Pastor Eaten Alive By 3 Crocodiles In South African River While Trying To Walk On Water Like Jesus

pastor eaten alive crocodiles south africa

May 15, 2017 – Zimbabwean Pastor Eaten Alive By 3 Crocodiles In South African River While Trying To Walk On Water Like Jesus Did In The Bible

In what sources called zeal without knowledge, a Pastor in Zimbabwe has been eating alive by three crocodiles.

The deceased identified as Mthethwa Jonathan attempted the feat after 7 days of fasting and prayer.

The founder of Saint of the Last Days Church took his church members along as  he attempts  to walk on water like Jesus did in the Bible.

As he was attempting to cross Crocodile River located in Mpumalanga province of South Africa, he drowned and in the process he was eaten by 3 large crocodiles as his church members watched in horror.

The incident happened last week Sunday.

Here is  was a church member, Deacon Nkosi told reporters:

Lord have mercy… This is really sad!!!

This bring us to the story of a Nigerian pastor ‘Daniel’ Abodunrin who died in the den of lion at the University of Ibadan zoo in 1991 while shouting Jah Jah…

Religion has definitely turned many into rambling psychopaths.

14 thoughts on “Pastor Eaten Alive By 3 Crocodiles In South African River While Trying To Walk On Water Like Jesus

  1. nothing person no go hear…u wan try GOD abi…the most senior pastor in ur ministry will feast on ur cash…fake people.

  2. Even Jesus disciples would not attempt such risky shit, you know why, we humans have been severely blemished by our daily sins.


  4. As u are praying to walk on water so the crocodile is praying for it daily bread. Not that his prayer was not answered but just dat God hates seeing hungry crocodile. RIP

  5. It was a FEAST day for the CROCODILES, he wanted to make name, and he made it, Rest In Piece in CROCODILES stomach.

  6. With all his knowledge about the Holy Book (BIBLE) as he claimed to be pastor,he never come across where it’s written,NOT TO TEMPT THE LORD YOUR GOD….

    He will answer for himself…it’s just a pity for pastor worshipers..maybe the crocodiles set him up.

  7. This is where religion has led man. Religion has been delineated as a miracle hub where everyone wants to have their problem solved almost without any drawback or stress. Unfortunately,the core truth of the bible where religion is based upon has been replaced with many sign and wonders from ocultic men who disguised as Men of God to deceive the credulous and gullible ones. Some of this Occultic pastors are either been disgraced by the Almighty God himself or by the Devil who gave them the magic power. Honestly the Crocodiles need more people like this to feast on.  

  8. A good lesson for muni followers. This man has been possessed by evil Spirit by making himself available for hungry crocodile for lunch. Those crocodiles will be murmuring among themselves that they never had such delicious meal in their entire life.

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