World’s Most Expensive T-shirt Costs $91,500 (N14.2 million)

most expensive tshirt in the world

April 5, 2013 – World’s Most Expensive T-shirt Brand Costs $91,500 (N14.2 million)

The most expensive T-shirt in the world as at right now is a rare crocodile Leather t-shirt by French Luxury brand Hermes.

World’s most expensive T-shirt Price

This casual t-shirt costs a whopping $91,500 an approximate of N 14.2 Million.

If you were to buy this expensive Tshirt in the US, get ready to pay an additional $8,000 tax and if you’re lucky to find this in Toronto, be prepared to pay an additional 15% in taxes.

Can you buy it?

30 thoughts on “World’s Most Expensive T-shirt Costs $91,500 (N14.2 million)

  1. if you will not be surprise tomorrow you will see one of the big thieveve in nigeria they will buy it and they will tell us

  2. That’s breaking of record: it’s not becos one wants to wear it, it’s for show and don’t be supprise those basterd Nigeria Government officials sons will buy it. Bunch of naferious miscreant!!!

  3. abeg i wan ask question,dis shirt wey b 14milla,if u wear am u go turn to super man?abi if u wear am u go go heaven?na wa oh.

  4. Pffft… none of you appear to know anything about style.. or fashion.. its pretty reasonable to be honest

  5. The worth of that T-shirt can change a generations life…. Oyibo people no get sense? Why person go produce shirt of such amount, abi the shirt the make person transparent? It might be. T-shirt wey be like mololo for that fool body

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