Yusuf Buhari Buys 2 BMW Power Bikes At $314K From Germany, Hides Them At Friend’ House Months To Crash

yusuf buhari buys 2 powerbikes secretly

January 8, 2018 – Yusuf Buhari Buys 2 BMW Power Bikes With $314,000 From Germany, Hides It At Friend’s, Bashir Gwandu’s House Months To Crash

Presidential Amebos has exposed Yusuf Buhari as a spoil kid fond of living a very flamboyant and lavish lifestyle.

The rich kid who got involved in a near-fatal crash on 2017’s Boxing day is still recovering in the hospital.

An insider revealed over the weekend that Yusuf bought two expensive BMW power bikes back in June 2017 and kept them at the house of his friend, Bashir Gwandu in order to avoid backslash from his disciplinarian father.

yusuf buhari bmw power bikes germanyyusuf buhari bmw power-bikes germany

The source said the two power bikes (blue and green) which cost a whopping $157,000 each were kept at Bashir Gwandu’s mansion in Gwarinpa, Bwari LGA of Abuja.

Unknown to his father, Yusuf just like other rich kids in Abuja have been going for Bike race at night especially over the weekend until he had an accident that almost claimed his life on the 26th of December 2017.

24 thoughts on “Yusuf Buhari Buys 2 BMW Power Bikes At $314K From Germany, Hides Them At Friend’ House Months To Crash

  1. …and may i ask where is efcc and where does this boy work? Let him and his family explain to Nigeria where he got that money,if such happened,then we will know Buhari or Jilbrin is fighting corruption in Nigeria…nonsense.

    I pray he get well soon,then go to court and clear himself for not wearing helmet.

  2. Omo k’omo alaigboro – wayward, disobedient child. Poverty doesn’t kill but flamboyant and excessive lifestyle does. Look how people are impoverished and suffering in Nigeria, yet some people are living in affluence. Perhaps God is sending a message to those in government. Who says there is no God? Diaris God o

  3. He hid it from his disciplinarian father? That’s a plus for buhari. Now he knows why his father is so strict.
    The security details now have to pay for not reporting.

  4. My take is that the mother couldn’t have been kept put of the whole game even when fathers are often sceened out of children’s affairs especially when it has to do with what they know the dad may not tolerate. This is a lesson for mothers and their stubborn children to avoid in the future.

  5. Can you imagine? Our people are suffering both home and abroad, and here you are spending lavishly! That your so called Allah go punish you! IDIOT!!

  6. The blames must be directed to mother of Yusuf and security personnels while I will urge Mr.President to put his house in order. PMB can never give his child that wooping sum of money but Yusuf’s mother can proudly do that, just to please her son unknowingly she’s spoiling him.Now,look at the result!!! Mothers should take notes please. A word is enough for the wise.

  7. well, it is only God that can judge the one who use teeth to divide meat,but’power currupt and absolute power currupt absolutely’

  8. First this story read clarification,we Nigerians like believing anything anybody out up on the net or newspapers.alot of us even believe that whatever we read in the papers is gospel truth.I remember whenvtge accident happened it was reported the next day that the lad has already been flown abroad,when in fact he was still in the abuja hospital for many days before he was eventually flown out(still need clarification on this also). if on the other hand yusuf indeed bought the bikes himself, then his father must take action on this as soon as the chap recovers.

  9. With all these! If thethe poor doesn’t spend it like he may not have the opportunity again! There is tym for everything! Owo ti omode ba koko ri eko ati akara lo fi NRA!

  10. With all these! If the poor boy doesn’t spend it like he may not have the opportunity again! There is tym for everything! Owo ti omode ba koko ri eko ati akara lo fi NRA!

  11. I am proud of you keep it up Allah will save you and be well
    soon, next time dress full up and follow the rules of bike you are highly welcome to the world of bikes pls my advice to you is just travel to u.s for more training and show Nigerians that you are more than that you will even buy Kawasaki. Allah Ya baka lapiya daga mohammed Muzamil Bello.

  12. I pray to Almighty for his quick recovery. Short of words, because I don’t know who is lying because I wonder where the son of the poorest Nigerian President so far can get this huge money to buy the Bikes.

  13. Buhari ve disgrace himself God have exposed him, he is a currupt leader, he will suffer this is the beginning idiot

  14. How can some one fight corrupt leaders when he can not identify the corruption in his bedroom.that money is part of the billions being borrowed which we don’t knw wat it was use for..this act is being exposed by God to show the whole world how that family have being missmanaging our founds..but not to worry 2019 is around the corner.buy this time next year it will b another person’s son.

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