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Yoruba Actress Iyabo Oko: Spiritual Attack Caused My Stroke..I’m Not Dead, I’m Recovering In India

actress iyabo oko spiritual attack

August 2nd, 2017 – Nollywood Yoruba Actress Iyabo Oko: Spiritual Attack Caused My Stroke…I’m Not Dead, I’m Recovering In India

  • I Was Attacked Spiritually, People Are Wicked In Nollywood Movie Industry
  • I May Become An Evangelist Or Go To Bible School When I Returned From India
  • I Will Make Sure I Add Evangelism To My Work
  • There Is No Peace In Adding Unnecessary Weight

Veteran Nollywood actress who is currently battling what doctors called CDA (Congenital dyserythropoietic anemia) in far away India has finally opened up to the media.

The versatile actress officially debunked her death rumour in this interesting telephone interview with City People.

See excerpts of her interview with Gbolahan Adetayo below:

I have been trying to reach you for the past 1 year but your last child was picking up without telling me the condition you were in ….

My son, you won’t believe it, I saw your calls, I even attempted to pick but I couldn’t utter a single word. That was why my last child was picking my calls, especially the ones that were very important. I pray for a safe trip back to Nigeria, I will definitely see you and we will talk better. What I went through was not ordinary. God used my children to save my life because they really spent to make sure I live. I am very healthy now.

How did the whole thing start?

I thank God almighty for sparing my life till this moment. The devil tried his best but God showed him that He is truly Alfa and Omega. What happened was that, that very day, after I woke up from my sleep very early in the morning and I attempted to talk, I just found out that I couldn’t talk any longer and I was told it was a partial stroke. I was taken to a hospital and I was treated, the doctors really tried their best. The hospital is called 68 Military Hospital, Yaba, Lagos.

They tried their best but I couldn’t just talk for months but I still give glory to God that I can now talk properly. The funny thing is that, I was not paralyzed; my legs and hands were effective, just that I couldn’t talk. I first spent 2 weeks at the hospital and when I got home, it started again and I returned to the hospital. I visited the hospital like 3 times.

iyabo oko stroke

Kemi Afolabi and Sikiratu Sindodo even saw me because she brought her grandma to the same hospital. Kemi was weeping when she saw me, she took good care of me and she also gave me money. She also said I shouldn’t drown myself in excessive thinking because many have suffered the same ailment and they are nowhere to be found today.

After many trials at the hospital, I could still not talk, I was discharged and my son came back from abroad, he rushed me to UK and I spent like one month. I was at home but doctors were coming to treat me. He employed a therapist and after a month, I started talking and my son finally took me to India where everything was perfected. I spent 7months in India receiving treatment at home. I give glory to God almighty that I am now okay.

I do exercises frequently, I go out and I do all things, the only difference you will notice about me now is that I am not as agile as I used to be. I have lost a lot of weight and I love it like that because I now keep fit. I was so scared during those trying periods because there were several bad news coming from the industry.

You hear different stories about Nollywood stars which were adding more to the illness I was already suffering from. But thank God, Jesus conquered for me.

What did the doctors diagnose when they were treating you?

I was told that I was thinking too much and I don’t give myself time to rest. I was told that I am hypertensive and I don’t take care of myself. Above all, I was told not to do any work for now. But I don’t believe in that because our industry people are so wicked. May God just save us from bad people.

Can you shed more light on that because, it seems that you see it as an attack?

My brother, it was an attack because I haven’t experienced such ailment before. I wasn’t paralyzed though but I couldn’t talk at all.

Even at 68 Hospital, they advised me to becareful because of the way I abuse people in my movies. They asked me if I will still continue abusing people, they didn’t even believe that I will live again because I was in very bad condition.

I am thanking God that I can still talk again. The doctors were telling me I don’t give myself time to rest.

Now, I have decided that if I return to Nigeria, I will not be appearing in all movies like before, I will be selective now. I will only be producing movies now, and feature in some movies that are very important to me. I will no longer be jumping from one location to another like before. That is all I can say on that for now “Omogbolahan mi”.

When you were in Nigeria, didn’t you think of going traditional for quick solution?

Not at all. I was only shouting God’s name at all times. As I was receiving my treatment, I was praying so much as well and I thank God for not disappointing me.

In the industry, you are getting old now but I want to believe that this is not the right time for you to leave the industry just like that. Which work do you think you can do now apart from producing or selecting movies to feature in?

My children are already planning another work for me to do. I was told not to be jumping around, they are planning to open a shop for me to so I can start selling provisions and also produce movies once in a while. That doesn’t mean that I will relegate myself from the industry totally, I will still be doing some jobs since I am fit again. I pray I don’t experience such again.

What would you like to tell your fans who have been asking to know your whereabouts?

Help me explain to them that I am not dead, I am alive and bouncing. Though, I was very sick but God has raised me again, I am fit here in India. I am okay, I am just having my rest now and I am coming back soon.

What do you think your fans will be thinking, now that you have changed your look after you lost weight?

Help me tell them that it is cool to be slim. There is no peace in you adding unnecessary weight. Gbolahan , come to think of it, don’t you think a lot of people are admiring your look? You look fit and smart and that is the best stature. I am not too slim but I am not as big as I was.

How about the back side?
{hmmmmm}you shall see it yourself when I return home. Everything is now in good shape. My back side isn’t heavy again.

You said you were told by the doctors not to abuse people again in your movies, would you stick to that advice or ignore?

I will continue to abuse people because my God is behind me. God is always with me which I know. I will not die prematurely, you too won’t die untimely and you will also succeed in anything you put your hands on. I will still abuse but I will add evangelism to my work.

Please throw more light on that ma….

Even if I don’t eventually become an evangelist, when I return to Nigeria, I will go to a bible school because God does talk to me a lot and that is what will influence the bible school and I will add the work of God to my daily activities. That is what I mean; I may be a prophet and evangelist if God wishes. I read it online that I am suffering from diabetes, there was nothing of such. I call it partial stroke but doctor said it is CDA, I wouldn’t know if CDA also means partial stroke. The most important thing now is that I have recuperated, and I am now bubbling like I used to.



  1. Laide Adeyeye

    August 2, 2017 at 9:12 PM

    CDA is not spiritual attack, you inherited it
    wishing you well Iyabo Oko

  2. Amanda

    August 2, 2017 at 11:24 PM

    I don’t understand nigerians with nonsense called “spiritual attack”. Does everything has to be that?. You can’t even think of medical complication without mentioning unfounded spiritual attack. Common now.

    My leg dey pain me = na spiritual attack

    My stomach dey swell = na spiritual attack

    My hands are itchy = na spiritual attack

    I cant sleep at night = na spiritual attack

    I had wet dream = na spiritual attack

    I lost my job appointment = na spiritual attack

    Doctor says I need to get treatment abroad = na spiritual

    I am sick and tired of being sick and sick and tired of being tired of being sick of these booolsh!t for real. It is sickening

    • Pa

      August 3, 2017 at 2:57 PM

      You got it right.

    • Felix

      August 31, 2017 at 2:13 PM

      **** up Amanda cos u knw notn
      Dat woman was sayn d truth

  3. sam

    August 3, 2017 at 10:40 AM

    Your penis no dey rise again na spritual attack
    You no fit born na spiritual attack
    You no get Money to chop na spiritual attack
    You no get Job na spiritual attack
    You fail exam na spiritual attack
    A 90 years old Person dies, na spiritual attack
    You suffer from Malaria, na spiritual attack
    You wife no want open, na spiritual attack
    Poverty kidnapped you, na spiritual attack
    Haba !!! My People

    Well I no blame una, na the so called pastors i blame.

    Constant or chronic indoctrination by these so called pastors has made People in Nigeria to be psychotic. Our People are deluded and devoid of reality. Realistic rational thinking does not exist in our People anymore. The situation jeopardises societal development. This is one of the reason our Society decays in the present of plenty human and natural resources. So the earlier we realise that the pastors and Imams are as dangerous as politicians to our Society, the better for all of us. As the politicians grow big from peoples Money so are the pastors. In Addition, the pastors make the People to be deluded. It is dangerous when People think spiritually instead of medically. People become less Progressive when they think more religiously or spiritually than realistically. Only the called god of men allias men of God benefit from such societal phenomenon.

    • Felix

      August 31, 2017 at 2:17 PM

      As u dey so Sam, u no believe in God at all no lie oo no lie ooooooo

  4. Majek Majek

    August 3, 2017 at 11:37 AM

    Madam there is nothing spiritual there ,you are hypertensive,you need to be on drug for the rest of your life,so it would noot happen again.

  5. uzoma

    August 3, 2017 at 1:28 PM

    This spiritual attack phenomenon among Nigerians tell how myopic and ignorant people can be in that country. Instead of diagnosing the ailment to find out what caused the sickness, they blame spiritual attack. This goes to show how low education have degenerated in that Nigeria. Instead of finding ways to improve on education the minister for education was busy striking out Christian religious study from school curriculum. Busy promoting Islamic agenda.
    Somebody suffers heart attack which is caused by high cholesterol and lack of exercise, blame spiritual attack. Somebody suffers stroke, blame spiritual attack. Somebody develops diabetes, blame spiritual attack. The worst thing is that even the so called movers and shakers buy into this nonsense.
    Why rush to America or England or Germany or even India or Dubai to cure yourself when you know it is spiritual attack? Why not stay back in Nigeria and consult the spirit that caused your sickness?.

  6. Omolade

    August 5, 2017 at 1:27 PM

    Ithank God for spearing Ur life,pls has u said give urself to the work of God and the good Lord will give you sound & perfect health.


    August 11, 2018 at 4:32 PM


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