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“Yoruba People Own Lagos State Nigeria, All Others Are Guests” – Femi Fani Kayode Blasts Ndigbo


“Yoruba People Own Lagos State Nigeria, All Others Are Guests” – Femi Fani Kayode Blasts Ndigbo

August 8, 2013 – “Lagos, Nigeria’s South West Is Our Land, We’ll Not Anyone To Claim It” – Femi Fani Kayode

“Yoruba People Own Lagos State Nigeria, All Others Are Guests” – Femi Fani Kayode Blasts Ndigbo

It seems Lagos-based activist Femi Fani Kayode is enjoying the publicist his claim about Yoruba vs Igbo’ ownership of Lagos State is attracting.

Few days after his controversial report about the Yorubas and the development of Lagos, he has come out with the part two.

Read it below;

Permit me to make my second and final contribution to the raging debate about Lagos, who owns it and the seemingly endless tensions that exist between the igbo and the yoruba. It is amazing how one or two of the numerous nationalities that make up Nigeria secretly wish that they were yoruba and consistently lay claim to Lagos as being partly theirs. Have they forgotten where they came from? I have never heard of a yoruba wanting to give the impression to the world that he is an igbo, an ijaw, an efik or a hausa-fulani or claiming that he is a co-owner of Port Harcourt, Enugu, Calabar, Kano or Kaduna. Yet more often than not some of those that are not of yoruba extraction but that have lived in Lagos for some part of their lives have tried to claim that they are bona fide Lagosians and honorary members of the yoruba race. Clearly it is time for us to answer the nationality question. These matters have to be settled once and for all.

Lagos and the south west are the land and the patrimony of the yoruba and we will not allow anyone, no matter how fond of them we may be, to take it away from us or share it with us in the name of ”being nice”, ”patriotism”, ”one Nigeria” or anything else. The day that the yoruba are allowed to lay claim to exactly the same rights and privilages that the indegenous people in non-yoruba states and zones enjoy and the day they can operate freely and become commissioners and governors in the Niger Delta states, the north, the Middle Belt and the south-east we may reconsider our position. But up until then we shall not do so. Lagos is not a ”no-man’s land” but the land and heritage of the yoruba people. Others should not try to claim what is not theirs.

I am not involved in this debate for fun or for political gain and I am not participating in it to play politics but rather to speak the truth, to present the relevant historical facts to those that wish to learn and to educate the uninformed. That is why I write without fear or favour and that is why I intend to be thoroughly candid and brutally frank in this essay. And I am not too concerned or worried about what anyone may think or how they may feel about what I am about to say because I am a servant of truth and the truth must be told no matter how bitter it is and no matter whose ox is gored. That truth is as follows.

The yoruba, more than any other nationality in this country in the last 100 years, have been far too accomodating and tolerant when it comes to their relationship with other nationalities in this country and this is often done to their own detriment. That is why some of our igbo brothers and sisters can make some of the sort of asinine remarks and contributions that a few of them have been making in this debate both in the print media and in numerous social media portals and networks ever since Governor Fashola ”deported” 19 igbo destitutes back to Anambra state. In the last 80 years the igbo have been shown more generosity, accomodation, warmth and kindness and given more opportunities and leverage by the yoruba than they have been offered by ANY other ethnic group in Nigeria. This is a historical fact. The yoruba do not have any resentment for the igbo and we have allowed them to do in our land and our territory what they have never allowed us to do in theirs. This has been so for 80 long years and it is something that we are very proud of.

As I said elsewhere recently, to be accomodating and generous is a mark of civilisation and it comes easily to people that once had empires. The reason why many of our people take strong exception to the apparant outrage of the igbo over this ”deportation” issue and the provocative comments of my friend and brother Chief Orji Uzor Kalu when he described Lagos as being a ”no man’s land” is because the igbo have not only taken us for granted but they have also taken liberty for licence.
We cannot be expected to tolerate or accept that sort of irreverant and unintelligent rubbish simply because we still happen to believe in ”one Nigeria” and we will not sacrifice our rights or prostitute our principles on the alter of that ”one Nigeria”. Whether Nigeria is one or not, what is ours is ours and no-one should test our resolve or make any mistake about that. ”One Nigeria” yes but no-one should spit in our faces or covet our land, our treasure, our success, our history, our virtues, our being and our heritage and attempt to claim those for themselves simply because we took them in on a rainy day. It is that same attitude of ”we own everything”, ”we must have everything” and ”we must control everything” that the igbo settlers manifested in the northern region in the late 50’s and early and mid-60’s that got them into so much trouble up there with the hausa fulani and that eventually led to the terrible pogroms where almost one hundred thousand of them were killed in just a few days.

Again it is that same attitude that they manifested in Lagos and the Western Region in the late ’30’s and the early and mid-40’s that alienated the yoruba from them, that led to the establishment of the Action Group in April, 1951 and that resulted in the narrow defeat of Chief Nnamdi Azikiwe in the Western Regional elections of December, 1951. As a matter of fact they were the ones that FIRST introduced tribalism into southern politics in 1945 with the unsavoury comments of Mr. Charles Dadi Onyeama who was a member of the Central Legislative Council representing Enugu and who said at the Igbo State Union address that ”the domination of Nigeria and Africa by the igbo is only a matter of time”. This single comment made in that explosive and historic speech did more damage to southern Nigerian unity than any other in the entire history of our country and everything changed from that moment on.

To make matters worse, in July 1948 Chief Nnamdi Azikiwe made his own openly tribal and incendiary speech, again at the Igbo State Union, in which he spoke about the ”god of the igbo” eventually giving them the leadership of Nigeria and Africa. These careless and provocative words cost him dearly and put a nail in the coffin of the NCNC in the Western Region from that moment on. This was despite the fact that that same NCNC, which was easily the largest and most powerful political party in Nigeria at the time, had been founded and established by a great and illustrious son of the yoruba by the name of Mr. Herbert Macauly. Macauly, like most of the yoruba in his day, saw no tribe and he happily handed the leadership of the party over to Azikiwe, an igbo man, in 1945 when he was on his dying bed. How much more can the yoruba do than that when it comes to being blind to tribe? Can there be any greater evidence of our total lack of racial prejudice and tribal sentiments than that? If the NCNC had been founded and established by an igbo man would he have handed the whole thing over to a yoruba on his death bed? I doubt it very much.

Again when northern military officers mutineed, effected their ”revenge coup” and went to kill the igbo military Head of State, General Aguiyi-Ironsi on July 29th 1966 in the old Western Region, his host, the yoruba Col. Fajuyi (who was military Governor of the Western Region at the time), insisted that they would have to kill him first before taking Aguiyi-Ironsi’s life and the northern officers (led by Major T.Y. Danjuma as he then was) promptly obliged him by slaughtering him before killing Aguiyi-Ironsi. How many igbos know about that and how many times in our history have they made such sacrifices for the yoruba? Would Aguiyi-Ironsi, or any other igbo officer, have stood for Fajuyi, or any other yoruba officer, and sacrificed his life for him in the same way that Fajuyi did had the roles been reversed? I doubt it very much.

Yet instead of being grateful the igbo continuously run us down, blame us for all their woes, envy our educational advantages and resent us deeply for our ability to excel in the professions and commerce. Unlike them we were never traders but we were (and still are) industrialists and when it comes to the professions we were producing lawyers, doctors, accountants and university graduates at least three generations before they ever did. That is the bitter truth and they have been trying to catch up with us ever since. For example the first yoruba lawyer Christopher Alexander Sapara Williams was called to the English Bar in 1879 whilst the first igbo lawyer, Sir Louis Mbanefo, was called to the English bar in 1937. Again the first yoruba medical practitioner, Dr. Nathaniel King, graduated in 1875 from the University of Edinburgh whilst the first igbo medical practitioner, Dr. Akannu Ibiam, graduated from another Scottish University in 1935.

Yet despite all this and all that they have been through over the years and despite their terrible experiences in the civil war we are witnessing that same attitude of ”we must control all”, ”we must own all” and ”we must have all” rearing its ugly head again today when it comes to their attitude to the issue of the deportations from Lagos state and when you consider the comments of the Orji Kalu’s of this world about the igbo supposedly ”owning Lagos” with the yoruba and supposedly ”generating 55 per cent of the state’s revenue”. It is most insulting. And I must say that it is wrong and unfair for anyone to lay the blame for the perenniel suspicion and underlying tensions that lie between the two nationalities on the yoruba because that is far from the truth.

We are not the problem, they are. Pray tell me, in the whole of Nigeria who treated the igbo better than the yoruba after the civil war and who gave them somewhere to run to where they could regain all their ”abandoned property” and feel at home again? Who encouraged them to return to Lagos and the west and who saved the jobs that they held before the civil war for them to come back to when the war ended? No other tribe or nationality did all that for them in the country- only the yoruba did so. And the people of the old Mid-West and the Eastern minorities (who make up the zone that is collectively known as the ”south-south’ today) have always viewed them with suspicion, have always
feared them and have always resented them deeply.

From the foregoing any objective observer can tell that we the yoruba have always played our part when it comes to accomodating others. This is particularly so when it comes to the igbo who we have always had a soft spot for and who we have always regarded as brothers and sisters. It is time that those ”others” also play their part by acquiring a little more humility, by knowing and accepting their place in the scheme of things and by desisting from giving the impression that they own our territory or that they made us what we are.

Now let us look at a few historical facts and one or two more igbo ”firsts’ that many may not be familiar with to butress the point. The igbo people were the FIRST to carry out a failed coup on the night of Jan 15th, 1966 under the leadership of Major Emmanuel Ifejuna, Major Chukuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, Major Christian Anuforo, Capt. Ben Gbulie, Major Timothy Onwatuegwu, Major Donatus Okafor, Capt. Ude, Capt. Emmanuel Nwobosi, Captain Udeaja, Lt. Okafor, Lt. Okocha, Lt. Anyafulu, Lt. Okaka, Lt. Ezedigbo, Lt. Amunchenwa, Lt. Nwokedi, 2nd Lt. J.C. Ojukwu, 2nd Lt. Ngwuluka, 2nd Lt. Ejiofor, 2nd Lt. Egbikor, 2nd Lt. Igweze, 2nd Lt. Onyefuru, 2nd Lt. Nwokocha, 2nd Lt. Azubuogu and 2nd Lt. Nweke in which they drew FIRST blood and openly slaughtered and butchered leadiing politicians and army officers from EVERY single zone in the country except their own. I should also mention that even though this was clearly an igbo coup there was one yoruba officer who was amongst the ringleaders by the name of Major Adewale Ademoyega.

It was a very bloody night indeed. Amongst those killed were the Prime Minister, Sir Tafawa Balewa, the Premier of the Western Region, Chief S.L. Akintola, the Premier of the Northern Region, Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Federal Minister of Finance, Chief Festus Okotie-Eboh, Brigadier Zakari Maimalari, Brigadier Samuel Ademulegun, Colonel Ralph Shodeinde, Lt . Colonel James Yakubu Pam, Lt. Colonel Abogo Largema and numerous others. They did not just kill these reverred and respected leaders but in some cases they mocked, tortured and maimed them before doing so, took pictures of their dead and mutilated bodies and killed their wives and children as well. For weeks after these horrific acts were carried out the igbo people rejoiced and celebrated them in the streets and markets of the north, openly displaying pictures and posters of the Saurdana’s mutilated body with Nzeogwu’s boot on his neck, loudly playing a famous and deeply offensive anti-northern song in which northerners were compared to goats and listening to it on their radios, jubilating that they had brought an end to what they described as ”northern rule and islamic domination” and openly boasting that they themselves would now ”rule Nigeria forever”. Though the first coup failed the matter did not end there.

The very next day after the Jan.15th mutiny and butchery had failed and did not result in Ifejuna taking power in Lagos, the igbo people set their ”plan B” in motion and they were the FIRST to carry out a successful coup in Nigeria just one day later on Jan. 17th 1966. This was when the igbo Major-General J.T,U. Aguiyi-Ironsi (who was Supreme Commander of the Nigerian Army and who had inexplicably and suspiciously not been murdered by the young igbo officers in their violent mutiny and killing spree the night before) in collusion with the igbo Acting President Nwafor Orizu and the entire igbo political leadership of that day, invited the remnants of Sir Tafawa Balewa’s cabinet to a closed door meeting, threatened their lives and took power from them at the point of a gun.

Aguiyi-Ironsi did not just ask them to give him power but he took it from them by force by telling them that he could not guarantee their safety if they refused to do so. Meanwhile Orizu point blank refused to do his duty as Acting President and swear in Zana Bukar Dipcharimma as the Acting Prime Minster when the members of the cabinet and the British Ambassador (who was also at the meeting) implored him to do so since by that time there was a power vacuum because the Prime Minister, Sir Tafawa Balewa, had gone missing and had probably been murdered. It was in these very suspicious circumstances and as a consequence of this murky and deep-seated igbo conspiaracy that General Aguiyi-Ironsi came to power. Amongst those that were present at that famous ”meeting” that are still alive today are Alhaji Maitama Sule, Chief Richard Akinjide and President Shehu Shagari who were all Ministers in Balewa’s cabinet . Those that doubt the veracity of my account of this meeting would do well to ask any of them exactly what transpired during that encounter.

Yet the seeming success of the conspiracy was short-lived. Only six months
later, on July 29th 1966, General Aguiyi-Ironsi and no less than 300 igbo army officers reaped the consequences of their actions and plot when they were all slaughtered in just one night during the northern officers revenge coup which was led by Lt. Colonel Murtala Mohammed, Major Abba Kyari, Captain Martins Adamu, Major T.Y. Danjuma, Major Musa Usman, Captain Joseph Garba, Captain Shittu Alao, Captain Baba Usman, Captain Gibson S.Jalo and Captain Shehu Musa Yar’adua as they then were. Lt. Colonel Yakubu Gowon was put in power by this group after that and a few weeks later between September 29th 1966 and the middle of October of that same year approximately 50,000 igbo civilians were attacked and slaughtered in a series of horrendous pogroms in the north by violent northern mobs as a reprisal for the killing of the northern leaders, including Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Saurdana of Sokoto, by Major Nzeogwu, Major Ifejuna and other junior igbo officers on the night of Jan. 15th 1966. Please note that despite the fact that a number of yoruba leaders were killed on that night as well no igbo civilians were massacred anywhere in the west by mobs in reprisal killings throughout that period.

The igbos understandably left the north in droves after those terrible pogroms and fled back to the east from whence they came. And perhaps that would have been the end of ithe story but for the fact that they also declared secession and sought to dismember Nigeria. They then made their biggest mistake of all by provoking a full scale military conflict with Nigeria when they launched a vicious and unprovoked attack against the rest of the south attacking and conscripting the eastern minorities , storming the Mid-West and attempting to enter yorubaland through Ore to capture it. Thankfully they were stopped in their tracks by the gallant efforts and courageous fighting skills of the Third Marine Commando (which was primarily a yoruba force and which was under the command of the great Colonel Benjamin Adekunle, ‘the Black Scorpion’), prevented from entering the west, driven out of the Mid-West, pushed back into the East, defeated in battle after battle and were eventually brought down to their knees and forced to surrender to the Federal forces in Enugu.

The igbo and their Biafra fought Nigeria and killed Nigerians for 3 hard years in that brutal civil war in which over one million courageous, loyal and faithful sons and daughters of the Federal Republic lost their lives at the war front trying to stop Biafra from seceeding from the federaration, from taking our land and from taking the minority groups of the Mid-Western Region and Eastern Region and our newly-discovered oil with them. Yet despite our massive casualties and the monuemental loss of life that the Federal side suffered (a total of 2 million died on both sides) the igbo people were welcomed back into Nigeria after the war with open arms. Yet it was only in yorubaland and especially in Lagos that they were given all their ”abandoned property” back and welcomed back as brothers and sisters without any reservations or suspicions whatsoever. Everywhere else in the country for many years they were denied, deprived, shunned, attacked, killed, discriminated against and humiliated but never in the southwest or Lagos. It is the igbo people more than any other that have complained about marginalisation in Nigeria, forgetting that there is no other country in the world in which there was a major civil war and yet only 10 years after that war ended the losing side produced the Vice President for the whole country in a democratic election in 1979 in the distinguished person of Vice President Alex Ekwueme.

Some have described my submissions in this debate as being ”inflammatory” and have claimed that I am ”not a true progressive” for making them. I reject these labels and I wonder whether those people that conjured them up described the comments of my dear friend and brother Chief Orji Kalu as “inflammatory” and whether they labelled him as ”not being a true progressive” when he erroneously claimed that the igbo generated 55 per cent of the revenue and owned 55 per cent of businesses in Lagos and that they are effectively the owners of the state. Unlike most of those that are attempting to label me and brand me as a tribalist I know the history of Lagos and the yoruba very well.

We will not let anyone poison the minds of our yoruba youth or dispossess them of their heritage by keeping silent when we witness the irresponsible and dishonest propagation of the most desperate and despicable form of historical revisionism that some igbo leaders are suddenly churning out. If anyone thinks that they can intimidate us into keeping quite when their leaders say such things then they will have the biggest shocker of their lives. We shall not be silenced and they shall not pass. Lagos and the yoruba generally have much stronger historical, cultural and trading ties with the bini, the itsekiri, the uruhobo, the isoko, the hausa-fulani, the tapas, the nupes and the ijaws than they do with the igbo.

The input of those other major ethnic groups to the development of Lagos and their stake in her is far greater than that of the igbo. Whether anyone wishes to accept it or not that is the bitter truth.
We will not let anyone distort history and we will not keep silent when we hear the irresponsible and disrespectful effusions of those that seek to substitute truth with falsehood. When it comes to Lagos it is time that everyone respected themselves and knew their place. The igbo particularly should display a much higher degree of respect and gratitude to those who were gracious enough to accept them in their land as equals when things were very difficult for them and who treated them with love, respect and kindness after the civil war when hardly anyone else was prepared to do so.

We the yoruba have accomodated others in Lagos and throughout the south west and we have let them live in peace for the last 100 years. As a matter of fact we have been glad to do so because as far as we are concerned that is one of the hallmarks of civilisation- the ability to accomodate other faiths, other cultures, other races and other nationalities and to create an equitable and just racial melting pot where equal opportunities are available to all. It is a great and noble virtue to be open and tolerant but that does not mean that we are fools and it does not mean that we do not know who we are, where we are coming from, what is ours and what our heritage is.

The fact that we have allowed others to thrive and settle in our land and share it with us does not mean that we have stopped owning that land. The suggestion that Lagos is a ”no-man’s land’ and that the igbo or any other nationality outside the yoruba generate up to 55 per cent of it’s revenue or business is absolutely absurd and frankly it has no basis in reality or rationality. It is not only a dirty lie but it is also very insulting.

Guests, no matter how welcome, esteemed, cherished and valued they are, cannot become the owners of the house no matter how comfortable they are made to feel within it. Those guests will always be guests. Lagos belongs to the yoruba and to the yoruba alone. ALL others that reside there are guests, though some guests are far closer to us than others. The igbos are the least close, the most distant and the least familiar with our customs and our ways. They ought to be the last to be claiming our heritage and coveting our land and neither can they claim to have made any real input to our glaring success. For them to think otherwise is nothing but delusion.

I think Femi Fani Kayode should discuss other issues of importance in order to avoid tribalistic war of words… It’s of no use in a country faced with many issues.



  1. Omoluwabi

    August 8, 2013 at 5:31 PM

    Well done Bros.

    • ada onyekwelu

      August 11, 2013 at 10:17 PM

      mr femi you are a fool with a capital letters, may God have mercy on u nonentity

  2. peace love

    August 8, 2013 at 5:46 PM

    Mr Femi,May God deliver you tribalist,wasting ur energy and time to invoke tribal war between igbo youths and their yoruba counter-parts.foolish Governor.

    • chinazo

      August 10, 2013 at 3:20 PM

      Mr. femi Kayode or what do they call u. It seems u are not busy or you are busy doing nothing. Is these all you have in your head to write? Who hired you to create trouble? Anyway u and ur article are not relevant, find another thing to say.

  3. Osas Oshimomo

    August 8, 2013 at 6:02 PM

    Fani Kayode,a big disgrace to his race,the issues he raised are totally erroneous and the way he described the massacre of defenseless people seems to give him joy,where they in any way part of the elites who were looting hook line sinker in which his father Remi Fani Kayode was part of the government,he seems to be concerned about SL Akintola,but his father and him did not get along,from all indications he is still bitter that his father almost got killed but was saved as a result of the failure of the coup which was brought down by an Igbo officer,Aguyi Ironsi,he also fails to know that in that was his father ran away and the war was heavily supported by western Allies,he also states they were generous enough to allow the Igbo’s re-integrate,who was the person in the first place who short changed the Igbos their money was it not ‘Awolowo’,now who seeks to distort history,we can go on and on,every tribe has its list of firsts,that the yoruba’s had first’s in certain fields does not make them superior,as at the time of the civil war it was an obvious fact that the Igbo’s occupied almost all positions of significance in the country,the slaughter of igbo’s started long before the coup,and this has always been the norm due to the envy of other sections against the Igbo’s,when did oil in the South south become ‘OUR’oil,this man is highly delusioned,yet you keep Igbo’ mistresses,i am sure you are still bitter that your present predicament with the authorities can also be traced to your supposed mistress ratting you out.I want the younger generation to understand that the problems of UN-employment faced today this barking mad dog,his father played a major role in stealing your collective wealth,so do not listen to him beat the war drum,cos as usual he will abscond when the water heats up,The point of this entire episcopal is unnecessary since the crux of the issue is the deportation of 19 Nigerians of Eastern extraction has brought about much hate speech from him,the process is flawed,and even if other states have done same is wrong and are issues with the central government headed by ‘Goodluck Jonathan,’must address and i call on members of the National assembly to do so,The governor of lagos state has been upright but he is also fallible and this time he got it wrong,it therefore is important that this trend is put to a stop across the entire country,and lastly he should stop inciting other ethnic nationalities against the Igbo’s,as one who has held public office he should act as a peace maker instead of creating problems,this new generation must not make mistakes of the generations gone by,since it will not bring the needed peace,everything that happened in the past must be a learning process for us all to be tolerant and loving,and also respectful,after all when Nigerians are deported en mass from the diaspora we all get angry,this then shows that no people or person’s would be pleased with the development and there are not reasons no matter how it is presented that justifies it,since different ethnic nationals pay taxes to the government where ever they are based and not only the supposed locals.Nigeria belongs to us all,every Nigerian should be able to live anywhere in peace and quiet,i commend the governor of Lagos state,most especially the Jagaban of Borgu’Bola Ahmed Tinubu,’for being a true Nationalist and laying the foundation for an inclusive government,lest i forget food for thought,
    N.B-Every state in Nigeria gives out contracts to different firms spear headed by people of different ethnicity,e.g Doyin Okupe who was given contracts in one of the Eastern states and also one of the middle belt states without performing.Our current problem goes beyond race,religion or any other nonsense,since when you go to the market or hospital,you do not pay less because you are a son of the soil.
    May we be saved from ethnic jingoist as this man,and build up leaders of great character and followers of self awareness and let the healing begin.

  4. lamido

    August 8, 2013 at 6:48 PM

    Fani kayode well spoken, good words that is truth.

  5. T M..C

    August 8, 2013 at 6:51 PM

    Most of the officers that led the coup are from the present Delta state,this man is a confused clown,my father was one of the coupist and i am aware that the coup was carried out due to the extreme greed and wanton loot of public resources he saved this clowns father from being slaughtered,when he was kneeling and pleading and even went as far as defecating on his grown ass,his father was part of the thieves of yore who stole our resources,at least SL Akintola had the gusts to fight and not go down like a chicken,for your information Delta is not part of the five Eastern states,i don’t know when an Nkwerre man who has an igbo name become igbo;ladun i know you wont post this since my previous one was not posted.I challenge this retard to a fight and after that a public debate let me see you try to defend your father’s reputation,after he ran to England with all of you,is this your aim to start a war and run off,or to convert your igbo neighbors mansion that you so desire,lest i forget why did your father join NRC,instead of lending support to the acclaimed winner of June 12,whom the Igbo’s voted over whelmingly for and did same in 1999 for Olusegun Obasanjo who later appointed your barking ass into his government after you threw tantrums on different elders.I hereby challenge you to a fight publicly,and a debate to see if your gusto just lies in your acidic tongue.In exchange you will have an opportunity to get your pound of flesh from one of your late father’s tormentors,what say you?.

  6. vern

    August 8, 2013 at 6:56 PM

    he most be a certified ilitrate and a big fool for saying that.after all we indi igbo,,has done for the state,bussiness wise

  7. China

    August 8, 2013 at 7:04 PM

    Naijagist! u people should mind what u are publishing in ur website, dont try to bring problem between people. There is no tribe in nigeria that can do without others quote me anywhere u go. If igbo decide to vacate from here i tell u lagos will be empty.

  8. Dave

    August 8, 2013 at 7:18 PM

    Clap for ursef… Anu mpam!

  9. born to be

    August 8, 2013 at 7:28 PM

    you are an idiot, you should by writing on how we should live in peace and unity you there try to brig tribal war. Stupid man you noting raster

  10. Olatunde

    August 8, 2013 at 7:29 PM

    I’m a yoruba man from Ogun state 2 be precise.I want 2 let mr kayode to understand dat as a public figure he is,he should nt be making controversial statement dat is capable of destablising d peace of d nation.Fashol made a grievous mistake by deporting some citizens of his country,as a lawyer he is,he supposed 2 knw dat he has no legal right 2 do so,infact he really abuse his profession. mr kayode is claiming 2 speak our mind bt i can see he’s sentimental about dis,he’s nt helping matters at all,he’s creating more problem than he can thnk.i want 2 use dis medium 2 tell him to desist from dis verbal war he’s just trying 2 create enemity b/w us & d Igbos.

    • Miebi John

      August 9, 2013 at 8:36 AM

      Good day gentle man,are you a real yoruba indigenous at all?if you don’t have any possitive to say you would have just keep quiet than to say what my amiable Fani Kayode speak out calling for war between the Igbo and yoruba. please nest time if don’t have possitive to contribute just take away your eyes from reading an advise.The Yoruba are the most Peacefull etinicity.

  11. Gold

    August 8, 2013 at 7:44 PM

    Dis man is a luminati member,his own is to cause war among the two state,which he has failed already his jargon does not add nothing to d development of d state or Country,so he shud go and sit down and stop pouring us spit. If he likes let go and bring all d history and d igbo’s and paste on d internet,dat 1 na em pepper body bi dat. Tot his a responsible man,but to ma surprise his choice of word made me see him as a tout,Baam!

  12. amos

    August 8, 2013 at 8:09 PM

    dis man is barstard!!!! Devil is using him to distarbilize d country

  13. Akinolu

    August 8, 2013 at 8:34 PM


    • ms ohio

      August 8, 2013 at 10:21 PM


      • Akinolu

        August 9, 2013 at 8:30 AM

        The funny thing is, there is no harm welcoming anyone. But can you kindly understand that when it is time for population cencus, you will see all the Igbo’s going back to their lands to make the FG increase budget and leave Lagos poor. Lagos budget from the federal government is lower than all other states. Lagos is surviving on its own and Gov Fashola came up with idea for people to pay Tax inorder for lagos to stand. Dont you understand.

    • Ositadinma

      August 9, 2013 at 1:02 AM

      @Alinolu,as it is today in Lagos,the reality is in some houses you have Yoruba Landlord with Igbo tenants,in some you’ve Igbo Landlord with Yoruba tenants,so you and Kayode or whatever he calls himself want to tell the whole world that a landlord in Lagos state is a guest in Lagos,while the yoruba tenant is the owner of the house simply because he is a Yoruba by extraction.It is only a criminal that can only think along this line.

    • Dan

      August 9, 2013 at 5:15 AM

      Make okada break ur front teeth, You and femi are the biggest fools on planet earth, Can a **censored abusived words** men and women do business like the igbo’s? **** any yoruba who support, fashola, femi and this stupid beast of no class akinolu

      • Akinolu

        August 9, 2013 at 8:38 AM

        Dan, never insult someone you don’t know or you have never seen. It may be the last you might do.

  14. Ositadinma

    August 8, 2013 at 8:38 PM

    I want wide open mouth Femi Fani Kayode to note,that the fact that the Nigeria have moved the seat of government from Lagos,does not automatically confer the Zillions of naira(crude oil,federal tax and revenue money)the federal government and Nigerians of different tribes have invested in Lagos to yorubas.Femi kayode,the Igbos accomodade yorubas and other ethnic nationalites too in Igboland.The truth of the matter is that yoruba people are scared,and afraid of investing in Igboland or elsewhere,this is the. “BITTER TRUTH”.In your very expensive story,you refused to tell us that Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe graduated before Chief Obafemi Awolowo.Urohbo,Binis,Isoko and others may have been your trading partner,but the truth remains that Igbos have invested heavily in Lagos far ahead than all the other tribes combined.If my friend Kayode and Raji Fashola believe in one Nigeria,let them come East, buy land and develope it the way Igbos do in south-west,and stop conplaining that Igbos are many in Lagos,THAT IS LAZZINESS! The Igbos have invested heavily in south-West,now we want the Yorubas to invest in south-east,it is a challange or are you people waiting for abandon property?t

    • kenny

      August 8, 2013 at 9:22 PM

      Osita or what did u call urself listen to what u just said why did ur pple prefer another man land than their own why they did not invest in their land by the way which investment ur ibos ve in lagos count them the sea port, the Air port, the banks or the wolf tell us pls stop it hw many yoruba appoint in any political office in ibo land I can tell u of lagos,ibadan and ekiti own were ibo were given political appointment the number 4 chiefs in the whole of ibadan in oyo state is an ibo man can dis happen in ibo land.

      • Ositadinma

        August 9, 2013 at 12:16 AM

        If you had read my comment properly,could see that i didn’t at any point said that Igbos didn’t invest in Igboland or elsewhere.Igbos have investments in U.S,U.K and other parts of the globe.In the south-east at least,about 90percent of the businesses and investments there are owned by the Igbos.In answer to your qustion, why the Igbos invest outside Igboland? Igbos invest in Igboland and outside Igboland because they believe in one Nigeria.Those that don’t believe in one Nigeria refuse to invest in Igboland,and i must tell you as a Lagos brought up that”Nigeria and Igbos have invested heavily in lagos,and are still investing till this moment.By the way,that is your understanding and defination of investment? Are those few stuctures you mentioned what makes Lagos what it is? As a boy,my father brought me to lagos Island in 1977,and I can authoritatively tell you that any historian or writer who tell you that there was or is tribe that contributed more than the Igbos after Yorubas is a quack or that person needs nothing less than mental hospitalization.t

  15. Wale

    August 8, 2013 at 8:41 PM

    HABA, how come, Hausa for Hausa, South South for South South, Niger Delta for Niger Delta, Ijaw for Ijaw, how come Lagos for all!!!! Abeg. I hope the current administrationcan start issuing local passports to indigines of lagos.

  16. glamour

    August 8, 2013 at 8:55 PM

    Many people are just being economical with the trust, and many of u are found of being snarky. The man is saying the truth. No tribe is more superior than others, As a good citizens, U need to abide by the rules and regulations of any State u find urself, irrespective of ur tribe.

  17. gatt

    August 8, 2013 at 9:11 PM

    Whoever finished dis article has a lot of time.

  18. Bright Emy

    August 8, 2013 at 10:03 PM

    Femi u gat 2 stop this we are 1 and forever we wil b we cant do without each as in football field Yoruba cannot do without Igbo nd Igbo cannot do without Hausa nd Hausa cannot do without Yoruba.So b careful or we send thunder 2 strike so that peace wil not stop reighning in our country. UP NIGERIANS

  19. Ositadinma

    August 8, 2013 at 10:48 PM

    @Femi Fani Kayode,so your father Fani Kayode was part of the treasury looters and corrupt politicians that the coup plotters wanted to get rid of? I can see the reason for your bitterness.You can see that ill gotten money cannot produce something good or useful,you can also see that the only results your education and grammar can produce is lies and distortion of history.Has it downed on you that good name is better than ill gotten wealth.

  20. Isutec

    August 8, 2013 at 11:23 PM

    Why creating war mr fashola

  21. easy

    August 8, 2013 at 11:27 PM


  22. Phillip Aghogho

    August 9, 2013 at 12:41 AM

    I am not happy with statements from fanny and this must be put to a rest,since all Nigerians want is progress,enough of this tribal bias,i hope the elderly ones will call those whose statements are inflamatory to order.
    On a lighter note,Fanny accept the challenge which has been presented to you by on of the commentaries,it will indeed show that you are a true son of your father,to avenge the insult and shame which your father under went in his father’s hands,it sure will be an interesting watch and make a good soap opera,most especially,Nobles back in the days never ever turned down challenges of such,and as he/she states its an opportunity to get your pound of flesh,surely you wont be a wimp and ignore this,because i am very certain your ilks will read the blogs that carried this story to feel your well calculated and orchestrated plot to cause anarchy,we are tired of people like you,the numerous jobless youths need jobs,and students want to go back to school,business men need reasonable interest rate,and lots of family want reasonable mortgage rates to own homes not this gibberish of vile which you spit,you cannot be a champion of your race since there are more credible people to hold the mantle;since you have shown crass behavior in the debacle between yourself and the mistress in the ‘Tell it all drama.’without a regard for your marital vows and your wife,abi you want to be like your father and give birth to other kids out of wedlock[forgot that you have been married 3 times,you get brain touch issues as such cant keep a home].Ehen come to think of it your Grandfather the religious leader was a descendant of slave merchants,dont pretend you dont know,Why you dey bear ‘Abdulateef,’your papa na real cunny man,na to placate the Hausa’s whom at the time held sway and position you for greater things,lol,your career is finished young man,make sure you know sey nobody go heed your clarion call for war,and please the challenger convey details of this epic fight to him via any fora,if na me wey dem mess ma papa sey him shit for body i no go gree,na revenge i dey oh,but trust this mugu will pretend he did not see the comment.Lol!!,i rest my case,if he writes any more on this issue and does not accept the challenge then your postulation of his father shitting for body dey correct and he has shown same cowardly attitude.
    No fall my hand accept the challenge oh!!!![Niger delta oil belongs to we d south south,no bi our oil,you pestering insect get your hands off our property,no drag am with us,i mean is this not the same reason you dey vex with ibo man,lol.OBOTE IGNORAMUS…..

    • Ositadinma

      August 9, 2013 at 10:01 AM

      @Philip Aghogho,you’ve spoken well.Just like I’ve said before,that Nigeria and Nigerians including crude oil money from Niger Delta was used to develop Lagos.Zillions not even trillions of naira and manpower were expended to develop lagos.That Nigeria have shifted the seat of government does not automatically confer ownership all the investment in lagos to Femi Fani-Kayode, Raji Fashola and co.As for the challenge the gentleman trew to Femi Fani-Kayode to get his own pound of flesh if he is the true junior Fani-Kayode the son of the senior Kayode,CHII!!!, I really look forward to the day he will accept the challenge.


    August 9, 2013 at 1:16 AM

    Please,pls and pls, We should not mind this stupid politician, he’s only saying this create war btw yoruba and igbo. ( yoruba and igbo ) don’t allow those useless BOKO HARAM to start laughing out us. let’s live in peace, this is our father’s land. we should not start differenciating what will bring in war among us. allow that good for nothing sake femi fani to narrate those things war tools to his children. PEACE, PEACE IS WHAT WE SEEK FOR AND NOT WAR. Femi fani kayode, God almighty will punish u and ur generation for giving in room for war btw this lovely tribes. Tinubu should come in now before this matter gets to another level. we are ONE NIGERIA, ONE PEOPLE AND ONE BLOOD. SAY NO TO WAR.

  24. Kendex baller

    August 9, 2013 at 6:13 AM

    Wel said fani kayode, daz our land, let dem go & hug transformer, greedy pple, Eko o ni baje o. hahahaha. Standn wel

  25. stella

    August 9, 2013 at 9:26 AM

    Big fool Femi fana Kayode,so u know all dis history about d igbos and yet u allowed an igbo lady 2 use u d way she did. Sorry is ur name,cos u are a big shame 2 d yoruba generation. Jobless idiot!!!

  26. Miebi John

    August 9, 2013 at 9:40 AM

    Please my fellow Nigerians people let us practices how we can live the country without war as Unity.Those that are trying to use their evil mind praying that war should brake out in this my Country will die live this Country for innocent Nigerian.The history of every ethnic in Nigeria is with the Federal Government of Nigeria,So who need it to know it should make request from Federal and our history lectures should stop some of the history giving to their student should be authentic true story.Am ashamed for those who called them self christian and islam serving God and thinking of war against their own country.The united state of America to enjoy their country with oturnormor power giving to them in their state,Fashola did not start remove destitude from lagos to the east,you should remember that he started with his own brother in ogun state by taking destitude from lago to ogun there was no noice,why removing those that they are from east to their domain now become matter of yoruba and igbo?when you talk about abroad neat is not from somewhere they start it? Please let order state do that by taking destitude from their state to wherever they from since the federal did not do that,the state who want his state to be out of destitude can do so on his own.This supose not to bring all sort of word of war against any ethinics.LET PEACE RAIGH IN NIGERIA WE HAVE NO OTHER COUNTRY,THIS IS OUR OWN NIGERIA.THANK YOU ALL.

  27. EgoBekee

    August 9, 2013 at 10:22 AM

    You are a very stupid man, Femi or whatever your call yourself. Who told you that your useless opinion counts when it comes to serious issues like this. You are just a jobless, frustrated fool who couldn’t make any meaningful impact in the aviation industry when you were mistakenly put at the helm of affairs in that place. I guess you are still being probed over your activities while your tenure lasted before you were kicked out due to your incompetence in the industry. Enough of these your notice-me-pa kind – of – attitude and cheap publicity that you are always looking for.

  28. sampson

    August 9, 2013 at 10:43 AM

    Am an Igbo man…A full blooded one for that matter …and I have only one thing to tell my fellow Igbo people .We have received enough insult from other ethnic groups In this damn nation because we leave our land to go and develop theirs while we neglect ours. let us come home and develop our land because anything you build in another man’s land is not yours.I have made one solemn resolve in my life. I will never invest outside Igboland.

  29. Anthony

    August 9, 2013 at 10:55 AM


  30. Tade

    August 9, 2013 at 11:25 AM

    Thank u Femi. The Igbo needs to get their head straighten. And someone need to call the likes of Orji Kalu into order. Lagos is never for all. And won’t be for all. That I have a house in Enugu doesn’t mean I partly own it. You could have been a bit soft on them though. And lastly thank u for the historical part. Some people need the reminder. Igbos drew the first blood. Cheers!

  31. JP(zionist)

    August 9, 2013 at 11:41 AM

    It will be a haeculian task to fight another civil war in Nigeria and win d Igbo’s. So am asking those that are beating drums of war to shield their sword. Igbo’s learnt a lot during the civil war and are ready to re-strategise to forestall future occurrence of mistakes. Though we are asking that peace should always be the watch word of every citizens of this country. In abroad we have millions of Igbo’s investments and population there so how much more in Nigeria. Femi should appreciate the investments of the Igbo’s in Lagos, instead he was marvelled by the rate of their development and the next thing that set-in was jealousy,fear,anger and hatred.We still believe in one Nigeria unless if Femi and his cohorts are saying otherwise. And urge the law enforcement agencies to charge Femi for treason and incitement of hatred between peace loving brothers(Igbo’s and Yoruba’s)

  32. BamBam

    August 9, 2013 at 12:44 PM

    Fani Kayode is a certified lunatic that need to be in a mental home. The Idiot is just jealous of the Ibo.

  33. coleman Bayo

    August 9, 2013 at 1:35 PM

    I think it’s time Nigeria behaves like the Western Nations whereby where you resides for a certain time period and contributed moraly and economically should be your state of origin.And as well your place of birth should be your state of origin and possibly tribe. So that this tribalism ugliness may be put to rest.How and why should person born or possibly grown up in Lagos be called an igbo? Parents tribe and citizenry should not be the compellation for assignment of tribes and nationality.It is a pity for all who contributed to this discussion and Even Fani-Kayode to not finding solution to this issue of these tribal differences but would want to behave like all our foolish fore-fathers be starting another hate and massacer again. It all started like this in old Germany of Adolf Hitler and finally led to ethnic cleansing.For this reason, the Americans and brittons decided to bring issue of giving nationality to foreigners who are born in a particular place or who resided legally for a minimum of ten yrs. in a particular place.Fani kayode is having American citizenry,Are your parents Americans? What nonsense history of Lagos you are giving? Try and behave like the Americans and let us recognise that at one point in life we are all foreigners. The yoruba is claimed to migrate from Sudan,What happen to traces of the Benins in Eko previously called Ereko by the Edos? which means a military camp to the Edos.So where are the Lagos yorubas when The Edos made most of the lagos islands street which stll remain till date despite changing some.If we go to real history before the advent of the white men, we will see that Yorubas are also foreigners in Lagos.But we are not here for History,but for a way forward..Let us recognise any one who resides in lagos and contribute to her wellness.Make them to sign allegiance to loyalty of their home instead of witch-hunting and replying the ignorant Kalu Orji about those views he expressed.I was in most places of the world,they group all of us as been Nigerian and not tribes. But let us solve this issue and put the education and travel to use by not behaving like our ignorant fore-fathers. Tribe is nothing but language. If i speak Ibo, Yoruba,Edo,Hausa,etc.It means i belong to those tribes.Let us leave all these barriers of foolishness. If an ibo man speaks yoruba fluently to you, would you take him to be an ibo?That was the foolishness Sardauna of Sokoto made by abusing the ibos but not aware that his own right man Lt.Kaduna Eziogwu was an Ibo born Hausa.Since the Hausas don’t want to recognise Ibos born in the North as citizen of the North and are been forced to leave to Ibo land they don’t know anything about,then they were force to raise arms against their fellow Hausas,because they know all the secrets of the land just as Hausas did. I think we Lagosians should learn from the failures Hausas made by not recognising citizenry of non Hausas ancenstry Ibos. I think it’s crime against humanity.And the repercusion would not be favourable.A word is enough for the wise. Let us stop this hate,tribalism and prejudice and move to development and work towards Nationalism, patriotism instead of things that causes division.Thank u all

  34. Scorpion

    August 9, 2013 at 1:53 PM

    “Omo ale enia ni fi owo osi juwe ile baba re” literally means ” It is only a bastard that points to his father’s house with left hand.” The Igbos have shown that they’re bastards by keaving their enclave unattended to while spending all their energies to develop another man’s lands with the illusion that sooner or later, they will become bonafide owners of the developed lands. This attitude of the Igbos also confirms another Yoruba proverb that says “Bi eru ba pe nile, alajobi ni bu” meaning, “If a slave live too long in a place, he begins to strike the sprit of the ancestors.” The igbos should be told in clear terms and they should have it in their minds that they are guests wherever they are outside Igboland! And so shall they remain till enternity unless if they can wage another war and conquer other teritorries which I doubt very much. Anything outside this, they should expect the ultimate, DEPORTATIONS !!!

  35. isaac

    August 9, 2013 at 3:09 PM

    All this to me is rubbish,Everyone know tht the igbo are the richest in nigeria and that they are have ivented greatly both in the north and the south even in the east,so whats with all this bullshit.I really blame the igbo people because its there fault when they are busy inventing greatly in other tribe and forgetting their own.i think is time for igbos to go home and invent more.And to the yoruba people pls just know that your land is your land,but not the properties in it.we are one everyone should just know we need each other. and to FEMI FANI KAYODE pls shut the hell up and stop causing problems and confusions…… love nigerians

  36. shola

    August 9, 2013 at 3:27 PM


  37. ola

    August 9, 2013 at 4:08 PM

    Ion c what’s wrong in what fani said,igbo people is dis ur land?or can we yoruba people come 2 ur land and claim we own part?we just have 2 say d truth,u guys have 2 be reminded..this aint ur land,noone is forcing u 2 go back 2 ur land and 2 some of u dat is saying if igbo leave lagos,she will be empty..try it!Dis is Eko,Lagos state.nt Enugu…proud 2 be Omo yoruba

  38. Pere

    August 9, 2013 at 8:56 PM

    This bastard is an agent of destruction. He only wants to creat more trouble to the troubled nation, Nigeria. He is creating enemity in the minds of the people of the two tribes. He should be watched closely. Or is the fool seeking for cheap recognition?

  39. omolabake

    August 9, 2013 at 10:47 PM

    well done bros!dont mind whatever anybody say to insult you on the write up.It is a good one. Ibo people will never change their character. orji Uzo Kalu started it all, yet none of them commented on what he said.

  40. Eve

    August 10, 2013 at 12:15 AM

    Na wa oo…..igbos,why wastin ur time on dis goat(femi) u all ought to know dat dis tin dat calls himsef femi don dey kolomental. Femi or wetin be dat ur name,d trouble wey u wan start,u no fit finish am oo.. All yorubas i wil like to draw ur attention to dis,if trouble starts dis imported monkey go carry all him family run go abroad,leavin d people(igbos and yorubas)to kill themselves.. Pls lets all have a rethink and see wat dis demon(femi) is up to…..useless man

  41. Oladipo

    August 10, 2013 at 4:38 AM

    You are very right! Selfishly brainwashing themselves, Igbos are fools. Even Chinu Achebe, instead of him to use his old age to bring unity, the selfish and senseless igbo nature controlled him, he fanned embers of wickedness. u igbos are fools,and bloody senseless liars like achebe,twisting history. igbos rather flatter themselves and falsely use mouth to spoil others’ image. igbo unity is FAKE! they kill themselves for money with ease. Unlike igbos, Yorubas know that LIFE is more than money. Cynthia, that beautiful girl was severally Molested and killed by 4 igbos for money. This year alone so many ritual killings in igbo land, 38 people were killed and dumped in a Ezu River in Anambra, 12 toddlers were killed in another…several unresolved killings for money in igbo land, what a people. igbos are fools,and bloody senseless liars like achebe,twisting history. I don’t know any other tribe that is as ungrateful as d igbos. d Thoughtful Yorubas accepts them like brothers yet they rant about us. They are cowards, hausas are slaughtering their brothers like rams in the North, they do nothing.igbos pompously think they r d wisest and that is why they are fools who think life is only about money.igbos r d Genesis of d problem of dis country,traitors who spared their greedy leaders in January 29,1966 Coup.The civil war would not have happened. Yorubas don’t betray, read history, ur useless father azikwe started d betrayal thing when Awolowo helped him to d top and he didn’t fulfill his part of their d January 1966 igbo coup,Brgd Ademulegun, Col Fajuyi and other Great Youruba Military Men were killed, as usual d ever deceitful igbos, against the agreement, told their greedy leaders to skedaddle. igbos must apologize to d Yorubas now!d YORUBAS are already uniting and getting ready for u people.igbos or hausas, what u want is want u shall get from us,Peace or War!

  42. Joshua Emeh

    August 10, 2013 at 10:23 AM

    Femi, I feel I have to tell you the whole truth here. What you are doing right now is very wrong. Why are you trying to wake a sleeping lion? May I ask you this question. Who are you representing? The wise Yoruba group or the foolish one? I am sure that no wise and intelligent Yoruba person will talk or write what you are writing. In the same way, no sensible igboman will want to claim Lagos from the Yoruba. No sensible Yoruba will ever waste his time writing like you are doing because even common sense shows that that it is impossible even if the Igbo want to do that. Where will the IGBO even start? Afterall they do not share common boundary with Lagos. Will it ever be possible for the Igbo to conquer the Deltans, the Binis, othere Yoruba states along the way to come and claim Lagos. All that an Igboman is saying is that we are in one Nigeria and every Nigerian, be it Yoruba, Igbo, or Housa has the right to settle in any corner of this country without any form of molestation.

  43. olukunle

    August 10, 2013 at 11:05 AM

    it is well said. very candid. u do not have to insult femi to refute him. marshall ur points too. do not give an ‘OMATA’ response.

  44. hon Hamzat

    August 11, 2013 at 7:42 PM

    All igbos insultin Fani kayaode lack History $ thinking faculty Ɣ arguing wen Lagos is part of South West, SW is dominated by Yorubas….”A farm doesn’t belong to d Father $ Son without Demarcation”……And u Yoruba pple condeming Fani Kayode 4 dis topic shuld b grateful dat @least a Leader is protecting our Rights $ Inheritance dan som leaders lik Fredrick Fasheun selling our Right 4 political bargains…..

  45. Sirtee

    August 15, 2013 at 7:36 AM

    Ummmm, we don’t need to insult one another, we want one nigeria and we must be united. No reasonable person will claim what does not belong to him or her, no matter how lagos look like its belong to southwest which implies that any other regions are just a visitor to that land historically speaking. But constitutionally and economically belong to every nigerians making a leaving and contribution to develop the land. As a nigerian, i have a constitutional right to claim any where iam staying as my fatherland because we are one nigeria. Kudos to Gov. Babatunde Fashola, he is not been tribalic at all, he is only try to remove destitutes that are not lagosian to their various states so that their government can take good care of them. Please let us be realistic in our thought. YORUBA, HOUSA AND IGBO WITH OTHER TRIBES WE ARE ONE

  46. racheal

    April 22, 2015 at 11:14 AM

    History of Lagos State
    Prior to the Portuguese name of Lagos being
    adopted, Lagos was originally called Eko, which
    stems from either Oko (Yoruba: “cassava farm”)
    or Eko (“war camp”), by its Bini conquerors.
    History has it that the Oba of Bini sent various
    trade expeditions to Ghana where spices were
    traded and one of his traders complained about
    the way she was being treated by the Awori’s.
    The Oba of Bini then sent a trade expedition by
    sea. Ironically, the leader of the expedition arrived
    in the evening at a time when the people who
    were predominantly fishermen were either wading
    into the water or getting into their boats to
    gather their catch. He declined to engage them
    further and returned to what is now called Benin
    City where he reported to the Oba of Bini that
    they were attacked. This prompted the Oba of
    Bini to constitute a war expedition led by Ado, a
    Bini Prince to go to Lagos and demand an
    explanation. This was over 650 years ago.
    However, on getting there, they were well
    received. The people were so enamored with Ado
    they asked him to stay and lead them. He agreed
    on the condition that they surrendered their
    sovereignty to the Oba of Bini to which they
    agreed. The Oba of Bini was told this and he gave
    his permission for the expedition to remain. The
    Oba of Bini later sent some of his chiefs including
    the Eletu Odibo, Obanikoro and others to assist
    Ado in the running of Eko. Till today, the Oba of
    Lagos is the head of all the Kings in Lagos State
    and his status is different from other Oba’s most
    of whom were later given back their crowns and
    staff of office only within the last 40 years and
    have various classifications. Suffice it to state
    that those who got their crowns back were the
    original land owners. These were Olofin’s
    children. Moreover, modern day Lagosians have
    so intermingled that no single tribe or people can
    claim it even though the predominant language is
    Yoruba. The present day Lagos state has a higher
    percent of this sub-group who allegedly migrated
    to the area from Isheri along the Ogun river.
    History has it that the Awori were actually from
    Ife the cradle of Yorubaland. The Awori people are
    a peaceful people initially not taken to warfare.
    Due to war, those from the hinterlands, like the
    Ekiti ran towards Isheri which at that time had
    more than one Olofin (Alafin)who were heads of
    probably respective settlements about 1400AD.
    With the fleeing people from the hinterlands most
    of them scattered again to different places, some
    to Iro, to Otta, Ado, others to Ebute Metta i.e
    three landing places – Oyingbo, Iddo and Lagos
    Island (Eko). The Olofin that brought those who
    went to Ebute-Metta was Ogunfunminire later
    known as Agbodere. With the full commencement
    of the war about 2000 moved to the nearest
    island of Iddo, others to Otto Awori or Otto
    Ijanikin towards modern-day Badagry. Those from
    Ekiti Aramoko came to Ebute-Metta, Iddo and
    then Ijora. The Olofin was said to have 32
    children. His own known children are Olumegbon,
    Aromire, Oloto, Oluwa, Oniru, Onisiwo, Onitoolo,
    and Elegushi. Ojora, Onikoyi and Mogiso were not
    his biological children. After the demise of
    Agbodere, the name Olofin became the name used
    to remember him while a title of Oloto was given
    to his seccessor. With one of his sons becoming
    the Oloto his other children parted ways to what
    is known as visible settlements in the present day
    Lagos. Aromire whose name means defeated the
    river or became the river’s friend is likely to be
    the first to cross being said to have swam across
    the river. It is possible that his real name is not
    Aromire but due to the feat he became known as
    Until the coming of the Bini’s, Lagos’s geographic
    boundary was what is known now as Lagos
    Mainland. Lagos Island, the seat of the Oba of
    Lagos then consisted of a pepper farm and fishing
    posts. No one lived there though. The name Eko
    was given to it by its first King Oba Ado during its
    early history, it also saw periods of rule by the
    Kingdom of Benin.[1] Eko was the land area now
    known as Lagos Island where the king’s palace
    was built. The Palace is called Iga Idunganran
    which, translated means Palace built on the
    pepper farm. Oba Ado and the warriors from
    Benin as well as some of the indigenous people
    who sought safety settled down in the southern
    part of Eko called “Isale Eko”, Isale literarily
    meaning bottom, but must have been used to
    indicate downtown (as in Downtown Lagos).

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