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Yetunde Bakare, Nollywood Actress Impregnated By Family Friend Reveals Why She Is Still Single

nollywood actress impregnated family friend

Fast rising Nollywood actress Yetunde Bakare in this interview with City People Reporter Gbolahan Adetayo revealed how a family friend impregnated her and why she chose to remain a single mother.

She also discussed other sundry issues fans need to know about her.

See excerpts:

What is new about Yetunde Bakare?

I just finished shooting my first major project titled Arinola. It’s a love story from the 80s. Arinola is the only daughter of her blind mother and she lost her dad without getting to know him. She struggled and suffered a lot with her mother only to end up with a Casanova who was ready to destroy her future. It’s a story about love, betrayal and tragedy.

What influenced the movie?

I just sat and I gave it a thought that it won’t be bad to try something different. Although, I know it’ll be expensive but I want something that will pass for some certain awards and break records. I wanted to go out of the regular home movie we do every day and it was worth the stress after all.

Is the movie a true life story?

Not at all. I’ve always been a lover of Love, Fairy-tale and Reality. So, I’m always inspire to write Love stories.

Why your movies are mostly based on love?

It is because I love so much. Love is a Beautiful thing that can either affect life positively or negatively. I just want people to learn how to handle love and use it in a right way. A lot of lives have been destroyed due to the abuse of love and same goes otherwise. I just want to inspire youths and build some crumbling homes.

nollywood actress pregnant for family frirend

How My Love Life Started

My love life started growing the moment I had my son in my arms, he changed everything and that is the greatest love of all. I’ve never felt that kind of love before. I’ve fell in love before but it was not as deep as what I feeling for my son and I guess it is because it wasn’t for Long. The love between a mother and son is natural unlike a girl and a boy. You have to develop interest then grow it and that’s if there’s enough time, trust and patience.

Why didn’t you marry your son’s dad?

He travelled out and he started acting funny, especially when he met another woman. Well, I thought it was for paper sake until they started having kids and I decided to move on. He later came back to beg me, giving me different types of excuses but it was too late.


He’s already with 2 or 3 kids.

How did you meet him in the first place?

He’s a family friend.

How did the love set in?

We started as friends and gist partner then affection set in.

How were your parent’s reactions when they got to know you were pregnant?

My parents didn’t see it coming so they felt offended. There was no quarrel between us, they sat me and we had a heart to heart talk. My parent loves and believes in me so much, so it wasn’t much of a noise or quarrel.

How did you feel having a child out of wedlock?

I was really shocked at first because I didn’t know until I was 5 months gone, my menstruation was flowing and I wasn’t sick, everything was normal until I started feeling a strange moment in my tummy then I realized this is bound to happen, like God wanted it to be this way.

What is now your plan for marriage?

No plans yet, I’m still pursuing my career and I’ll really love to be financially stable and independent before thinking about Marriage. I’ve got lots of things to put in place and fix.

Why women do always wants to be independent even in marriage?

Things are a bit complicated this days, your career won’t betray you but a man might leave you even with responsibilities, so it’s better you have something to fall back on and sustain yourself In case anything happens also in this century it’s advisable to have a support system than to be a liability even if your man is rich there are times your own family will need your assistance and you can’t be asking your man for every penny.

Don’t you think that being independent in marriage can cause break up because women are expected to be inter-independent after wedding?

It depends on your man, most single guys out there prefer an independent woman and that’s why a lot of girls are single. A lot of guys are scared of responsibility and that’s why they’ll never get married until they meet a lady that will be 100% independent. They just don’t want to be stressed, they want everything to come easily and they’re even ready to ask you what you’re bringing to the table apart from being a wife and a mother.

If a man is ready to offer you all you want, can you quit acting for him?

No man can offer a woman everything, blood runs in his veins and he’ll eventually get tired one day. Quitting acting for a man doesn’t mean he’ll make you happy 100%, so I can’t quit totally which means if I’m not acting I’ll be an executive producer or do other businesses related to the industry. I can own a TV channel and produce several TV shows and so on.

[Source: City People]



  1. akinola

    May 29, 2018 at 3:44 PM

    I think a woman should not leave a clean and profitable career for a woman because most of it usually backfire

  2. Keep it real

    May 30, 2018 at 2:18 AM

    I think climate change & western lifestyles is affecting culture and heritage… if I can remember very well every culture in Nigeria sees marriage as a number one priority…

    my opinion here is that you can be in a marriage and still work on your career.
    all you need is a husband that will support your type of career..
    Many successful women out there in the world today still struggle to find a genuine soul mate. even in the Nollywood industry… your age is what I don’t know but don’t worry, Megan got married to Prince Harry at 36
    Good luck Yetunde.

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