Yinka Atiku Is Dead:Oba Saheed Elegushi’s Best Friend Dies Of Spiritual Attack,Burial Holds In Ikoyi


yinka atiku is dead

April 9, 2017 – Yinka Atiku Is Dead: Oba Saheed Elegushi’s Best Friend Dies Of Spiritual Attack

Popular Lagos monarch Oba Saheed Elegushi has lost a loved one.

Olayinka Saheed Atiku, the childhood friend of the monarch died in Lagos yesterday after complaining of minor pain in the leg.

The sociable Big Boy who was Elegushi’s friend from their primary school days was rushed to the hospital by one his friends, the Akinshiku of Lagos, Oba Dosunmu.

Sadly few hours later, doctors pronounced him dead.

He was laid to rest in accordance to Islamic tradition at the Ebony Cemetery in Ikoyi Lagos today.

A private prayer session held in London for the deceased this afternoon.

oba saheed elegushi best friend dies

May his soul rest in peace (amen).

9 thoughts on “Yinka Atiku Is Dead:Oba Saheed Elegushi’s Best Friend Dies Of Spiritual Attack,Burial Holds In Ikoyi

  1. People can die anywhere for any slight reason. Even if he didn’t die of asthma, he could sleep and not wake up. Let us believe his time was up and being in Nigeria was not the reason why he died. People living abroad die also, for reminders. I know there are so many unnecessary deaths due to neglect and/or malpractice in Nigeria (Nigeria is a pre-requisite for short life span, from armed robber killings, hired killers, generator fumes and explosions, as examples). Doctors make mistakes and fail diagnose or detect medical conditions on time abroad also. Don’t forget that doctors are human beings capable of making mistakes also. As for spiritual attack, our people are extremely wicked, vicious and evil. Living abroad may trigger jealousy and ill-will towards him. May God grand his soul eternal rest and console his family, amen.

  2. Almost aĺl deaths in Nigeria is caused by “spiritual attack”, how long can we be ignorant for?

    Since it was noted in the story that the deceased complained about pain in his leg before he was rushed to the hospital, my wildest guess is that the gentleman may have died from complications arising from Thrombosis in his lower extremities. If that was the case, then it is a medical condition and not spiritual attack.


  3. Can’t say much all I can say for his soul to rest in peace n most high to console n watch over his family he left behind we all gonna b gone it’s just a matter of

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