Worship God And Not Mary: A Message To Roman Catholic Faithfuls By Ann Okafor

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April 23, 2016 – Worship God Not Mary! Be Careful How You Honour Mary Because Worship Is Meant For God Alone – Ann Okafor

Why Do Roman Catholics Worship Mary More Than Jesus Christ – Ann Okafor

Worship God not Mary! Honour God but be careful how you honour Mary. She is a lucky woman to be chosen and prepared so every Christian call her a blessed woman but real Christians do not bow down/knee before her instead of God. Real Christians follow the words of Christ that worship is for God almighty alone.

Real Christians follow the word of God not to make images of anything in heaven nor earth for worship be use that would amount to idolatry. God knows the temptation of men not to worship him but the object in front of them.

So Catholics stop getting your foundations wrong. Structure your way of practicing the doctrine. God is the ultimate and comes first. You even go as far as having the Joseph club worshippers. Only Hindus, Buddhist, Arabians, Satanists etc use beads for worship. The history of that demonic practice goes far back in the early days of the world.

Come out of storage doctrines and influences. Keep away from incantational chants, they only invite demonic presence into your life. God revealed something to me through the eyes of a huge plastic Mary status a mother placed in the living room to protect her sleeping child. I saw the demon and its intentions. It wasn’t a vision I was expecting. Believe me, it is good to honour Mary but do not replace God almighty with her.

Jesus Christ is the one and only way to God almighty, that’s why he alone was found Worthy amongst the sons of God to pay the price of your salvation by becoming man through the womb of a chosen virgin to carry the pregnancy.

Imagine Christ came in this modern times, how will you still worship when he would have still said ‘Worship belongs to God Almighty only’. We worship Christ because he is the son of God, one and same with the father. He is the blood that connects and links you to God. He was there when God created the word because he is the word of God.

There is so much I want to say but don’t want to sound imposing. Christianity isn’t about condemnation but correction, and it is not too late to mend our ways and follow the true scripture of Christ, the son of God, light of the world, the word of God.

Never bow before an image and reverence it in worship form not trance because no one has yet seen the face of God nor deserves worship besides God. Worshiping and honouring are two different things, throw away every idol and worship the true God from your hearts.

The ways of the church has long been corrupted since the Roman era when the Sabbath was moved to Sunday against the word of God, but the new testament and the mercy of God is upon all Christians regardless of their domination as long as they worship God in truth and in spirit, with pure hearts and not bow down to worship any other object, thing, spirit, nor being besides God almighty. In the name of Jesus Christ every demonic spirit bow down to God.

Pray for the spirit of discernment so you don’t corrupt your faith in the spirit of over zealousness. Insults, abuses and loud shouting does not change the truth no matter what. Hold your bible close, study it, don’t let any priest nor pastor limit your study of the word of God to a couple of passages.

When you take out time to dedicatedly study the whole word in private without demonic nor brainwashing influences, and listen to the spirit of God inside of you with sincerity, you will break away from whatever wrong path you innocently set on in the name of traditions and man made laws.

God bless us all and bring us all back to the path of truth. True Christians do not bear insults nor mockery towards other Christians, they try to bring the lost back to the right path with love. Let the spirit of God take control and speak through us as we open our mouth to respond to religion matter. God’s opinion is infinite and divine, ours…dust so let us be cautious with our utterance else we grief the spirit of God.

Salvation is personal and until you slay your Goliath of doubt and lambs to the slaughter doctrines, you might never break free. But on the last day Christ will call out his genuine disciples from every domination.

So let us worship God with a pure heart and be like Christ. No amount of chants can save a sinner from hell if he does with his sin. This is the devil’s strategy to still lead into hell.

Stand firm and wary of the devices of the devil.

Oh brothers and sisters let us turn from our sin and worship God the right way.

[A Message To Catholic Faithfuls By Ann Okafor]

27 thoughts on “Worship God And Not Mary: A Message To Roman Catholic Faithfuls By Ann Okafor

  1. I hv once asked dem abt exactly wot dis writeup said about .. .
    But d only excuses dey do give me z dat dey don’t worship mary but rather dey worship her…
    Dis z d only time d deep meaning and understanding of d scripture can do alot in human life..
    God will continue 2 bless and guide dis person dat spread dis goodnews in JESUS name.. amen

  2. I stil cnt seem to find d portion of d bible dat says Mary interceeds for us except our lord Jesus. Dey let diaselvs dcivd by false doctrine forgetin dat dias notin God hates more dan bowing down to an image nd adoring it above him. The kingdom of God is a mystery dat u cn neva undastan until God himself opens your eyes to d true revelation..nd dats y wen u see pastors who wia once catholics brought ups, dey bkum xo radical fr christ

  3. A word is enough for the wise.self explanatory.The truth is bitter. God bless the writer Ann Okafor!!!

  4. This is likely to cause heavy dissentions. But I plead with Catholics in the house, and every other Catholic congregant that might read this, to objectively consider the content of this writing. Praying to Virgin Mary, to the spiris of the dead and departed saints, is it really scriptural? Does Virgin Mary intercede for Christians? Then what is the work of Jesus? My bible says that Jesus is the One Who intercedes for us (Romans 8:34). Jesus is the only name in heaven given among men by which we are saved(Acts 4:12)

    There are several other scriptures to back this claim. But suffice it to stop here. I want to tell the writer that he did a good job. But his claim that it was the Romans that moved Sabbath worship to Sunday is not correct. This chiefly because the apostles had had already startes meeting on the first day of the week far too long before the Roman Catholic Mission(Act 20:7).

    But the final truth is that arguements on worship days is inessential to true worship. When you worship God in spirit anr in truth, you lose consciousness of the day. Jesus is Lord over all the days of the week.

  5. Abegi,Catholic na church,the Bible days where two or three are gathered,call on his name,he isn’t diarist.Everything abt dem na Mary,dem even dey hail am.hail Mary,full of grace.Jesus na d only way.a place where dey don’t use Bible,a place with d reverend father drinks beer and smokes in public,dem no see am as sin.wen Satan closes your eyes,you feel wat your doing is right.all dia pray,dem dey hardly call Jesus,na Mary Mary.Mary mother of God,pray for us sinners.imagine prayer point,make Mary pray for una.. Dey worship idols,Jesus says confess your sins to me,no Catholic say confess your sins to the pope. Ad long as u keep bowing down b4 Dat satanic image,all Catholics are hell bound,any day,anytime. Na asawa,witches and wizards na dem full Catholic church,dey form I be Christian,wen dia prayer na rosary and hailing Mary,even to tb Joshua sef call Jesus pass dem.f***ing pagans.

  6. We honor Mary.. We don’t worship her. We worship God. Writer does not know the first thing about the Catholic faith

    • Yes, we honour mary not worship her. we honour her because she is the mother of our saviour, Jesus Christ. Can a child not honur his mother? can a child come to this world without his\her mother, it is not possible, that is the main reason we, catholic remmeber her in our prayers asking her to interceed through his son Jesus Christ. Just like a child would like to go through his/her mother each time he/she is seeking something from his/her dad. We celebrate her because without Virgin Mary there will be no Jesus, just without your mother there will nothing like you.

      Please people should try to understand the difference between honouring and worshipping. I think the writer is trying to paint catholics what they are not.

  7. ****** is Ann Okafor? One of this *******who can’t focus on there church’s and fake pastors everywhere screwing and Nailing they female choir members Smh Leave people alone Leave Catholics Alone You *****


  9. Catholics don’t worship Mary bt honour her. d writer of dis article cn b d type dat causes problem in the country with thr *** write ups. U worship ur own God d way u lyk, den why pork nosing in other ppls affair? nd u r an **** girl writing dis rubbish jst 2 gain. cheap praise 4rm ppl. May God 4giv u. If it hpns dat I’m ur husband, nd u loved me so much then we had a misunderstanding for days nd u r finding it difficult to plead wit me, is it nt my mother u’ll beg to plead on ur behalf or don’t u know dat mothers melts d heart of a stone when it comes to plead especially her own son?. ******

  10. who is dis ann okafor, I hope u are in u *****,think twice before dropping notes in the public u should be able to differentiate between the word “worship” and ” honor” we don’t beg u, or force u to believe what we preach, Go read ur BIBLE more, not just the passage of the BIBLE dat suites u,@ commeadmarry or wat eva ur name is, are u even a Christian?, I would have insult u back for calling us pagans, but I will forgive u for that is wat it takes to be a Christian. Read the Gospel of Luck:1 39-56

  11. Metu Nyetu the writer is right it was the roman emperor Constantine who became the first Christian emperor of Rome that moved the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. in other words it was the Romans not disciples because the pagan celebrated their pagan god on a Sunday and they were having clashes with the Christians in the city. In order to make peace the Emperor wanted to pacify the Romans to co exist with the Christians in Rome, so he declared that the sabbath will now be on a Sunday so that the Christians can co exist and worship the same day with the pagans. This was to squash any religious difference. Some Christians and Jews refused. But it became a common practice amongst many till date. So who influenced the change? The Romans not the disciples.

    • @Pastor E., the Emperor made this change around 321 AD. But long before then, the apostles had already started gathering for fellowship on Sundays owing to the day that their Saviour arose from death. So the Emperor coming out centuries later to formerly declair Sunday as worship day should not hold weight for anybody that knows how to argue with points.

      By adopting Sunday prior to that change, the apostles had already proven that God supercedes whatever other gods that were worshiped on Sundays by the Romans. I am convinced that God is the Lord of all days. But if you say that God should not be worshiped on Sunday because other gods were worshiped on that day, then know that you have indirectly agreed to the worship of those other gods because you are observing a day for them. That makes you an idolater. People just make arguements without understanding the implications of what they say.

  12. i thought the bible say judge nt,the last i checked all the penticostal whoship there pastor, they all believe in there pastor stickers to save them, a lots of them put their pastor thoto under there pillow, i wonder which God is God of tb joshua, or lord chosen, or adebayo, and co, if u can call God of ur pastor pray for u, what is wrong if a catholic call the name of marry the mother of jesus,lots of u call the God of ur pastor to heal u or help u, with out know which God ur pastor is whoshiping. lot of them whoship evil spirit,

    • True talk Iyke. I support you 100%. People are just being judgmental when their own is even worst. Its just like where POT IS CALLING KETTLE BLACK.

  13. What a write up couched in the garment of specious semantics but full of ignorance.The Blessed Virgin Mary is not worshipped but honoured because it was God who first honoured her, with what Angel Gabriel told her in Lk.1:28-30. Even Elizabeth corroborated this in Lk.1:42, and herself said in Lk.1:48 that all generations will call her blessed. As regards her intercessory role, you only need to look up to Jn.2:1-12. St. Paul talks glowingly about the cross in Gal.6:14, and Catholics are proud to profess it, and it has symbolic meaning for us (I don’t know if it does for you). As regards images, they are to foster devotion.The picture of your dad or mum or loved one reminds you daily of them. God himself commanded Moses in Num.21:9 to make bronze serpent and that anyone bitten by the serpent and that looks up will be saved, and so it was. Does it then mean that it is the serpent that has given the people life? My dear friend Ann, kindly remove yourself from the doldrum of confusion and gain wisdom of heart. Cheers!

  14. I ve some questions for the writer of this piece.Would u ve bn saved if not for the role Mother Mary played?Do u knw the meanin of the name u bear?guess u dnt.Let me help u out.God did nt just wake up one day to decide dat Mary would be the mother of Jesus.Her role had bn decided bfor the creation of mankind and that was y God greeted her through his messanger Gabriel.Mary carried the saviour of the world in her womb for nine months,nutured and took care of him till he began his work so she deserves to be honored.Pls dear writer,stop makin a mockery of urself.The holy Catholic and Apostolic church have existed for ages and will cont to exist til the end of time.Non Catholics wil neva knw the benefits of bn a catholic.The name u bear,ANN is a Catholic saint.




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