Yomi Fabiyi Blasts Fayose For Requesting Letter To Help Moji Olaiya, Praises Tinubu

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June 1st, 2017 – If Tinubu Didn’t Request For Letter To Help Moji Olaiya, Why Is Fayose Asking For One? – Yomi Fabiyi Asks

The President of Moji Olaiya’s burial committee, Yomi Fabiyi has come after Fayose for refusing to help the late Nollywood actress who hails from Ekiti state.

In a chat with Encomium yesterday, Mr Fabiyi said it doesn’t make sense for Fayose to be requesting for letter in the case of Moji Olaiya. He praised APC national chairman Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu for coming through on time when he released the money needed to ferry the remains of the actress to Nigeria.

His words:

10 thoughts on “Yomi Fabiyi Blasts Fayose For Requesting Letter To Help Moji Olaiya, Praises Tinubu

  1. we need to know what his thinking was. note that tinubu will be doing this good deeds as a private citizen and with his money and therefore not subject to efcc probe. fayose, on the other hand will be using state fund presumably. may be fayose needed something to support the payout just in case the efcc or what have you knocks on his door for audit. that being said, honestly, i would not understand all the negative attention the demise of this beautiful lady has taken. where are the rest of the nollywood actors in all of this? when one of them commission a new movie, you see all of them in front of wasiu displaying their wealth. Unknown to these people that as you celebrate life so you celebrate death. fayose and tinubu owes little. this falls into the territory of these irresponsible nollywood actors and of course, the family of the deceased minus the parents.

  2. Yomi are you a nonentity,Fayose is an active gorvernor,any huge amount of money he is spending sppose to be documented if not mr Turnaround aka Buhari will come after him

  3. Yomi Fabiyi, who you epp? Make una leave our Governor Fayose alone jare. You guys are turning burial into something else. Bury the lady and let her rest in peace. I have never read any matter from the husband since the incidence.Fayose this….Fayose that……

    • I nevwr knew who the yomi was not until i saw this pic. He doesnt even look responsible. He looks like someone who can embezzle fund.

  4. shut mr man,do u know how protocols work..if tinubu was still a governor ,such question will arise..you can just help some one off record bt if someone asks a serving public official seeking for funds even with one involved in foreign currency,he or she will put it in writing.it is ekiti funds and the good people of ekiti deserves to know..when most state governors bring their residents in various parts of the country during christmas..govt money is used and the record is there.stop the childishness..i dont kn fayose but he is more outspoken and a go getter than most pretenders hiding as philanthropists

  5. this man must be out of his mind… how many times has moji travelled to Ekiti state not to talk of paying her tax to the state. Gov Fayose even tried by telling them to write an official letter. let this woman rest in peace jawe. He should bring down a corpse from Canada from the worker’s salary… your brain is paining you sir

  6. This guy is just seeking attention and wanting to be continually in the media. If the situation pains you so much,can’t you as well drop the money. Does the governor have two heads. You can single handedly drop the money,and now you have more than enough why more begging? It is time you guys let the government do the needful to well deserving Nigerians who need help, not you guys who already are working, can afford travels and living in high brow areas.

  7. Every time Fayose tells the truth people always atark him including this cow hmmmmmm their is God.

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