10 Days In Sun City: Comedian AY Shooting New Movie In South Africa


10 days in sun city movie

January 20, 2017 – 10 Days In Sun City: Nigerian Comedian AY Ayo Makun Shooting New Movie In South Africa

The popular comedian who discovered his hidden talent of film making about two years ago has embarked on another project.

The producer of two hit movies,  30 Days in Atlanta and a trip to Jamaica is currently in South Africa for yet another thriller titled  “10 Days In Sun City”.

Ayo Makun is currently at the Sun City, a luxury resort and casino situated in the North West Province of South Africa. See photos…

comedian ay south africa movie

4 thoughts on “10 Days In Sun City: Comedian AY Shooting New Movie In South Africa

  1. So if your film no be 30 days in Atlanta or 10 days in Sun City of 15 days in another place, you no fit art film? Nonsens. 30 days in Atlanta no even sweet sef. It no even chin gum. It no even sugar or honi. It bitter leaf.

  2. @bench warrant 30 days in Atlanta was very interesting u are just jealous. How many movies have u made or produce? Produce your own let see if it will be better than his own, he has made his millions from the movie *********

  3. Jelousy na it go kill u, waitin consen u weda my oga ay call him film 30 days or 10 days e consen u, how it take affect u no go fine wrk do da dey da fine people were u go abuse, see make i tell u waitin u no no b say da more u da gossip my ogas on da top na da more dem da make their cold cash. nonsence

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