Dangote the Africa richest man will not buy it. Or maybe some selfish fools will go for it all to claim big boys for their selfish flesh dire.

  11. Only one life to live eternity life to lose or gain, Mr Alexandra! Is ur name in the BOOK OF LIFE?? May God help us IJN!

  12. Only one life to live eternity life to lose or gain, Mr Alexandra! Is ur name in the BOOK OF LIFE?? May God help us IJN!!!

  13. I rather continue wid ma weed n ma gin cox dia iz nawti in diz lyf dat we r coz lyf iz a bitch…..if i av dat typ of moni i wat special i wil do wid it nt squarderin it on wad i kw afta drinkin it i wil urinate it… fnsh!!! wat knd of tin iz dat dy use to put d drink glass or rubber,,,if it iz glass it wil break one day n ur 290milla is gone for bad buh it iz rubber den u wil njoi it (lolz)

  14. Whao!datz quite too expensive,when my poor mother is striving to have just the sum of #50,000 for my brother’s school fees balance,not to talk of 290billion naira.Mr,it is not ur fault,its ur turn,only God can tell if u are doin dis for a payback,because someone has depriced u of somethiing so uve decided to break a record of buying something worth a fortune.if i were to be in ur shoes,i wil do something more alarming cos of my worthless family members,but i wasnt lucky,was not born wif a silver spoon.pls if u can get dis message,i will be very happy if u can pls render a helping hand to my family.a single mother left with three children.ppls helop the family in need.08068795258,08063684970

  15. This wine Ȋ̝̊̅§ forbidden. God commissioned four angels to guard man agisnt taking it. Pls kill whoever comes in contact with this wine. Evil corrupt and condenmed souls. Amosu should be jailed for his ego incensed invention.

  16. igbo boy with igbo mind and product. come bros, can u pls tell me if u can use your money for a battle of champagne cost 290, not 200,000 or 1m, u are talking of 290 million, u better bring the price down. if one of my family buy this one i will find the person kill ham my self. fuck that……

  17. Make una beg Amosu mk him mk cheaper champagne for us ooo, d shit is quite expensive buh realistically it wasn’t meant for the poor. What a priviledge don Jazzy had to get it for free. Okoye is probably mad becuz Amosu kept him hanging like spread cloths.if you read the whole story he promised peter okoye and he didn’t give him shit. Ha

  18. Is that not the illuminati symbol plated on the bottle? Well in my Language Amosu means Witch/Wizard so i don’t doubt how he makes money to buy such a wine, people will just sleep and wake up decide that others will not sleep. If you no die make i see wetin happen

  19. Wouldn’t want to be stupid…..did he ask any one among you to buy? This is someone business I mean prospect…. I love his price tag for real.

  20. Alexander Amosu is a fraudster. He is owing many companies and individuals a lot of money, his busines venturesrare not succesful at all, he is just surfing on his once succesfully sold company selling ringtones. Please be aware, he is deceiving, cunning and a big time fraudster. We can back this up with a lot of evidence such as unpaid invoices!!

  21. Ikpa if u drink am shea u no go die again FAT LIE well friends pls. Don’t be deceive wat so ever a man sowed that’s he repeds. This is just another way of BLOOD PLS. CHILDREN OF GOD BEWARE WE ARE IN END TIMES @BIBLE.

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