World’s Most Expensive Tibetan Mastiff Dog For Sale At $750,000

Tibetan Mastiff Dog For Sale

March 10, 2013 – World’s Most Expensive Tibetan Mastiff Dog For Sale At $750,000

The World most expensive Tibetan Mastiff Dog has been put for sale by his breeder at $750,000 an equivalent of 118.2 million naira.

The dog was put for sale at a Mastiff dog show in Baoding in the province of Hebei in Beijing yesterday.

Wealthy Chinese people are the common owners of these expensive dog breeds.

Tibetan Mastiff Dog breeders claim the dogs who are very loyal and protective are used for hunting by nomadic tribes in central Asia and Tibet

Their breeders travel as far as the Himalayan plateau to collect young puppies for breeding.

Many of the puppies usually die during the journey due to their inabilities to adapt to low altitudes.

5 thoughts on “World’s Most Expensive Tibetan Mastiff Dog For Sale At $750,000

  1. What should the dog be able to do before i can invest such an amount?

    (A) Poo Gold or Diamond (B) Be able to lead you physically to heaven (C) Make you the governor of the CBN

  2. 750k for a dog, it better take a huge chunk out of the intruders ass or make gold and platinum babies. No way I’d get it even if I had billions.

  3. He who invests in canine business knows the end product before embarking on it. To you it might be waste of money and insanity, but to we breeders and trainers, its passion and investment

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